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    Disconnecting File-Sharers is Futile

    I have a TV, but it's used with a HTPC with no aerial or satellite connectiion yet I still have to pay the BBC licence fee. Therefore I will download as much BBC material from the internet including HD content as I want, if they even try to touch my connection, i'll sue the fuckers :D
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    Valve Not Even Bothering With The PS3 Any More

    Valve's graphics engines are rather cpu bound as far as I know, are you overclocking that lil'6300?
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    Actor Admits He’s a BitTorrent Pirate

    Mr Fry (soon to be Sir Stephen Fry in my opinion) is an english institution, one of the most intelligent and interesting people to watch on TV.
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    F-Secure Says Conficker Worm is Widespread

    I'd google and have a quick look, only needs a MS patch and AV scan/dat update. Not too hard to remove if infected, requires a reboot. Pain in the arse if it gets in, network capable, kills shares as well as other funky stuff. Serious enough for us to patch 2k+ boxes a few weeks ago.
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    RC Helicopter With .45 Caliber Gun

    Coming from the UK, I find this a little disturbing. Although, I can imagine how some people think it's cool.
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    Crysis Warhead perf

    Warhead ran terribly at first for me, vista x64 quad@3.2, 4870 and 4gb ram. Lag when turning around, fps dropping to unsatisfactory levels etc. With a little tweakage, full defrag (drive was 44% fragmented O_o), killed some useless taskbar progs that had escaped my...
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    UFO Hacker Loses Extradition Fight

    I think the fact that these government departments don't enforce a more secure password policy is quite worrying, although most people who have worked in IT for a large corporation would of seen very similar things. It's the law of numbers I suppose... with enough people you'll almost...
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    Large Hadron Collider Rap Video

    That was pretty cool, shame on the haters...
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    Touch Typing Nightmare

    It's nothing to do with UK/US keyboard differences... the key layout is screwed :rolleyes: I'd be pissed an wanting a new keyboard, if i'd bought that model.
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    GPU Benchmarking - Crysis 1280x1024 (All High)

    E6600@3.0ghz, 4gig mem, 8800gts640 169.04 I see similar fps drops with the renamed exe in XP also... ============================================================== Vista 64bit crysis.exe (reflection problems) Play Time: 55.36s, Average FPS: 36.13 Min FPS: 25.83 at frame 1962...
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    Doesn't Crysis make you wonder...

    We need games like Crysis that push the technical envelope onwards, just in the same way we did when Q3 was released... It's a simple as that.
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire @ [H]

    After a good long few years with ATI, 9500 (modded) X800 and most recently the X1900, I made the move to the 8800gts 640meg. It's rather disappointing to see even with crossfire, ATI have dropped the ball. Hope they can pick it up with the next generation of cards....
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    q6800 having trouble with unreal engine games

    This problem is related to all dual/quad cores (HT on older Intel cpu's) and varies from system to system depending on hardware - AMD dual cores suffer in exactly the same way. The fix above is adapted from the original fix for SS2 (modified it to fix Tribes2 back in the day) run it once, and...
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    q6800 having trouble with unreal engine games

    Download imagecfg (it's from the win2k resource kit) Copy to Windows\system32\ as well as Windows\system32\dllcache\ Make a backup copy of your UT.exe (not sure what its called as I don't have the game) Open notepad and enter the txt below (note* rename game.exe to the same name as...
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    Jack Thompson Threatens Microsoft

    I've been playing video games since 1982, yet so far I (and many millions of others) haven't took it upon themselves to randomly murder people. I'm also pretty much convinced that the people who flip out an kill others for no reason, would of done it regardless. I mean... the link is tenuous...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    Well this is really disappointing, I would of probably got one of these cards had they been a little more competetive. However it just look like we'll get shafted by Nvidia now pricewise, with no real competition at the top end it's rather unlikely we'll see any drops on the GTX range. Nvidia...
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    Connect 3D Out Of Business?

    I was under the impression that there are few factories capable of making graphics cards, thus they're made and the various companies aquire them and then add their own stickers/bios/packaging. Therefore avoiding a company because some of "their hardware" failed is rather pointless, as they...
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    I want a 8800 GTS 640mb but don't want to pay UK prices

    Yeah, very true... I'd do a few extra hours get some extra cash together an just buy one, but thats me ;)
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    Quietest 120mm fan?

    Papst make very nice fans, usually with balance weights in the centre hub (exactly like the way wheels are balanced on your car) tad pricey but quality is never cheap, worth a mooch on Ebay tho. Should be able to grab some for a few $$
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    R600 Launch Schedule?

