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    video card : help me choose

    Okay, Intel ran a deal where you could get a P4 550 (3.4GHz HT), a D915PBLL, and WinXP Pro for $199. That's a helluva deal considering the chip retails for just under $300, alone. Soooooo, now I need a new video card. I was considering the 256MB 6600, 128MB 6600GT, and the 256MB X700...
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    Video Editing Software

    I just got my first digital video camera. It's a Panasonic PV-GS120 mini-dv cam. The bundled software is really really bad, and Windows Movie Maker is more like a childs toy. What are some good editing packages to look at purchasing? As this is a hobby for personal use, I cannot put out...
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    difference between 250MCE and 250

    I'm looking at building a new HTPC (got a Silverstone LC01 that will make a great enclosure) and I'm at the stage of deciding what TV Tuner to use. I am seriously interested in the PVR-500 due to it's dual-tuner support. However, what is the difference between the normal "500/250" and the...
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    Hayden 678 tranny cooler

    I've got a spare Hayden 678 Transmission cooler... could this make a good radiator for a w/c setup?
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    Modern Onboard Audio vs. SB Audigy Platinum

    The last time I used onboard audio was back in around 99 with my P3 and CA810E (yeah, I know)... Anyway, it was BAD! So, for all my systems since then, I've just been using the same SB Audigy Platinum... My question is, how has onboard audio progressed? It used to buzz and click when you...