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    OC 4x 6172 on [H] Appliance

    I run across a deal on some 6172s, I just could pass up (I'm sure you understand). I wanted to make sure I'm get the most I can out of them. I wasn't seemingly able to get anything over 232 (2.436 Ghz) to fold for over 24 hours. So I rebuilt the system with the [H] Appliance image and started...
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    Pastebin on Ubuntu

    Anyone have a "See Spot Run" guide for install pastebin for our Ubuntu 12.04 load? I tried to install pastebincl for unix from the web site, but the "make" and "make install" had errors.
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    SM H8DGU-F (2P) compatibility with IL 6272 ES ZS212045TGG44

    I have a Supermicro H8DGU-F 2P motherboard that has run sets of 6172 and 6176SE in the past with no problems. So I decide to make things more interesting by getting a pair for 6272 ES (ZS212045TGG44) Stepping B0. I get it all put together and it won't post.. I figured it probably requires a...
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    Missing Credit with Langouste?

    I would appear, I didn't receive any credit for a P8101 WU on 11/7. I've been running for months with no changes and the rig has been up and running non stop for the past 50+ days. Credit was received for WUs before and after. I opened a thread on FAH support forum and provide the FAHlog.txt...
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    SM H8DGU-F 2P @ 125K PPD Improvements?

    I've been running this 2P box for about 3 weeks solely on P8101s. Am I get everything I can out of this rig? Any suggestions? Performance: 8101 - TPF 26:36 - 26:50 ~125K PPD w/ 233K WUs drops Hardware: 2x AMD Opteron 6176SE 2.3Ghz CPUs Supermicro H8DGU-F AMD Dual G34 Socket...
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    AMD 4P Burning and Prep for OC?

    I've been breaking in my SM H8QGi+-F, with 4x 6166HE and the CM Hyper 212+ for the past 2 weeks. I followed the guides for the Ubuntu 10.10, FAH, TheKraken, Langouste, TPC installations and even manage to load Apache and monitor with my windows box. The question is, should I do...
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    Recommendation for a SM 4P Case or Not?

    That SuperMicro H8QGi+-f motherboard looks huge.. with a full load of CM 212 CPU fans can you fit it into a CM HAF 932 or other cases? Should you even try? I believe I even hear folks using like plywood to support the MB? If so should you use the little motherboard case post to create some air gap?