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    SNAT and DNAT

    I was just wondering on most advanced network equipment or basic, stuff that supports 25-50k plus concurrent users, is it possible to configure Source NAT and Destination NAT on the same device. No I dont do networking :) I am just trying to figure out if what im thinking, that this should be...
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    GPS unlocked for Verizon BB's OS and up

    I searched and didn't see a thread yet, for those that have blackberrys and dont follow other blackberry sites if your running an OS and up for the 8330, 8830, and 8130 your GPS on BB maps works now.
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    Seagate ST31500341AS 1.5 TB RAID0 and RAID5, HD Tach

    Just got my 3x1.5TB drives (Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS) today, did some quick benchmarks with Highpoint RocketRAID 2310 4 port controller. The RAID5 is going to be initializing for another 26 hours so will do those benchmarks tomorrow. RAID0 - Quick Bench RAID0 - Long Bench
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    iTunes 8

    Just downloaded it... Still not actually 64bit, oh well. The library with Album artwork feature is pretty cool, guess I should have organized by MP3's a lot better, now I just have a bunch of big black squares :( I opted out of the genius, although it seems like a cool feature I just dont trust...
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    UDP Port 24714, firewall is getting hammered

    Went into my IPCOP and looked at the firewall, since the 22nd of June ive been getting between 11k and 13k hits against my fw on specifically port 24714. I googled it and got nothing, anyone have a clue. Im running vista x64 with symantec 10 and 2008 server on another machine. Im clueless...
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    Anyone use IBM N3000 series NAS?

    Might be looking to purchase one, looking to see if anyone has experience.
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    What MB would support Xeon X5355

    Well I came across a great deal on a xeon x5355 and was wondering would it be worth it to use it as a desktop? What would be the down sides? And what MB's will support it? Dont want to spend a lot on a MB if it makes the deal not worth it. Thanks!
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    Benchmarks to run on dual X5355?

    We bought a server for VMware but are currently waiting on some other things so I decided to load 2003 Enterprise x64 on it, 32GB of RAM and right now dual 150GB SAS in RAID0. What sort of fun benchmarks can I run on it?
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    What proxy are you running 500+ users?

    Company is looking for a proxy and wondering what people are using for a decent amount of users. Will be starting out at about 500 users. Thanks!
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    Thoughts on an E6400 build

    I am looking to build out a new C2D machine with a somewhat limited budget. I will be looking to overclock to around 2.6 but 3.0ghz will be as far as I would take it. Let me know what you think. I am also in the market for a new video card but dont have any ideas yet. I dont game a lot so a high...
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    Get Firefox 2.0 now

    Link from Mozilla..
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    Cert Auth is referencing AD structure from years ago

    I just set up a new and first Certificate Authority for our domain. I am doing the web request for a certificate and its giving me a failure due to the object not being found. This makes half sense because well I know its not there, but what I dont get is why its referencing my user object in an...
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    Need some AD help/theory

    We currently have 3 physical sites, our larger site has 4 domain controllers, the 2 other sites have 1 DC at each. Our network team decided that we need to put the 2 sites in their own DMZ although we are all on the same domain. So we'll say that the first 4 DC's, site A are on the 10 network...
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    Anyone setup EFS and a Cert Authority?

    Ive been assigned the task of doing this, have set it up on a test domain but wanted to see if there was anyone who has a decent amount of experience so I could pick their brain. Im starting to understand the basics of it but have not found any real good documentation about building from the...
  15. J

    DD-WRT Micro now available for WRT54G V5 without modding

    Just found this article although I dont keep up on the Linksys firmwares looks like they have developed a flash image that overwrites the boot loader on v.5 WRT54G's and allows them to run DD-WRT micro edition.
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    What AV are you using with Vista 5308?

    In one of the 20 other Vista threads I mentioned that when trying to load SAV 9 corporate it blue screened my laptop. Before installation it mentioned that SAV 8, 9, and 10 are not compatible. For one I find that really weird, but hey whatever works I guess. Two, what AV are you using? The only...
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    First Mac OS X virus? On the evening of the 13th, an unknown user posted an external link to a file on MacRumors Forums claiming to be the latest Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 screenshots. The file was named "latestpics.tgz" The resultant file decompresses...
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    Is there a way to prevent a service from being turned off, including admins?

    Just wondering, ive been trying to find some way of doing it and cant come up with anything. We have an issue where developers will shut off their antivirus to "improve" pc performance. Due to workplace politics worst thing I can do is tell them not to do it and then they do it again anyway...
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    Where to buy PIX 501?

    Im thinking about possibly getting a PIX for home use so I can learn on it. Just not sure exactly where a good place to buy is. Possibly what combinations I could get with the PIX? Any info would be appreciated!
  20. J

    So I just found out....

    There is a "test" server here that is a dual, dual core opteron with 8GB of RAM and it does nothing.. just sits there.. and nothing I can do about it :( I just started learning about AMD processors and figured this would upset a few people.. After a little more searching they are Opteron...
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    How can WMF infect server other then browsing on it?

