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  1. Code_Man

    Need assistants w/ Fractal Torrent RGB variant ( How to daisy chain the RGB fans correctly and where to plug in )

    Hardforum Team, I just completed my new Fractal Design Torrent build yesterday. Everything turned on except the RGB fans that come with the case. I followed the instructions in the manual even though they are pretty vague. Wanted to see if anyone else has the same case and if you went thru the...
  2. Code_Man

    Battle of the air/thermal siphon coolers ( Noctua NH-D15 vs. IceGiant ProSiphon Elite )

    I am building a new gaming rig and the cooler is up next on the list of parts to get. My question is: What are peoples experience with Noctua NH-D15s and IceGiant ProSiphon Elites coolers? Here are my current part specs: Fractal Design Torrent RGB ( BIG AIR FOCUSED CASE ) x570s Aorus Master...
  3. Code_Man

    Noctua industrial NF-A14 fan for exhaust preferably ( yes, no and maybe so )?

    Question: I want the "best" exhaust 140mm fan available for heat removal in a Fractal Design Torrent case. I have been researching Noctuas industrial NF-A14s and yes the noise levels can be high due to the 3-phase motor, but.. that means more air being pulled out. Just want to see if anyone has...
  4. Code_Man

    Fractal Design Torrent (thinking about an air cooling only build) but want to know what air cooler has the best thermals for this model) ?

    Have a Fractal Design Torrent case and want to use air cooling if possible. What air coolers do you recommend for Ryzen 5800X3D or 5950X? I have the x570 chipset. Thanks,
  5. Code_Man

    Battle of M.2's ( Seagate Firecuda 520 2TB vs. Western Digital Black SN850 2TB ) torn between both. Give me Pro's and Con's

    I am torn between Seagate Firecuda 520 2TB and WD Black SN850 2TB for storage options. Mostly for the boot drive, but could be for extra storage as well. Could I get some pro's and con's on these storage options? MOBO: Aorus X570s Master chipset Thanks,
  6. Code_Man

    Researching 360 AIO's for Fractal Design Torrent

    Hardforum Team, I am researching 360 AIO's for CPU cooling only that can best fit into a Fractal Design Torrent case. I have heard the only real spot you can safely mount is in the front. If this is correct, what options would you recommend? Currently, I am torn between the following: Artic...
  7. Code_Man

    Researching GPU's for gaming PC build between ( EVGA 3080 Ti 12GB vs. MSI Suprim 3080 Ti 12GB )

    Hardforum Team, I am researching two different GPU's and would like to get opinions on the two choices: EVGA 3080 TI 12GB MSI Suprim 3080 Ti 12GB Can you justify the higher price point for the MSI for a minimal boost to the clocks? Thanks,
  8. Code_Man

    Researching AMD processors for x570 chipset for gaming PC ( Ryzen 5800X3D vs. Ryzen 5950x )

    Hardforum Team, I am researching AMD Ryzen processors for a gaming PC build, and narrowed it down to two choices: AMD Ryzen 5800X3D for the 96MB Cache ( Gaming focused ) AMD Ryzen 5950X for the multi-core functionality ( again this is more for rendering and production situations ) I'm...
  9. Code_Man

    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    Hardforum Team, I am trying to learn / research all I can about gaming PSU's in the 1000w range for future expandability and my card of choice is going to be a 3080 Ti. My main choices so far are as follows: Seasonic Prime Titanium TX 1000w Super Flower Leadex V Platinum Pro 1000w...