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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    And yes, everybody uses a Skorn. I got that one cheap, like 3 mil some person put it up on AH. Wasnt that expensive at all.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Ok its off to the AH on a amulet and ring hunt....
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread I hope this works
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Not right now, but later.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    How the hell are you guys getting 200k+ dps, I have two tricked out barbs and I cant pull more that 143k dps with radient rubies in everything and magnificent rubies and emeralds in Helm and Weapon....I got just about maxed out immortal kings sets... I just dont get it.....
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    How much power does an idle physx card suck down?

    It doesnt suck enough power for you to notice. Are you paying the bills? Go turn off some lights in the house, you would do better that way than worring about one card in your computer.
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    Mancave of the Day

    I would be more impressed if the guns worked.
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    Lego Accused of Cultural Insensitivity with Star Wars Set

    The Turkish community does realize that the Hagia Sophia is actually a Christian Church that they stole and converted into a Mosque, don't they?
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    Privacy Visor Blocks Facial Recognition Tech

    Worked on Hawaii 5-0
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    What can cause this type of display corruption?

    Bad connection, bad cable, heat.
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    Best IE Hater Ad Ever

    Since Half life 2 came out and I put Steam on my computer, I have never needed any support. Thats what, 9 years? Steam works perfectly. If anythng the people always dissing on Steam want Steam to do things Steam was never made to do. All the games work on Steam, even if they were made for...
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    Best IE Hater Ad Ever

    Valve should do the same commercial for Steam...
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    latest AMD drivers cause anomalies if OC'd in the slightest

    "latest AMD drivers cause anomalies if OC'd in the slightest " Your title betrays you .....
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    latest AMD drivers cause anomalies if OC'd in the slightest

    Then dont overclock. Your card was sold to run at rated speeds, anything over you should be happy you get. If you dont get it, you are still getting what you paid for.
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    [CiP] MCE MbK

    You should do that with an HP Touchpad. Why an HP Touchpad? Because the charging dock doesnt plug in a cable, its inductive charging. Some people report it is transfering information over the charger as well, but I dont know about that. But the charging part is cool.
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    Survey: 53% of Windows 8 Users Prefer Windows 7

    You have no idea about bad OS releases, I am guessing your only what, 14 or 15 at best....
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    Survey: 53% of Windows 8 Users Prefer Windows 7

    Seems like they ought to actually release Windows 8 before they start asking such questions...
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    The Safest 4-Digit PIN Used To Be 8068

    How did they get access to those 3.4 million pin numbers to even check this?
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    New video card/bottlenecking question

    Why worry about it, for $200 you can get a 7850 and be fine, and if you upgrade the motherboard and processor you can still use the 7850.
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    Photos Of Apple's Massive Solar Farm

    So they take the picture of the solar farm on a cloudy day?
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    How can I stealthily reseat the cooler on my MSI R7850? to reapply paste

    No, you cant. You cant cheat a company that you bought a product from. What are they teaching you in school these days?
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    My personal AMD v. Nvidia thoughts

    So you had an older set of cards, you maybe had a little problem hooking up the video cable to the third monitor on that set up, then you go spend the money on a current generation nvidia card, then make a bunch of characterizations about ATI because of it, then you get butthurt because people...
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    Building A Nuclear-Fusion Reactor With eBay Parts

    Que the clip from a bad Keanu Reeves movie now....
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    Switching from ATI to nVidia, should I reformat?

    How long ago was that?
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    Display issue

    You have a bad connection somewhere, it is not a driver issue. start from scratch and you will find the cable or connector thats loose. It could even be a solder on the videocard itself. bent or missing pin could be the problem. You didnt put it close to a loud speaker, did you? Magnets used...
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    Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I would guess you have to switch to the backup bios and update it the same way.
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    Who Actually Invented Email?

    Al Gore did. Went along with his invention of the Internet.
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    bad bios can cause artifacting?

    Last post assumes facts very much not in evidence. good try at the troll, but I doubt your story because you just happened to have a perfect instance of this happening and found this within two days of your arrival on the site....And that you had enough money to spend $1000 on video cards on a...
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    Get Medieval With This Hoodie

    Make it out of Kevlar.
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    bad bios can cause artifacting?

    You have answered your own question.
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    From a 4890 to a 5850, do I need to reinstall drivers?

    Yes, your current driver might not support the 5850 depending on how old they are. But its no big deal to switch drivers, uninstall old from control panel and install new. Simple as that.
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    What tool do you use to uninstall ati drivers?

    Definitive way to clear out old drivers. Uninstall old drivers. Remove HDD from computer. Drive to city dump. Reach back as far as you can with old HDD. Throw old HDD in a arcing motion over your head into dump as far as you can. Go back home. Install new HDD. Install windows. Install...
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    AMD to Stop Monthly Catalyst Driver Updates

    Way to go, dumbasses. You wanted it, you got it. Now you will get them eventually and will start bitching about it in 5, 4, 3, 2, .........
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    What tool do you use to uninstall ati drivers?

    Not with ATI drivers, havent had to do that for years. Actually, you can just install over the old ones, they are made to install like that. But you do what you want, you heard it from some internet person years ago and it hasnt changed since then, right?
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    Famed USS Enterprise Takes Its Final Voyage

    The Galaxy X or Dreadnought doesnt exist, because that was a seperate timeline that didnt really exist. Especially since the Galaxy class USS Enterprise was destroyed so there was no refit of her at all. And the -F model is in a computer game, is that even considered canon?
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    Famed USS Enterprise Takes Its Final Voyage

    Ships are always refered to as "She" or "Her".
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    Anonymous Hacked During Their Own DDoS Attacks

    Sounds like someone is making sure they have something to bargin with if they get arrested, like all the other names of Anonymous members....
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    Stupid Bulletproof Vest Video of the Day

    When these vests where first introduced, the owner of Second Chance (I think) would go around and do exactly that with a pistol to show that they worked. Its how he built his business.
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    Funky Deal: 16GB Samsung SSD for $18.99

    Not trying to boot from it at all. Just trying to add it as a second drive.