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    Refurb - Acer GD245HZ 23.6" 120hz 3D LCD - $189.99

    BEST deal on a monitor at this time, If I didn't have my Alienware 24" 120hz I would be all over that. Anyone see a reason to do 3x120hz monitors? =)
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    Westinhouse LVM-37w3 refurb $329 NO SHIPPING OR TAX/CA fees for Californian [H]ard!

    I was the 5th on Mif's list but SOLD OUT =P Thanks for doing this man, wish I could of gotten on on it.
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    Buying a notebook ASUS-G50V, HP-dv5t, Gateway-7811FX or Saget

    I am going to pick up the G50V-X1, I just got done playing on the G50V-A2 at Nvidia's Lan party Nvision. These were the tournament systems. For $500 isnt worth the extra Drive option. Just thinking of battery life as well. 2x7200rpms = maybe an hour? Played COD4 and TF2 fine at...
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    Going FAST: Spy Sunglasses $15 + shipping USA only code for $5 more off: nfinsider
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    Free Copy of SnagIt 7.2.5

    I dont see where you can reg at
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    that doesnt look like a 5.25 bay tho =\ Also I dont see how its $25 more then the 1/4 bay. looks like the total price is $22.50
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    Think this one would work? EDIT:
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    I am just looking for some websites so I can continue looking around. I have seen few on different sites but nothing I want to put into my system yet the closet I have come too is Thermaltake XCONTROLLER but the reviews on it...
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    LTB Oragne LED 120mm Fans

    ok where do then? :cool:
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    LTB Oragne LED 120mm Fans

    I have tired my norm shops newegg, zipzoom, Tigerdirect, clubit, coolerguys, coolermaster, Frozencpu, not able to find anything. I am looking to get something like this. or maybe something a little different Never heard of AC Ryan Blackfire4 fans, I hope some of you guys have...
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    I deep fried my computer, literally!

    Going to have to try this out this weekend =)
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    1.66Ghz Core Duo14.1" WXGA TFT, 1GB DDR2 60GB DVD-RW $699

    With that one you are paying near $650 more for a 3" LCD difference and a nvidia 7900 videocard. I really wish we could update the E1405 onboard so where are the PCMCIA 7900s at? ;)
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    1.66Ghz Core Duo14.1" WXGA TFT, 1GB DDR2 60GB DVD-RW $699

    It will run vista just fine, and even if it doesnt do the Aero. I have been useing windows blinds with the samething for years on a slower machine without problems
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    1.66Ghz Core Duo14.1" WXGA TFT, 1GB DDR2 60GB DVD-RW $699 expiring 5/25/06 at 5:59AM Central or after 4000 uses. just snagged mine =)
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    Circuit City 10% off for vets, police, Fire and safety personnel

    I have a CDF shirt (California’s Department of Forestry) think that will work? =)
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    Razor mouse (white colored) @

    Yeah got one, to use at my office =P G5 is so much better tho
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    HOT Nintendo DS Lite 118.67 Thorugh Overstock

    whats the eta on them?
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    PNY 2GB attache again 37.99

    blah pny is da suck for $2.00 more get a CORSAIR
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    Good Deal on InFocus HD 720p/1080i Projector

    oh yeah, you can get this deal with out the screen for $550.00 if you a cheapy, and have a nice wall =P
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    Good Deal on InFocus HD 720p/1080i Projector

    Man I should have asked for that Reps name from infocus, but I dont think its going to be a problem....
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    Good Deal on InFocus HD 720p/1080i Projector

    I called up infocus myself and they said they would grant it. i donno we will see EDIT: Really InFocus told me to go to their ebay store and to buy it there cause they are out of stock on their website. lol
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    Good Deal on InFocus HD 720p/1080i Projector

    InFocus SP5000 sells for 1,300 on their site There is a $300 Mail in rebate for it right now You can buy this Projector on ebay from InFocus with a 92" 16x9 and free...
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    HOT: 16GB BusLink USB flash drive @ CompUSA

    Cant go wrong with Corsairs $15 512mb stick
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    My 12v rail, according to Speedfan, is at 13.01v

    they are cheap Mults out there to. I was a big spending and paid $3.00 for mine =)
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    Smoking XPS M170 Deal $1,349 + tax

    Dead Deal. Spoke with Several Dell Reps It was a 10 day deal that ended at 12am this morning
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    Smoking XPS M170 Deal $1,349 + tax

    Anything with the links is dead...... How can I get this deal and add it in my cart?
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    Smoking XPS M170 Deal $1,349 + tax

    Shit wish I didnt miss out on this one. Anyway to still grab it?
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    SN25P User's Guide

    I cant get my BFG 7800GTX working, but my BFG7800GT OC works fine... BTW i was having some problems with BOSDing, and Harddrive errors, find tracked it down to the SATA cables, Replace those asap Ordered these only SATA II rated cables, and high shiled, with backwards compat with Sata1...
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    Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set reg $499.99 now $169.00

    K i ordered the Egyptian Cotton 800 TC for $99 cause they had my color, Copper =P EDIT: wow how ghey do I sound?
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    Dell 2405FPW & other LCD's 25% off

    Ordered, Man, now my dual monitors arnt good to look as goood =\ the ebay coupon thing works great. I got mine right away. Thanks for the tips If you are trying to pick between the two this might help
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    sn25p + Raptors sata RAID

    have dual raptors up top, and the one in front just gets cooked. The 2nd in the rear does ok because of the two fans in the back for the HDs Anyways when I restart the system I can hear those fans wine-up Anyone found a way to crank up those fans? on a side note does anyone know if the...
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    Dell Holiday Promotion

    still looking for something to knock down my 1905FP =\
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    AMD Personal Internet Communicator

    that think is sweet
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    Shuttle Hardware Monitoring Software

    Nvidia MonitorView Works, but I want something that run in the background
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    Shuttle Hardware Monitoring Software

    What do you guys use? MBM is joke for Shuttle's