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    Dead Space free on Origin

    Repeat. Please delete.
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    Galaxy video card registration broken?

    I've been trying to register a card I received from newegg on Friday and have yet to be able to get the registration page to load. In IE it says it's an internal server error and in FF it says "PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 087DAD16" I tried calling tech support to no avail, just...
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    [Warm?]Galaxy 670 GTX GC v2 $379.99 after MIR at newegg (ends soon)

    Galaxy 670 GTX GC v2 $379.99 after MIR and coupon code. This card: Coupon code drops it to $399.98 and the MIR is $20 (it's a card but apparently you can call a...
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    M-Audio technical support? Options if fails?

    I've had my M-Audio AV40's for about 9 months now and yesterday, the right speaker stopped working. It isn't blown, didn't show any signs of failing, and will sometimes work if I fiddle with the cables for 5 minutes but then it just turns off a few seconds later. No noise, no click, no pop, just...
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    Hard drive query

    I have a decent rig atm but I want to upgrade the space on the hard drive and perhaps the performance. Current specs: Intel i7 920 (OC'd to 3.4 Ghz) 6 GB (3x2) Mushkin DDR3 Memory EVGA X58 motherboard EVGA 460 GTX 768 MB (on a related note, I have an EVGA GTX 275 2 Gig graphics card and...
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    Hard drive query

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    Free Just Cause 2 for 460?

    I saw on Newegg that alot of the 460 cards, especially EVGA, seem to come with a free coupon code for Just Cause 2. Being that I don't like taxes on my purchase and tigerdirect has an awesome deal going, I was looking to see if they have any coupon offers. They didn't when I looked initially but...
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    Samsung Trance win 7 issues

    I got a Samsung Trance recently and the driver it installs isn't being read by Win 7 right and it won't let me sync up.. any clues on how to fix this?