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    Video Games Are Afraid Of The Female Body

    Really? I can't believe the article made it on the front page of this website. Clickbait and more gamer hating.
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    Stardock CEO Weighs In On #GamerGate

    Yeah I think when the articles came out saying "Gamers are dead" is when the uproar started, and people were mad and probably surprised that a well coordinated attack on their hobby came from fairly popular review sites. Besides a small group of people, no one knew about the purple haired girl...
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    #GamerGate Forums Brought Down In DDoS Attack

    No, just an angry knee-jerk response to something he/she wanted to read, instead of what was written.
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    #GamerGate Forums Brought Down In DDoS Attack

    When the "Gamers are dead" articles came out on like 10 different website on the same day, that's when I noticed. It was a coordinated attack by them, on gamers. You shouldn't be insulting your user base. Common sense.
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    I think they're trying to foster clan activity. Like you guys, and probably me, would have just gone through the game solo and joined PUGs for raids. Since I can't do that and I don't have enough friends that have a PS4 to raid, I joined a clan. Now I'm on the clan forum, etc, and it does...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    So many games, so much lag.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    My 12 year old is putting together his first rig on his own, would love to have a faster drive than his pops.
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    5/3 1pm - 3pm Pacific Shell Shocker Galaxy GTX 460 768MB $139 - $50 MIR = $89.99

    I got a similiar deal on the same card a while ago. Rebates came through with no problem. If I recall I had 3 rebates, a $30, a $20.. and a $10? All fulfilled.
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    help me chose MSI P67A-GD65 or GA-P67A-UD4

    Not sure about feature comparisons but I can vouch for the GD65, zero issues with my build.
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    3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

    Fans with filters.
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    Pretty cool, could fit my ram and have room for a 120mm fan on the side of the case.
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    MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboard

    Using this board now with my new build. Was worried from reading about all the problems people have been having with the P67 chipsets. Knock on wood, zero issues with anything, board works perfectly. Using the B3 version.
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    Motorola DROID and DROID II 1300mah Standard Battery $3.50 w/ FS

    I think you can get the backplate for free from Verizon on their website.
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    Logitech C910 1080p Cam Pro - $58 shipped Free AR

    Mom's been asking for a cam for Skype. Thanks!
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    Output from multiple sources?

    Hey guys, I have my ATI 4850 outputting audio over HDMI to my TV. Is there a way to get audio to also come out of my onboard Realtek computer speakers? I want to play games while watching a movie and hear the audio from both. In the sound tab I can switch from one source to the other and...
  16. H Bag of Crap

    I saw a thread on Slickdeals (I think) and signed up the same day and got my Bag of Crap. Then I went online and read about people trying to get it for years and not succeeding. I opened a browser and like 6 tabs, one got me the order page.
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    Yahoo Ends All Talks With Microsoft, Shares Plunge

    They're getting left in the dust by Google. They might be doing ok now but their outlook is pretty grim, at least in my eyes.
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    Yahoo Ends All Talks With Microsoft, Shares Plunge

    Agreed. One thing about ad revenue is... ad blockers. I haven't seen an ad in ages, and I'm sure that applies to a lot of other literate comp users. I'm sure just as popups got invasive and people looked for a way to stop them, same thing will happen with their regular ads. It's just a...
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    Yahoo Ends All Talks With Microsoft, Shares Plunge

    They're not even worth what they're at right now... Besides people still stuck on their email addresses and instant messenger, they don't have much.
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    New Kissing Robot From Japan

    What are women going to do once these are made realistic?? If guys lose their dependence on women for sex the world will change dramatically (probably in a good way). More time to be productive instead of spending time chasing chicks.
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    Yahoo Ends All Talks With Microsoft, Shares Plunge

    You'd think Google and Yahoo alliance would invoke some sort of anti-trust rule? Yahoo should have just sold to Microsoft and been done with it. They offered more than Yahoo was worth the first time.
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    Problems with X1950 pro

    Looks like its overheating.
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    Microsoft Walks Away from Yahoo Bid

    Yahoo got owned in this letter, imo. If I was a yahoo shareholder I'd be pissed. Mr. Jerry Yang CEO and Chief Yahoo Yahoo! Inc. 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Dear Jerry: After over three months, we have reached the conclusion of the process regarding a possible combination...
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    Dell 2007 fp/fpw Banding issue.

    a02 no banding, no dead pixels.
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    Funny how Dell Try To Bite Alienware

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    Madden 2007

    For every one person that actually pays for the Madden PPV thing there will be 1000+ that watch it online. Most gamers (even console gamers :p ) know how to use google video or youtube or torrents or.... you know what I'm trying to say. People will watch it, most without paying. Just the...
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    so I guess TQ is not in fashion anymore?

    I've started playing many games in the past couple years, but haven't finished any of them. This one I may finish though. Still in fashion for me.
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    [H]ot? A64 +3400 2.4GHz + mobo $99 shipped at the Egg

    I'm still on the fence with this deal. Wait and do a massive upgrade, or buy this now and limp along for another year or so...... decisions decisions.
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    Its official....AMD has bought ATI

    But it seems that Intel did figure this out, and thats why people are hyped on the Conroe. Besides my laptop I've never had an Intel system but this time 'round I think I might.
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    Madden 2007

    Haha. I talked my cousin into buying the PPV event. I'll try to rip it and post it as a torrent for you guys when it comes out.
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    Returning Xbox360 to best buy

    And next time buy at Costco! No hassle cash right on the spot refunds.
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    Bunch O'Consoles

    I quit buying handhelds because I lose them or get mine stolen. I'm too careless to have small things.
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    [H]ot - 150GB Raptor for $200 after MIR @ Newegg

    I so want to get one of these, but those Seagate 350 gig drives seem like a better deal. Are the Raptors that much faster to cost twice as much for half the space?
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    Bunch O'Consoles

    I only have one (360) that I use, but if you use them all, then whats the big deal. The PS3 is definitely out of the question for me though. So I think only one console for me this round (until the Wii hits $150 or less in a couple years).
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    2007fpw fs 2005fpw

    I just bought a 2007fwp and run it side by side with my 2005fpw. I think the 2005fpw has faster ms response time, but everday usage I see zero difference between the displays.
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    Will my 350watt PSU be able to handle some newish cards?

    I agree, you should be ok with that PS.
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    30% off any One Item Cupon for Borders

    Good for gifts, thanks!
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    Madden 2007

    You would think Microsoft would put some pressure on EA to make Madden awesome. If they make it good, then pro athletes will play it, and it'll be featured on those shows like Cribs and ALLLLL the wanna-be's will want an Xbox 360 and Madden. It would be the best marketing Microsoft could ask for.
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    UPS Deals

    Good deal, shipping is cheap, but why tax Cali. They're based out of Rhode Island. Bastards and their wherehouses in Cali.
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    ECS a good company?

    For an entry-level mobo they're not bad at all. Something you buy for your sister, bro-in-law, mom..... :D