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    Gtx 690 and LoL

    Hey [H], I am the happy new owner of a gtx 690 and even @ 1600p the thing just rocks. Now I just have one problem; In League of Legends I get frame rate drops down into the 20's. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this. I tried making a profile for the game in the control panel that disables...
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    gtx 690 for 25x16

    Hello [H], I just was able to grab a deal for a gtx 690 and was wondering if anyone that has a similar setup could comment on it. I'm coming from a single 7970 and on most game I usually just leave aa at 2x (unless a source game), I'm wondering if the 2Gb of ram is enough? I also am slightly...
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    wireless mouse (gaming?)

    Hey [H], Im looking for a mouse to be used by my lan pc. I really want it to be wireless so when I have to trans port it all I have is 3 cables (power pc, power monitor and monitor cable) so I have a wireless keyboard, but now I need a mouse. Right now on my main computer I use a razer...
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    thinking about getting a 7990

    hey [H]ardforum, I'm thinking of getting a 7990 ($919 on amazon) for a itx system (thinking pc-q25b). and have some questions. According to the multiple reviews of the 7990 it seams I only really need a 600-650w psu is if have a I5-2500k paired with it. I'm I correct in thinking that...