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    Connect single port IP KVM to old school KVM

    Yes, big KVM manufactures sell single port IP KVMs for this purpose.
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    Using shared storage as a volume in Win28k

    Why not create a new disk and install a ftp server pointing to that disk as the ftproot You can use RBA so those users would have read only access.
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    Best method to move a template or VM from one virtual center server to another

    You can use vConverter as well. It's not just for P2Vs--you can do V2V as well. (powered on or powered off)
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    Hiring a VM box with GPU

    Amazon EC2 started offering GPU instances recently--
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    CAT6 Cable Clips

    J Hooks are what you need--you want the wider type--they are specifically for datacom/telecom Thin wire J Hooks are for hanging electrical running in some kind of conduit, like flex, seal-tite, etc.
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    Computer hardware for schools...

    ERate and State Contracts are the way to go.
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    IP Management software

    Racktables rocks, Excel sheet is a nightmare if more then one person has to use the file RackTables > *
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    VMWAREstill king?

    Don't skip Xen--for enterprise it's definitely worth looking at. If money is no object VMware > Xen > Hyper-V. But if you just need it to work on the cheap, Xen > *
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    network drops on the ceiling

    I see this done at T-Mobile stores all the time. They use coiled Network & Power Cables. Like whats on a corded telephone to a handset. So it doesn't look horrible I guess. Next time I'm in one I'll try to snap a pic and post. They do this for their computers spread around the store.
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    Quick Survey on Virtualisation for University Project

    just filled out, glad to help
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    Gaming server

    Play around with srcds on EC2 or RS:Cloud. I wouldn't go buy hardware unless you plan to colo it. When you start the server it will advertise itself to the master servers to get listed on steam's server browser-- You set the slots on the command-line when you start the server... Biggest...
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    Virt.Machines on Amazon's EC2 + EBS?

    Rackspace Cloud Servers-- Better pricing (in most cases) then EC2, better performance (test results @ Only downfall is no persistent storage, it's coming eventually, but not yet. I get around that by simply resizing my servers to their...
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    300 person LAN network questions.

    This is the doc that calvinj was talking about...
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    VCP 410 is no joke.

    I got my CVE (VMtraining's Certified Virtual Expert) a few weeks ago--test was a breeze for me, I want to take the VCP test without fufilling the class requirement. I would still put it on my resume as Passed VCP Exam and if they ask why are you not certified I'll explain the whole class...
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    My new HDTV makes movies look cheesy

    240hz and 120hz settings reduce those and you should be happier. assuming it's cabled properly...your not using like svid or composite cables are you?
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    2-post rack and balance issues?

    this and throw a decent ups or two at the bottom and it's not going to tip.
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    Diverting web traffic between 2 web servers

    +1--Reverse proxy is what you need.
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    List your networking tool set

    Big Tool Bag, with fluke bags looped through the shoulder strap. Fluke FOS & FOM Fluke 12b Meter (for FOM) Fluke Cable Meter Paladin Premise Service Kit (crimp frame, cutter, tone set, cable tester, etc.) Paladin SealTite Pro Compression Crimper Labor Saving Devices Wet Noodle--Saved my ass...
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    where to buy wiring supplies online?

    Just an fyi incase any of you want to do the same.... I've had a problem with mixing monoprice keystone jacks with leviton plates. Monoprice jacks are slightly smaller, they fit leviton plates and work just fine. It just bothers me they move around a tiny bit....
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    where to buy wiring supplies online?

    If your cabling in the attic catches on fire you have alot more to be worried about...the vent stacks in your house for drains are also made out of PVC pipe. Plenum cables are used for businesses when drop ceilings are plenum, or in an environment being cooled by raised floor. You don't want...
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    where to buy wiring supplies online?

    I disagree with this--in a house your attic and wall space usually are not considered a plenum air space and does not require the extra expense for plenum rated cable. Furthermore plenum cable is harder to work with typically--it kinks easier and takes a bit more effort to strip vs PVC. Use...
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    Any APC UPS guru's here? Question on load.

