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    I think my Q6600 is running slow..

    For some reason the core speed will never go above 1600 MHz. This is a shot I took when running Prime95. Could anyone tell me what gives? Running stock cooler. EDIT: mobo is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
  2. J

    Logitech X530 Speakers for $33.99 -

    Link- - DEAD Updated @ $39.99 - On clearance, limited quantities.
  3. J

    Reinstalling XP - no ps/2 port for keyboard!

    Hey, all. I'm trying to reinstall XP - I can boot from CD, but when I get the the setup screen (Where you can hit R to repair, F3 to exit, or enter to continue), I cannot proceed. I only have a USB keyboard - there is NO ps/2 port (i have a dell dimension 9100). what can I do?
  4. J

    Is this worth it? 2405FPW w/ Dimension 9100 - $1344.85

    I've been fiending for a 2405fpw because of guys like you, tempting me. At night, I hear the 2405FPW calling me at night... "Buy me.... you know you want me!" At the same time, I've been wanting a new PC for a bit now. I'm running on a P4 2.4 on a 433FSB, and old 40GB PATA 5400 HD, 24x...