    Have ATI even given any official dates yet? All we have so far is "Fud" and a load of speculation...... My last ATI card (X1900XT) arrived a day before it was officially released, maybe after its announced by ATI and then no cards appear for months can we all cry "paper launch"
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    x1950pro AGP CPU Bottleneck

    There have been a few posts already, but to add my 2pence... ;) I agree completely that your current CPU is far too slow to push the x1950 to anywhere near what its capable of doing, although as mentioned above you'll be able to run higher res/more detail as the same fps you have today. It...
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    A8R-MVP no post after flash

    Congrats! Apart from the USB issue, do you think its as solid as the nf3/4 chipsets?
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    A8R-MVP no post after flash

    I'm sure all Asus mobo's have the ability to flash from the motherboard cd, just pop in your cd, boot the machine and cross your fingers. edit From the A8R-MVP specs page
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    In SERIOUS need of help, possible processor failure.

    Try running it with only one stick of memory, see how you get on. Alternatively, try memtest. (the bootable iso is the easiest way imo) My money is on the memory, thankfully Corsair have a great RMA department ;)
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    9800Pro - Cant access control panel?

    You need to have .NET installed for the Catalyst Control Centre to work, unfortunately this also uses more system resources, but if you have a look around you can find out which services that can be safely disabled. I'd be tempted to uninstall your current drivers, then use drivercleaner to...
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    Whats happened to HardOCP recently?

    Thanks Chris for your post and don't think [H] has let me down personally, my only beef if you can call it that was reviews do seem a little light on the ATI side. It's understandable that Kyle doesn't want to review hardware thats not widely available, and he is totally justified in doing that...
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    Whats happened to HardOCP recently?

    Maybe my post came across in the wrong context but when you're used to [H] being on the ball for so long, its a shame to see it slip. Thanks to johnnq (spelling, oops) for at least agreeing somewhat to what I was trying to say instead of another kiss ass "they have jobs and families" reply...
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    Whats happened to HardOCP recently?

    HardOCP has been my home page for many years now, as it has always offered typically unbiased reviews compared to other sites which shall remain nameless. However, of late we seem to have just links to other sites reviews. Where are the reviews we know and love from the guys in charge...
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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?

    Theres nothing much in it between the 2 cards, both do a good job but in different games.
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    Weird performance issues with X2 4400

    I used to have similar problems with Tribes 2 and Audigys making weird noises during games and this ended up being a hyperthreading problem. The solution was taken from a fix for System Shock 2, details below... Download imagecfg. I've hosted it here Unzip it to your...
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    ATI's next video card...

    We'll all know in a few weeks time..... ;)
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    Laptop Experiences

    I've used a couple of IBM models from the T20 then late last year the T41, pretty solid laptops to be honest. However, compared to my personal NC8000 the T41 just felt slow, battery life was worse even tho it only had a 9200 ATI gfx and the NC8000 a 9600 Pro (on high power mode I might add) both...
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    i can hear HDD noises, and mouse wheel scrolling through speakers

    I've seen something similar to this before due to a sharing of resources, dunno if it'll help but easiest way to check is Device Manager \ View \ Resources by connection \ expand from the IRQ tab. Nowadays, most PCI devices ver 2.1 (I think) or above should happily share resources without...
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    Most significant video cards throughout history

    Point taken jebo_4jc, I agree there are a few good games still being released (I'd probably include Riddic to your suggestions) maybe I'm just too old to enjoy games in the same way I did 6/7 years ago :)
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    Most significant video cards throughout history

    Without doubt the most impressive graphics card experience for me came from the purchase of a Voodoo1 then the subsequent "oooh's and ahhh's" while I watched Final Reality for the first time. The almost euphoric feeling of playing games that looked as good as arcade machine was very strange...
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    FiringSquad CS: S Benches

    Score means nothing image quality is where it's at, welcome to 2004! We (ATI owners) don't care about you getting a few shimmering fps more... :rolleyes:
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    HardOCP's LGA775 CPU and 925/915 Review

    First things first, another good review which opened my eyes to different upgrade path.... again :) I'm now even more tempted to go AMD (need a kick ass machine for the big D :)) but i'm concerned from what was said in the conclusion comments of the 939 review. I suppose what i'm trying to...
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    Who will you lean toward now?

    The next revision of Direct X is allegedly coming with the new Windows OS (currently called Longhorn) with an expected release of very late 2005 possibly 2006, i'd expect another 2 DX9 parts out before then...
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    Anyone got a sapphire 9800 pro with R360?

    Got a 360 core on my Sapphire 9800 Pro, did 420mhz aircooled with default ATI HSF, 480mhz Watercooled without voltage mod.