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    Supermicro IPMI Password Disclosure

    Many of you may already be aware, but since so many of us use SuperMicro boards - this is important information!
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    My 2TB HDDs are dying... One died while replacing another one here now in one of my 10 disk RAIDZ2 configurations, and I really have to do something with my setup (as well as cross my fingers for the next 8hrs or so - 10% done of 16TB...) Anyone using or planing on installing ST4000VN000 yet...
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    zrep modified for speed

    Hi! I don't know how many who use zrep ( but it is a great way to replicate stuff between ZFS boxes. Problem is that it uses SSH and that means performance suffers (atleast for me - I only get like 30MB/s). That's fine for small transfers but not for initial...
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    UPS solution for all-in-one systems!

    For a while I've been thinking about how to use a UPS to best secure my all-in-one ESXi with a UPS. I've had a UPS for a long time, but only used it as a "passive" solution - in case of a powerloss ZFS is quite stable anyway, and my UPS didn't have Solaris drivers. When I changed to a all-in-one...