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    warm - LG 34UM95-P 34" 5ms GTG QHD UltraWide IPS Panel w/*Free TLoU PS4 bundle $900 *So Newegg has this, though keep in mind currently this monitor can be found online for $750 so you're looking at...
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    Need help choosing which distro to go with for a NAS setup

    Currently my gaming and HTPC are doing double duty and both hosting files all willy nilly! I just upgraded my gaming rig(long over-do) so I have enough parts to setup a NAS server. Requirements: Be accessible to Win 7 and rasperry PI's Able to be controlled remotely whether it involves a...
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    Antec NEO ECO 620C $39.99 after $10 instant and $20 MIR newegg

    72 hour sale at Newegg Link to sale items Link to Antec PSU $10 instant Promo Code EMCYWZP25
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    metadata and TV series in MediaBrowser

    So what is the proper naming convention for TV series to obtain metadata information along with thumbnails etc? Series in question are: 24 BSG Six feet under Californication These are in Video_TS format
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    Am I the only one that rarely checks chipset heatsinks for proper contact?

    Let me preface this with some background. This isn't my first rodeo. I have been assembling my own PC's since the mid 90's so I have seen my fair share of motherboards and the corresponding chipsets. Ok now that I have that out of the way on to my question. :cool: Often times when...
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    785 chipset questions

    So my dinosaur 939 system just isn't cutting it for a HTPC and I am looking at upgrading to something a little more modern. With that said I have been strongly considering one of the boards with a 785 chipset. From my reading/searching I understand that it does not perform 7.1 LPCM. Is that...
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    Has anyone else tested Win7 32 vs 64 on their system

    So I have a 939 setup with an Athlon64 3400, 1.5GB ram, Nvidia 7300GS. It is currently my HTPC and I know a lot of people favor 32 bit over 64bit for this application. I originally loaded it with Win 7 RC 64 bit. For an older PC it seemed to run ok, not the best for running HULU but adequate...
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    Digital River ISO download from MS inside for all still having problems

    MS admitted that their distribution was flawed, here is the ISO that they are offering instead of the exe and box setup. Here is the link with the information pertaining to the iso fix...
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    Win 7 connectivity issue when running inside Virtual PC

    Not sure if this belongs here or in the Virtualization section. Anyway I decided to play around with Win7 inside Virtual PC. This is a fresh install of Win 7 build 7100. No matter what I do I keep getting the unidentified network. I have tried both static and dynamic addressing and neither...
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    x64 Vista Ultimate running Warhead issues

    Anyone else have a problem with the screensaver coming on while playing Warhead? Perhaps an Xbox controller interface issue?!? Also even though I keep selecting and applying full screen more often than not it does not run at full screen until I go into options and choose it again. Am I...