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    Audio from multiple headsets?

    Trying to get audio from 2 head sets, one is a Logitech G933 and the other is a G432. I tried using the stereo mix option in the rerecording tab of sounds options, but I can't get that to work. Is there another way I can get this to work? Here is the YouTube link to the way I tried, that...
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    Recommend me a Quadro laptop

    Long story short, I'm looking for a laptop with the specs below. I don't know much about laptops (don't own one), so I'm not sure where to look. Any advice would be great! CPU: 6th Gen i7 4Ghz+ Ram: 32GB Storage: 500GB+ SSD Video: Quadro P4000/5000 Gigabit Ethernet 17" Display. I understand...
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    Where to get thermal pads for 3080 FTW

    I installed a water block on my 3080 and destroyed the stock thermal pads in the process. I'm looking to get replacement pads to have on the ready incase I need to re-install the stock heatsink. Anyone know where I can get direct replacements? Also, for anyone who is curious, I installed the...
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    Help with settings on LG UltraGear 34GN850-B

    I've had this monitor awhile now and had the refresh rate set to 100Hz because at the time I did not have a video card to take advantage of a higher refresh rate. I've had my 3080 for a month now and have been playing CP2077 with no issues. Today I decided to be a dum dum and adjust my refresh...
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    Driver support for LG 34GN850 required

    Recently installed a new LG 34GN850 and I'm having an issue with Device Manage and Color Management to recognize it. Currently windows see's it as a Generic PnP Monitor, even though the Nvidia control panel see's it as what it should be. I tried updating the driver through device manager, but...
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    Help with selecting the best monitor for me

    I soon plan to upgrade my monitor, and I'm having a difficult time in selecting whats best for me. I use my PC for gaming and some web browsing. My plan was to hold out for a 40+" 4k display, but early reviews are disappointing plus it's a little out of my budget. I decided I would give...
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    Afterburner Support for Radeon VII

    Just saw this posted on Guru
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    Question on Wifi Calling on Samsung S9

    I recently bought a S9 because I know it supports WiFi calling/texting(I'm with Telus). I work offshore on an oil rig with no cell service, so Wifi calling/texting would be really convenient for me. Only thing, I'm out here now and it is not working on my phone. When I was on land, I had it...
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    Some random questions on Vega 64

    I recently bought a Vega 64 from a Hard forum member. I tested the card with stock cooler to confirm everything was good, then slapped a water block on it. See list below for issues that I am currently having. Issue #1: When in game or in benchmark, GPU rarely goes over 1300Mhz. The only...
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    Cannot boot into BIOS

    I just installed a 2700X into my Crosshair VI. Issue I am having is I cannot see the BIOS when I boot, my screen is blank. I know I'm into the BIOS, because if I hit F10, then enter, my system will boot into windows. When I do boot to windows, the first thing I see is the windows boot screen...
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    Ditch CPU block for Monoblock?

    I currently have a EK block on the 1700 cpu. I do plan on getting a new CPU once it is released in April. I'm toying with the idea of replacing my water block with a mono block when I do the CPU change out. I'm not an extreme overclocker, but I do try to get the the highest o/c possible with...
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    Keyboard and mouse not working in windows 10.

    OK guys, I got an odd one here. I sold my 1080Ti the other day, so I had to remove it from my system. I replaced the 1080 with a GTX 710 to hold me over until new round of cards are released. Sense I changed out cards, my keyboard or mouse will not work in windows, both are Logitech G610 and...
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    Asus GTX 1080Ti w/EK block
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    4k 40" free sync recommendations

    Looking for a monitor listed in the title. Is there anything currently in the market or something on the horizon? Thanks
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    Crosshair VI and EK water block issue?

    Just about to start my new build, and I read online that the rubber gasket that goes between the board and back plate causes the board to be unstable. Has anyone tried using a EK Supremacy block on this board yet? If so, has the board been stable?
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    Nvidia Drivers will not install

    So I upgraded my hard drive today, and I'm in the process of installing drivers for my hardware. I try to install the nvidia drivers, I get "drivers not compatible with this version of windows" I have a new copy of Win10 Pro 64bit, and I choose the win 10 64bit driver. I'm hoping it is...
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    [WARM]Asus R9 Fury X

    I think this is a really good deal for a Fury X here in Canada. Only thing is it is not sold/shipped by Newegg, so I dunno how that would work for warranty issues. ASUS Radeon R9 Fury X DirectX 12 R9FURYX-4G 4GB 4096-Bit HBM PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card -
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    Crimson Edition 16.3

    Just seen on twitter that AMD has a new set of drivers out. AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3 Release Notes No word on any performance increases for AoS, which I know Kyle will not like :-P
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    New 16.1.1 Hotfix Driver New Driver released today by AMD. Highlights are: Performance/Quality improvements and an AMD Crossfire™ profile is available for Rise of the Tomb Raider™ An AMD...
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    Fresh install of Win 10 - Issues

    Couple of nights ago I did a fresh install of win10. Everything was working great at the time, but now when I try to open the start button or the action center, it won't open. No matter how many times i click on either icon, nothing happens. I have restarted my PC a couple of times, but the...
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    Will these fittings work on hard tubing?

    looking to but these fittings to go with this style of tubing Will it work?
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    Plug in range extenders, do they exist?

