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    What's your VDI solution at work?

    We currently have an on-prem VMWare infrastructure. tons of expensive cisco blades, and storage. Tons of over-provisioned resources on win10 VMs. Maybe 500 windows 10 VDIs, and citrix loaded on them for remote delivery. The users hit storefront, and launch their desktop. I have a project of...
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    Hide currently active users on mobile?

    It's half the scroll bar.
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    AIO dell inspiron one 2305 is dead

    I have a dell inspiron one 2305 all in one touchscreen desktop. It just gives me an orange/amber solid light when I power it up. I tried another dell 19v 6.7a charger cable first. No luck. Opened it up replaced the harddrive cable. No luck Replaced the harddrive. Tried one stick...
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    Question to the 4P G34 guys about cooling

    I see a lot of people using the 212+ coolers. Are you using just the coolers? I have a 4P rig that I can't turn on at home because it's just too damn loud, so I leave it at work sucking up work power. If I get 212+ fans will I be able to cut out my case fans? It's the loudest thing in my...
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    MaxBoostPower iphone5 extended battery and usbpacks 69.95 normally for a 2400mAh iphone 5 case Now they're 29.99 their 10,000mAh usb packs are $39.95 down from $99 some good deals. No first hand experience with them, but good amazon reviews. I picked one of each up.
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    Question for DC

    Hey DC, I have two spare G34 servers that have been decommed. I put one on an isolated vlan and powered up the smp client with -bigadv. Each server has 2 Opteron 6168s for 24 cores total. The one server is giving me the below results. Three questions Is this normal, just 24k...
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    error on i5 smp client

    I have an i5 I setup to run as a service in idle time. I setup up batchfiles to run at 7pm and 7am "net stop folding@home" "net start folding@home" Those start and stop the service correctly but I believe I messed something up.. My work log the past couple of days says: [23:19:57] Completed...
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    are these chips worth my time?

    Hey DC forum. I folded back in 2008 and got up to 250k points and quit. I just got a batch of 5 new pcs in at work and decided to stress them for a good weekend before I spent my time on them. Had an issue with new pcs being flaky recently. This has pushed me near 350k points and sparked my...
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    Windows 7 Services stoping

    My audio service is always tuning off, and I have to double click on the icon to restart the service. Also, samething with my Error Log service, and RAS service which breaks my Sonicwall VPN. I have a script that I found to fix the event log that also fixes everything else, but why does...
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    Can SBS 2011 be in a workgroup

    I just need it to be a workgroup server, is this possible? It has Certificate authority and all sorts of AD permissions and such. Can it be in a workgroup?
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    MSPs lets talk about Zenith Infotech here, and their SSO

    We have about 6 of these things, and for the life of I can't get the bastards to work. Any little that needs done requires a support chat. Mirrorcloud always needs them to remote in to change some setting, and tweak some random thing. Importing a system created in VBox requires them to...
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    ESXi and droboPro USB nas

    I have a USB nas plugged into an ESXi box. I can add it as a usb device on a VM but it doesn't show on the VM in device manager or show up as a usb drive. Is there someone to connect that nas from the HOST to a VM? I did this...
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    Spire proxy host?

    Anyone have a proxy list? All the ones I find are "currently unavailable"
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    How can I allow two networks to talk?

    I have my modem then a switch, and two gateways a Cisco 800, and a sonicwall tz170. The Cisco isn't managed by me, it's on a 172.18.2.x subnet and I only have about 12 addressable IPs. I manage the sonicwall and have all 254 addresses open. The computers have to stay behind the Cisco...
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    build help, $650 budget

    Haven't built a system since C2Ds were released. I still rock a e6400 release cpu, and 8 gbs DDR2. I need to build a new PC that is around 650. Shipping and all +-50 I live in the US. I need a case, psu, motherboard, ram, cpu I have Harddrives,optical drives, keyboard, mouse, and montior...
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    Installing open license CALs on server 2003

    How do I install this? I bought Volume CALs through dell, and the microsoft volume licensing service center has the listed, but not a product key. I called microsoft and they said it doesn't have a "key" I have to activate it online. Under downloads and keys I have no download to...
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    Cloud wifi problems

    I have two hawking 300N high gain outdoor waps. One @point A and one at point B across the street. A is access point, B is repeater. So B is repeating the Wifi and then I have 5 small houses on a street in a row. These each have a wap in them in client-bridge mode. So, they're grabbin...
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    Email issue

    I have a mac and i'm using entourage to send from my Work account to address I get the following message: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed I use the SAME entourage but send from my GMAIL...
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    can you upgrade raid cards without vomiting all over the place?

