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    New sub 10L itx case, SilverStone RVZ02!!!

    looks nice, any idea when rvz02/ml08 will be available in europe? pricing? any reviews coming?
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    Who's going to wait out the 970/980 craze?

    I will. There is no point in "upgrading" to 970 and 980 is too expensive for my liking. Actually, I wouldn't get 780 either if not the fact that upgrading from 7950 to (eventually) 780 was pretty much free thanks to mining and reselling GPUs... I was considering second 780, but probably not...
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    What is going to be a realistic price for the R9-290x and R9-290?

    Because of low supply/high demand and VAT price of 970 is much higher in my country, but assuming the 330$ price tag, 290X shouldn't cost more than 270$ while 290 should be 250$. There has to be a noticable difference in price between 290/970, because NV not only is faster and clocks better...
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    GTX 780 DirectCU II SLI question

    Anyone is running GTX 780 DirectCu II SLI? 780 prices dropped and I might have a good deal on second Asus GPU, for my dual GPU configuration. My PSU should handle it ezpz. The only thing I am concerned are temperatures. When my rig consisted of 7950OC + 280X for mining purposes, god, it was...
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    GTX 970/980 specs @ Techpowerup, plus 3dmark gpu-score leaks... Neo: "Woah."

    Are there any reliable tests, comparing GTX 780 OC'ed to about 1200MHz boost clock(I suppose you can call it below average for a B1 chip) to GTX 970 OC to 1400-1500MHz boost clock?
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    It downclocks on 144hz only for people with one monitor plugged in. I actually asked about it a while back on blurbusters. You can read about it here. Doubt NVIDIA is going to fix it: II am using powerstrip to change between 121hz/144hz on my VG278HE. All fullscreen games force...
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    Does it matter if you get more than 60fps on a 60Hz monitor?

    it also reduces input lag in most games.
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    The Best GAMING Monitor at this moment

    Well it is a great deal in the US but in most UE countries you have to add 23%VAT and 14% duty. Plus all the hassle with the warranty.. and shipment of the monitor to Korea would cost me at least 30$ afair. Also I can deduct the tax on electronics bought in my country. All in all, I bought...
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    Asus 780 DirectCuII high temperatures?

    Looks fine. I am getting up to 70c/70% fan speed with stock bios, 1.2V core and ~1225 clock (can't remember exactly)
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    r9 290 or wait for Maxwell?

    right now there is absolutely no reason for a price drop on amd cards
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    Asus R9 290 DirectCUII Review

    1220 core. yeh... my reference R9 290(@290X) was stable at 1025/1300 on stock voltage and maybe 1080 core with max voltage. it was way too loud for overvolting though now I'm a happy Asus DirectCu II 780@1254/1600 user
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    780 GTX overclock results

    after over a week of testing in multiple games/benchmarks, I think my Asus DirectCu II @ 1241/1675 is stable. I've tried skyn3t bios but stock gave better memory results and it was 2-3c cooler. I am getting about 70c@GPU/85c@VRM absolutely max (long gaming period with 100% load, closed case...
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    Upgrade or not, if so to which Gpu?

    well, for 60hz/1080p 770/280x is somewhat enough, but on maxed settings it will still dip to 40 fps in demanding games while 780 should keep it much closer to 60. i believe that overclocked GTX 780 or non reference R9 290 (tri-x!) have pretty good performance per dollar
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    Upgrade or not, if so to which Gpu?

    GTX 780
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    Buy now or wait 3-4 months for Maxwell?

    I see no reason to wait if you can grab GTX780 in affordable price. Unless you want to wait nearly a year for Maxwell which is probably going to be only slightly better
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    Slight Buyers Remorse (from 780 to 290)

    Well if you bought it for 400$ then you should be able to resell it with a profit I think? I am not too farmiliar with other markets' pricing I live in Poland. No special deals on cpu/motherboard unfortunately, but it isn't really that expensive. Good thing is that I won't have to buy another...
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    Slight Buyers Remorse (from 780 to 290)

    You have no idea how loud 290 is @100%... I have sold my R9 290 (@290x 1025/1250 - unlocked, but awful overclocker) with a profit and bought Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II. Awesome card, running 1256/1652 since day1. Significantly faster than the AMD card, mainly because I have a weak CPU...
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    780 ti or 290x....or just wait for 800 series?

    Get 780 and OC it. I have sold my R9 290 @ 290x 1025/1250. Even though I had 82% ASIC, it was an awful overclocker. At least it unlocked and I made a nice profit on it. Pretty much traded it for a new Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II which is running @ 1263/1650 AFAIR. It is much faster btw, but it...
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    G-Sync First Impressions from TR Forums

    Wait, so does G-Sync improve smoothness in 40-60FPS range? It simply has to stay above 30FPS to work, right?
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    GTX 780 OC vs R9 290 OC

    I have a R9 290 @ R9 290X. 81% ASIC meaning low voltages and temperatures which is nice. But it still runs loud and overclocks really, really badly (1030/1250 @ stock voltages, after that it is simply not worth it) I am trying to sell it. Don't get me wrong, it is a good card. Prices of...
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    Question about 144Hz monitors. Are they worth an upgrade?

    I am wondering, when can we expect VG278HE bundled with G-Sync?
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    R9 290X with Kraken G10 Video review.

    Well, 92c VRM after 1.5minutes of heaven in a small window... Metro LL would definately reach over 100c with this setup
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    ASUS 290x DCII reviewed

    What are your VRM temps? Asus R9 290x was reviewed on as well They managed to overclock core clock to 1075... not to good Also the GPU has reached 87c (perf. mode) during Far Cry 3 gameplay And it STILL was loud You can find the full review here. I'm happy with my 81% ASIC...
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    r290 Black Screen Issue

    Gigabyte R9 290 @ R9 290(X) ASUS bios 1030/1250. Elpida memory. I only get it if I overclock memory too high. I simply don't overclock the memory clock at all.
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    Wall-mounted stereo computer speakers [~150$ max]

    Hey. I would like to replace my Fujitsu Sound System DS S2100 (received as gift some time ago). I need an advice on what speakers (studio monitors?) to buy. Some key points of what I expect: stereo speakers, either 2.0 or 2.1 (I have a nice spot for a subwoofer now) front bass reflex...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Hey. I kinda need a new desk and I really thought it is going to be Galant, but my initial impression was dissapointing when I was passing by Ikea last weekend... It swayed easily, bent under mediocre pressure. And this was a 160x80cm desk on T legs. I'm more interested in 200x80cm which I...
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    R9 290 monitor goes to sleep while gaming

    This is a known issue of R9 290. In my case I had frequent black screens when overclocking the memory clocks, so maybe try underclocking yours a bit.
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    270x vs 280x LTC Value Question

    NoNRG try to decrease your clock to 1025-1040. Max the power limit too spacin9 try 870/1250 clocks. R9 290(X) likes to work pretty much only in two combinations (the other is 1050/1500 or something like that), with slight core clock variations. If you are getting rejects mb drop your...
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    Overheating crossfire Setup 280X

    For about a week I had a Gigabyte R9 280X crossfired with MSI 7950 Twin Frozr 3 (I have sold both cards with a profit and bought a R9 290) They were running super hot when gigabyte was on top - it reached quickly 90c on 100% fan speed. It was much better when I swapped cards (AFAIR something...
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    But do they (EIZO) accept it on warranty or you can only send it to seller for replacement?
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    Damn, looks unusable (at least for me) Now I'm wondering - does EIZO replace such panels? Or they consider it as 'normal'?
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    How do you enable/disable Turbo240? Can you bind it to a keyboard button or only by OSD?