    My ISP provider installed the wireless router downstars. Because of this, I get not so great wireless single in some parts of my house upstairs. I have an unused data connection upstairs, can I get a range extender that would work with my data port, do they exist? If not, i'm gussing my...
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    Video card dying?

    Turned on my system last night after being shutdown for two weeks, and noticed small green "flashing lights" on the dark parts of my desktop. Today when trying to install video card drivers, my system would randomly reboot while doing the install. After much trying I got the newest BETA...
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    Cannot decide on CPU 5930K or 5820K

    Trying to get the parts together for a new build and I’m stuck on which CPU to get. I will be using 3 video cards, which is my concern. Will I really see a big difference in gamming going from 40 to 28 pcie lanes? I have been doing some searching online, and I can't get a straight...
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    I think I hit my PSU limit

    I recently added a 3rd video card and twice now playing games my system powered down for no apparent reason. After doing some testing I figured out that at full CPU load my system draws around 250W, and at full GPU load and only 20% CPU load, my system is drawing around 920W. I guess...
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    Trying to get 3rd 290 to work.

    I decided to add a 3rd Sapphire 290 to my sig rig. I fired it up tonight, only to see that my system is not picking up the 3rd card :( Any ideas on where I should start troubleshooting? Can I use my monitor cable and plug it in to each card to figure out which one is not being used...
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    Help in cooling mother board.

    So I decided to put my sig system into a new case(900D). While taking apart my system I noticed the board has barbs installed. Did a quick search online, and sure enough I can water cool my board(would you believe I have owned this board for well over a year hahaha) Anyways, my problem is...
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    Will be 1000W be enough?

    I'm currently looking at replacing my dying PSU. Aside from the system that is in my sig, I will be running 11 120mm fans and two pumps. Will a 1000W PSU be enough, or should I look at getting a more powerful psu? You will notice in my sig that I already have a 1000W psu, which did power...
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    Is my PSU the weakest link?

    I am having some stability issues with the system in my sig, and I am beginning to think it may be my PSU. It seems that I cannot play games with both CPU and GPU's o/c. I can set the CPU to stock and overclock my GPU's or overclock my CPU and keep GPU's stock and I can play games for hours...
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    Strange issue with 290?

    I have 290's in X-Fire and when I play BF4 or Arma3 I get really bad cycling for GPU1 and 2 acording to afterburner. I have yet to try any other games, but I wanted to check first to see if this is normal. My game play does not seem to be affected by it, which is a good thing. I did a...
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    Need help in updating BIOS

    When I try to update to the latest through my BIOS with EZFlash I get the error " File not a EFI BIOS" The file that I got from the Asus website is a .cap file. I was under the impression that it should be a .rom file. What am I doing wrong? My board is in sig.
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    Thoughts on Koolance GPU block

    I am looking at getting a koolnace gpu block for my video card. What experience do you guys have with this block? Thanks
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    Will a Titan block fit a 780?

    I have done some searching and it seems a Titan block will fit a GTX 780. Can anyone confirm this? If not, do anyone have an ETA for the 780 block?
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    Parallel or Serial Bridge?

    Looking to water cool my 7970's, and I was wondering which is the best way to go? Parallel or Serial? I plan on getting some sort of EK block, along with a 120x2 rad and MCP655 pump. Which one will get me better cooling? Thanks
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    Looking for 3Dfx Drivers for Win XP

    I recently picked up and couple of Voodoo 2 video cards for a laugh. I have them installed on an Asus P4P800 board. I downloaded drivers from Guru3d(FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP Gold Edition), the install seemed to go ok, and driver name shows up in device manger under the "sound, video, and game...
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    Random lock ups on P8Z68!

    I'm posting this question here, because I believe my problem is board related. I have an Asus P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 board. From time to time I get random lock ups. First I thought it may have to-do with my overclock, so I set everything to default in my bios. This did not help. The only...
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    Zotac GeForce GTX Titan in stock at NCIX

    14 in stock according to the website.
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    Best waterblock for 7970?

    I'm considering water cooling my reference 7970, but cannot decide on which water block to get. I have 4 options from my favourite compter part supplier:
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    Do I need identical cards to X-Fire?

    I bought my Sapphire 7970 back when it was first released. Thinking about buying another, but I am unsure if I need to buy the identical card to get X-Fire to work. Can I use any 7970?
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    System will not boot with Patriot memory

    I am building a budget system for my folks, here is a list of system specs: Asus P8B75 Intel i3-3220 2x4 Patriot Memory: Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition.(PC3-12800 1600Mhz 1.5V) No matter what I do with the memory the system will not boot. The cpu fan spins for about 2 sec, and...