    From another thread, it got me wondering. Anyone know if its possible to be infected in other ways besides direct interaction with the server? Will it spread if a desktop is infected to a unpatched server? :confused:
  22. J

    How much memory should DNS use for 1000 computers

    Just wondering, we are having a problem with the memory increasing and maxing out the DC. None of the other processes are having any problems. I dont know much in depth about DNS so any help would be appreciated! :)
  23. J

    What happens when a developer has admin access to a server

    One of our biggest security issues where I work is politics. A lot of the developers basically do whatever they want with no real punishment. Here is a great example of how they make their lives easier, give everyone full access to the C: drive and share it out. That will make sure that people...
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    Best Windows 2003 Server book?

    I am not a complete newb to servers but havent really dove into a book quite yet. Ive setup my own domain at home and got it all working correctly, understand most of the basics of DHCP, DNS. I am now looking to learn the inbetween stuff. What would the experienced people recommend as a good 2k3...
  25. J

    Anyone use Mazu Profiler?

    Just wondering, someone is looking into it and wanted to see if people had any feedback. Thanks!! :)
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    How much power do drives use?

    Well I have a 1TB server at home and am trying to save some money on the electricity bill and was wondering how much electricity a HD actually uses. Ive got 6 250GB drives in it and 1 80GB for OS. I was looking to take out possibly 3 of the 250GB drives if its going to save me enough money to...
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    Firefox 1.5 downloadable but not advertised yet??? please confirm for me

    I just tried replacing some characters that they use for downloading in the link and 1.5 came up as earlier in the day it didnt.. I installed it and it comes up correct.. see how this link is 1.0.7 I just replaced it with 1.5 and well it worked...
  28. J

    How are you detecting the Sony DRM root kit for your network?

    Just wondering as I am going to be doing this soon and havent come up with any good way to detect it. We may need to finally deploy Pest Patrol to do it but I was hoping of a different scripted way. Thanks for the help! :D
  29. J

    Anyone having trouble with 1and1 today

    Looks like my site is down, no ftp and there site is slow as hell... anyone else?!?!
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    NSC TPM error with newer IBM machines

    Here is a thread from a different forum Link It seems that IBM is sending out newer hardware with some sort of TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Well when you try to load the driver for it the computer locks up and as far as I know there is no simple fix for it without completely redoing an image...
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    SUS help

    Well due to the latest worms we had a small problem come up with SUS. It seems SUS has a "feature" that wont distribute the recently approved patches until 24 hours after the initial network connection is made by the computer. We have some users who bring there laptops home every night and end...
  32. J

    What RAID for ghost imaging

    The main file server for my group is constantly having storage issues and we are looking into making our own secluded network for imaging so no one has access and also to reduce network traffic. The server has not been decided upon yet but I was wondering what RAID everyone would recommend for...
  33. J

    one time admin logon program

    Im in search of a program that allows an admin account to be logged on using some sort of pass phrase generation where when you log on it gives you a phrase, in which its given to us then we give the answer back which allows them in as an admin. We only allow our users power user rights and...
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    MS Access password cracker (legit)

    Someone where I work built an access database, pw protected it and left the company. They now need to change something within the database and dont know the password. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good program that can crack the access password. Thanks for the help.. Freeware is obviously...
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    Any downside to mixing different drive manufacturers?

    Currently I have RAID1 setup with 2 200GB drives but want to expand to probably 5 or 6 200GB's in RAID5. Question I have, is there any downside to mixing different drive manufacturers? The 2 current drives are Maxtor DiamondMax 9's. Not sure which brand I will be buying but wanted to know if...
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    Need a SATA Raid 5 card, 4 drives

    Currently I have a 2003 server setup with software mirroring of a 200gb drive. I can hear the click of death on one of my drives (not sure which computer due to its infrequent clicking and not creating any events) every once in a long while and decided to stop screwing around and get a hardware...
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    Anyone use CA's SDO?

    Well I need some help.. Ours is completely out of wack and a lot of computers are not registered with SDO and was wondering if anyone has come across a script of some sorts that will reregister all computers the script is run on or anything anyone can suggest would be great. Thanks!
  38. J

    Script to add a system DSN

    Well I have been asigned a task which requires a system DSN to be added to connect to a SQL server. It is actually an IBM DB2 ODBC driver if that makes a difference. This DSN is going to be added to over 100 computers which will make it a PITA to do by hand. Unfortunately im not very familiar...
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    Anyone know when the MacMini's are going to go on EPP?

    I am going to be buying a MacMini and wondering how long its going to be before they are on the EPP. I can wait and save or just buy it now depending on how long the wait is. I dont want to wait a month just to save a few dollars if thats what it comes down too. Thanks! :D
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    Possible to listen from Windows iTunes to Mac?

    Well I am looking to possibly buy a MacMini in the future and was wondering what ways were possible to listen to my music. The catch is all of my music is on a 2003 Server DC.. Will iTunes on the Mac pickup the 2003 iTunes server? Seems like it should, just looking for some confirmation or...