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    Angry 'Call of Duty' Dad Attacks Teen Who 'Shot' Him

    I knew this was in the UK before I even read the article. Gamers over there are much to serious...
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    Netflix CEO Jokes That Investors May Be Trying To Poison Him

    his public image is in the ditch and he is making jokes? Dude shut your self in your office for like a year, than peak out to see if you can come out and play.
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    GTX570 should I bother with aftermarket cooling?

    my 570 is whisper quiet 90% of the time; the only sound i usually hear is my cooler master hyper 212 plus. The hottest it seems to get under load is 60-65c. They really have come along way with factory cooling. I am impressed. I say if the temps and noise are acceptable to you than keep it stock.
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    Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Gaming Case

    i was tempted to get it when i upgraded my box a month ago, but i disdain doors; so i went with the HAF instead.
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    Age of Empires Online released!

    wow great programming...
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    Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI Express Sound Card $50 shipped - Creative Outlet Store

    no doubt.. for 50$ and your using on board.. you got to hop on this.
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    Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI Express Sound Card $50 shipped - Creative Outlet Store

    Right on, those speakers rock. Build quality second to none... and more importantly they sound great and make replacement parts.
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    Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI Express Sound Card $50 shipped - Creative Outlet Store

    I was tempted, thinking it was time to decommission my old PCI Xtreme gamer Fatality PRO... But after Looking @ I realized the specs were just the same, the only true difference was the interface. PCI doesnt bother me..
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    A good buy?

    same here in normal operations, however if you render/encode/batch/etc... YOU WILL Even MOre.. :) I couldn't believe the performance improvement from 920 to 2600k, I was thinking to myself before I upgraded... how can it be faster? Boy I was in for a surprise... Pleasant one...
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    G15 takes a beer bath...

    srry for the double post, internet lag plz del.
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    G15 takes a beer bath...

    ouch, I still have my G15 (2nd generation with the orange keys) and i would hate for that to happen. But hell, at lest it died happy...
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    P67A-GD65(B3), Should I update the bios?

    true, if everything is fine or is fine as far as you can tell no need to update. However, for me Ive been having issues with a sata controller (some times the bios sees the two of my (1 hard drive and 1 optical) devices sometimes it doesnt). The update did not fix the issue yet. I have yet to...
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    MSI P67A-GD55... Front USB?

    same boat you are in with my MSI, I bought and it worked perfectly.
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    P67A-GD65(B3), Should I update the bios?

    updating on this board is easy as pie, just put the new bios on to a flash drive/thumb and update the bios through the bios.
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    SAPPHIRE HD6970 BFBC2: Vietnam Special Edition Review @ [H]

    Good review, but .. what were they thinking with the naming scheme... "Yea I got a new video card... its a HD6970 BFBC2: Vietnam Special Edition ...." What a mouth fulll
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    Chart: The Death Of The Music Industry

    Agreed! Thats why most my music is 70s and 80s. When #1 You can sing? Good (no auto tuning) #2 Looks weren't as important #3 Many bands/people were original. Now everyone has to be a barbie doll (Justin beaver) {yes i spelled his last name wrong.. so} and sound the same , Cant sing? Dont...
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    Wow I just realized. That kid still has a controller in his hand. Dude don't go near alcohol and/or drugs when you get older. Not a good sign.
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    Boy, he has that puppy dog face down to a tee.
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    XFX 5870 XXX in stock - Newegg

    Never said its my work computer, its my personal computer. I prefer to work on it , on a anti-static pad , instead of nice full carpet where the computer usually is.
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    XFX 5870 XXX in stock - Newegg

    work bench.. lol not my room. Work bench is in the basement. Where all the radio equipment is for customers...
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    XFX 5870 XXX in stock - Newegg

    yep, (hint= the square in the center is the cursor)
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    XFX 5870 XXX in stock - Newegg

    yep must have, cause my HIS shipped that was instock earlier today. Just in time to, my BFG 280 just bit the dust right after i ordered it.. Strange.
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    Sapphire 5870 - Newegg in stock

    i ordered one when i first saw it, credit charged. Other then that not sure if i got one in time. EDIT Yep shipped woot
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    Sapphire 5870 - Newegg in stock

    lets get back on topic people! Card is out of stock btw
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    Sapphire 5870 - Newegg in stock

    im not that nutz, im waitn for the xfx
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    How much does it worth? 360 question

    Thinking of selling my 360 i never use. How much you think its worth? Manufactured 10-27-08 XBOX 360 PRO FALCON w/ 20gb HD Includes * Xbox 360 SYSTEM PRO w/ Component and SD connections * 1x Xbox 360 controller * 20 gig Harddrive * MS Xbox 360 Headphones w/mic...
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    What Consoles/Portables Do you Own?

    i just bought a DSI today, see how it goes
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    What Consoles/Portables Do you Own?

    my first console was 2600 and a balley TV arcade, all the way up to 1997 where i bought my first console at the age of 12ish 1st gen sega genesis for $34, then my second console me and my bro split our xmas money and bought a n64 (100$)w/ golden eye. Now im 24, and can afford newer toys.
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    What Consoles/Portables Do you Own?

    I would, but i didnt purchase it brand new, bought it from someone off this forum.
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    What Consoles/Portables Do you Own?

    I dont even play my xbox 360 (65nm falcon), due to the noisy external PSU (high pitch whine). That and i dont have many games for it just 2, i game on my ps3 mostly. Thinking of sellin it.
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    What Consoles/Portables Do you Own?

    Ill start nintendo NES SNES N64 Gamecube nintendo-DSI Sega Genesis 1st edition Genesis 2nd Edition Microsoft XBOX w/ EX 3 mod chip Xbox 360 Sony PS2 SLIM PS3 PSP ATARI Woody 2600 Darth VADER 2600 EDIT- To be clear, i currently own the above.
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    Starcraft 2 - no LAN, no consoles

    NO LAN = no buy LAN play was what helped make starcraft I a legend
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    Bananas - Sersiously

    Part of me wonders if this staged, who hits themselves with a shoe or sticks a remote in their ass, if it isnt staged (fake) then wow just wow. I used to have a WOW account, but when money is tight shit like that is the first to go. Gas, food etc turns out to be slightly more important...
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    iPod Saves Girl From Lightning Strike?

    Man, and the British call us inbred hicks...
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    iPod Saves Girl From Lightning Strike?

    LOL not to mention they went under a tree... Gods natural lightening RODs If its a field, lay flat on the ground until it passes, dont go around anything that is tall and/or can attract lightening.
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    iPod Saves Girl From Lightning Strike?

    FTW -being under a tree in a lightening storm.
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    Steam Deal - Assasin's Creed, $9.99

    Agreed, i bought it. Well worth 10$
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    Soon, You'll Have to Pay for Hulu

    why pay? when it already has commercials? The whole point of hulu initially was to give users another option, a free legal option over torrents and other P2P. Greed ruins everything.
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    How NOT To Sell An Item On Craigslist

    Man reading this makes me embarrassed to live within 15min of dayton... wow.
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    Another “Laptop Hunter” Ad From Microsoft

    "this computer needs to be fast cause we need to look up stuff and get out the door" Can these commericals get ANY worst 16.4in screen "this makes it good for games" OMG...