    VA and Watts do have a relationship--but it is not always 1:1. I wouldn't connect anything more to that UPS because it is overloaded--even though it's not at 100%. If you shut down the connected load and bring it back up you will peak well above what the UPS is rated for. We don't load any...
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    Building a school network from the ground up

    Here is what I can tell ya... Ed. Tech Stuff-- Smartboards are a thing of the past now a'days--they pin the teacher to the front of the room, there are alot better alternatives you should look at, popular ones are Qomo Pads, eInstruction's InterWrite pads. If you are going to go with a...
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    Business/Corporate/Enterprise anti-virus/anti-malware

    85k clients on our deployment, we've never seen BSOD for flagging some core windows file. McAfee may be a hog but they greatly out performed all the other big players during our POC. mcsheild idles at 260k for me...
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    Auto provision AD accoutns for wireless auth?

    Have you looked at a captive portal for your guest only wireless? I don't know of a prepackaged solution but i'm sure a bit of .net can make it happen.
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    Rails for Norco 4020

    +1 netapp rails are very good quality, they have self aligning pins so getting them inplace is a breeze
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    Rails for Norco 4020

    I used the recommended Norco rails on my IBM rack with no issues--rails are crappy quality so expect to spend a bit of time getting your server aligned on the rails. They fit alot more snug then ibm/hp/dell offerings but when I look at the price vs a $200 versarail or rapidrail kit it's hard...
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    Business/Corporate/Enterprise anti-virus/anti-malware

    Enterprise McAfee offerings are great--ePO really does a great job.
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    Electronic Access, Close Proximity Door Locks

    If you have the big bucks $$$ for composite cable then go for it. I haven't seen an install that used composite cable, mind you I've only seen installs at schools in school districts in the south Florida area, and a handful of corp. buildings. I spent under 100 bucks. Reader and Panel are...
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    Electronic Access, Close Proximity Door Locks

    It's not to hard to do yourself--what kind of doors are they wanting to control? Do they have panic bar hardware, mortise lock, deadbolt, etc. Then buy the appropriate electric strike plate. If you want the magnetic locks they are a bit more work--They require a REX (Request to Exit) button...
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    Standard for cable wiring??

    Yes, he definitely is talking about Bicsi--there is alot more to cable installation then pulling the cable. Firestopping Dressing, Slack, etc. Cable Support Systems Grounding Systems Just to name a few...Bicsi training is a great step to build a career into cable installation. If your...
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    Underground Wiring

    Lol, He looked at you like that because he didn't know how to terminate it, or didn't want to think about the higher cost. Off topic rant about this kinda stuff -- I had a job where there were two buildings across a parking lot that needed to be connected. There was a 2" conduit run already...
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    Underground Wiring

    If the run is short--you can just use Poly Line, it's similar to what you use to tie the Christmas tree down to the roof of your car, home depot, lowes, etc. sell it in small 500ft cans in the electrical dept.
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    Underground Wiring

    You can get direct burial cat5e, this would be easier since you are digging anyway, why bother with all the time putting PVC together? I would make 4 runs and then you have two spare anyway. The only advantage of running it in PVC is you can add runs later, and it protects the cable a bit...
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    Network imaging

    These are commercial solutions....both used by the largest school districts... Altiris Deployment Solution LANDesk Management Suite Do you really need imaging? Can RIS do it well 'nuff?
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    Waste of time, I use 3com stacks day in and day out, they are a snitch to find any problems. I rarely do anything very complex so a diagram is usually not needed.
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    lol, no problem, that diagram sucks I know--I would have used network supervisor because it makes things tidy (and adds the devices automatically) but then i'd have to use some other program to put extra text in where I wanted...I wish I knew were my memory cards were so I can post pictures of...
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    My network, the power bill is killing me, I almost bought a bladecenter with 5 blades to help but I lost my job and my severence pay is only going to hold me through for another month, and I don't start at my new job for a month--they hold 1st paycheck and it's biweekly I go a month...