    I have an Adaptec 1210sa, which is a shit adapter. Can I upgrade this to a different raid card without losing data? Could I buy a better adaptec, and it carry over happily? I doubt it would work, but thought i'd ask.
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    PCI compliance failing, IIS 6 Problem

    I get the above warning on my PCI compliance, and i'm currently failing. I've installed listed pacthes that deal with IIS6, and SBS2003. Still no luck. Redirection is off. What gets me is the "Service: https IIS 6 detected and cannot check for patch (credentials required) " Does PCI need...
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    Printers screwed in CentOS

    By lrn2f1y at 2011-11-04 anyone know what the deal is? Test page doesn't print cent os 5.5
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    360 HD upgrade

    Will I -NEED- a transfer cable? I don't give a shit about saved games and such that's on my shitty 20GB HD now, but will it loose my achievments and gamer score if I don't transfer it all?
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    Error 711 Remote access Connection Manager

    is the error I get when trying to connect to a VPN setup through windows 7. Also Sonicwall SSL-VPN Netextender has roughly the same error present. I try and start the service and it nets me: Now here is where a rabbit hole of google search results start. I seperate out my services by...
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    Running a LAN on a hotel network

    Me a buddy are planning on hosting a 100 man LAN at a hotel. What would be the best way to patch internet to all of them. I was thinking some sort of sonicwall configured to allow the Sonicwalls mac address on the hotel network. Then have our sonicwall act as DHCP server. How would I...
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    Late to the game, just played BF3

    I just played the demo on the 360 (I know, yuk) I wasn't impressed. I didn't like the advancment structure they had in Bad company... i.e. plant bombs, move up, plant bombs, move up. Fuck Rush. Didn't seem to have destructible everything like bad company. I didn't blow up shit. They...
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    so is ESXi free, or "free"

    Looks like it's free, and I can use vSphere to manage my one virtualized server just fine. If I moved into an enviroment with multiple ESX boxes I would need to pay. But is ESXi free for my needs? I used it to just virtualize a line of business application server. I should be fine...
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    Macrium backup software

    Piece of crap. Paid $359 or whatever to restore a server to new hardware, and it just doesn't work. It bluescreens like crazy and their support is terrible. Horrible email support, and not a single contact number on the webpage. Anyone have any luck using this server edition with redeploy...
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    Shared Exchange Global Address List Question

    I have a shared exchange enviroment i'm maintianing. The users are all listed in the Global Address List (GAL), so all 10 companies can see all contacts. Under ADSIedit.msc, I've edited the value "showinaddressbook" to be each users respective Offline Address book like so: where (value...
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    CentOS 5 image backup and restore options

    Looks like I can create a full disk image with the dd command. # dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb what are the restore procedures for this. I could also use clonezilla, backula, partimage. but those all run outside the OS. so it would require me to drop the system for backup, and then be...
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    What's wrong with my Symantec Endpoint?

    Server1 Server2 I need to import a new License file, but server1 doesn't have it listed under admin console. What am I doing wrong? I'm logged in as admin.... Server 2 is how it should look. Both are completely separate customers, why is server1 dumb?
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    Excel vba program

    I have the same file on two identical machines. Dell e4400 laptops. It's a huge excel vba, really only 1.5mb, but it runs slow on one machine and not at the other. When I change values in the spread sheet, or change pull downs, or tabs excel wants to die. I can't think of settings within...
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    Hard Gaming Xbox Live Gamertag list.

    Anyone interested XBL-
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    kaseya, labtech... what do you netadmins use?

    What do you guys use to script problem fixes, and do all the menial stuff? Our company is becoming big enough that the manually doing this isn't cutting it anymore. Any free versions of these managed type softwares?
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    I need a two drive nas box

    Newegg didn't have a large selection. (I couldn't find one) Needs LAN only really. two drives in mirrored array would be sweet. what are my options
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    outlook and exchange, simple question

    I have a PC connected through VPN to an exchange mailbox. I understand that the connection might drop if the server doesn't have enough bandwidth or something, but it's never "down" If the VPN is shaky, becuase the user is on a hotel network or something they get hit with exchange...
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    Wireless mesh, Cloud managed access points

    Any point me towards some good gear? I'm looking to cover an apartment complex owned by my in-laws. It's low income government hosing for people with disabilities. Basically war damaged young service men and women. They want to give them some sort of mesh wireless technology like a hotel...
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    Exchange: Certificate SAN mismatch. SSL Cert. error

    Hey guys. I ran EBPA, and it came up with SAN mismatch errors. Google turns up a couple different fixes. Mostly they included commands in the Shell to reset/reconfigure the SSL Cert. I just wanted some friendly direction before I start mashing in unknown commands into the Exchange...
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    Proper backup of a DC with AD

    Proper backup protocol of a domain controller with DNS/DHCP/file server and active directory. Thought of posting in Data Storage Systems, but this is more of a NetAdmin question. mainly I want my windows install and active directory backed up. I'd hate to have to recreate it all if it...
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    New iPhone4, and mic doesn't work

    Had a thread a couple days ago where my iPhone wouldn't charge. Drove to closest Apple store 130 ish miles away. They gave me a new phone. Now the microphone doesn't work. It works in Voice Memos and can record, and if I make a call over skype it works. Normal phone calls though it...