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    aws backup

    any reasonably priced aws backup being aware of sql server transactions ? we'd like to use veeam but they have issues on aws with no eta to resolve ;( thanks !
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    samsung 960 evo performance drops ?

    hi so i have an issue : current set of a samsung 960 evos (got 4 of them) work in weird way initially write performance is kind of ok and according to specs after some time write performance is 1/3 - 1/4 of what it should be initially i though it's my raid done in the wrong way but...
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    vmware esxi 5.5, 6.0 and 6.1 beta + iser ?!

    did anybody manage to have ** any ** esxi working with iser? we\re using all available esxi versions since 5.5 and mellanox cx2-3-4 adapters, linux iser target and... no luck so far ;(( linux-to-linux works fine with roce v1, v2 and native infiniband fyi any ideas?
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    emc scaleio free!! non production use so far but who knows? anybody tried latest version with vmware shared storage in mind?
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    production vm storage?

    what you guys use for production vm storage? i mean explicitly not labs / homes but something you roll in the office you don't own yourself :) would you put into production some free solution with allowed commercial use (no eula violation! ) but with community only / limited vendor...
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    home brewed all-flash appliances?

    violin & pure storage quotes can make hulk burst into tears anybody using home-brewed all-flash appliances for 1+ year? dual controller setup is fine no need to scale out atm 10-20 tb of usable capacity 2u for one shelf 2*10 gbe iscsi or nfs opinions? advices? ))
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    guys vmware seems to push them pretty hard and for quite some time now but surprisingly there are very few vendors and maybe only 4 or 5 hcl-ed who have vvols support claimed... why so? )) anybody using vvols so far?
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    nutanix free software?

    anybody from nutanix users can share their experience? what can we expect from the future nutanix free software offering?