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    Can 9800GT handle CS:S at 2560 1600?

    Budget is $70. I usually don't play games and if I do is only CS 1.6 or Source (couple hours a week) so I don't feel like spending a lot of money on it. Dell has 9800Gt right now for about $70 and 9600Gt for $50.
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    Can 9800GT handle CS:S at 2560 1600?

    Thanks, my cpu is a Q6600. What about the younger brother 9600GT OC? I just want the cheapest card that could handle the highest resolution and highest settings for CS:S.
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    Can 9800GT handle CS:S at 2560 1600?

    Do you guys think the 9800GT can handle CS:S without hiccup?
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    Help: Unallocated Partitition disappeared in DiskPart

    I was able to see my "Unallocated" partition in diskpart but now it disappeared. What can I do for Diskpart to recognize my Unallocated partition?
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    Dell sp2309 monitor to be released later this month...

    Uhhh... maybe because every time I click on a thread, you always claimed that you "about" to pick up a 30"? Uhh.. Yeah, maybe that's why.
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    Dell sp2309 monitor to be released later this month...

    You been saying that for years... And you still haven't bought the 30" yet. :rolleyes:
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    Can't install Vista Ultimate X64 from XP

    I'm having problem installing Vista from my XP machine. The computer detects the DVD but when it comes to the process "Please pPress Enter to Continue" it doesn't do anything when Enter is pressed. I've installed Vista on this machine before without a problem. System specs: E6600 7600Gt SATA...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Canon 30D
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    No, it's actually a Dell 2407 and HP LP2065 and thank for the kind words.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    my setup
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    my setup
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    Vista becoming extremeley slow...but then will be lightning quick, then slow again...

    Yeah, same here. I'm thinking about going back to XP this weekend.
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    how much

    I think a E6550 goes for 165 brand new so used about 120 and yours is 6420 so I would probably pay 100-110 max.
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    Newegg Deals

    That would be awesome. I'll definitely will purchase one if the price comes to around $50AR shipped. Is it going to be $130-$50AR or $100-$50AR? If it's $130-$50 then I'll wait for the frys deal.
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    Newegg Deals

    You guys had a rebate last week but it wasn't any where near fry's deal and it wasn't free shipping either (Frys had it for $50 AR). Are you guys going to have a better deal next Monday?
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    New "performannce" rig for a poor college student

    you can get 300GB seagate for $60 shipped from frys and people were reporting they were receiving 7200.10.
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    Newegg Deals

    Are you guys going to have a deal on antec p180 for $100 with $50AR + FS like Frys did?
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    Computer desks?

    Even though I have an Ikea Galant desk (got it for free, would love to sell to get a new desk Dallas, TX), I wouldn't pay retail price for it. What I would do is find a used and quality desk instead. The jerker is way overrated, I find a lot of people just tagged along saying that it's great.
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    Q6600 on Newegg

    Yeah, I guess you didn't say anything there...:rolleyes: Who say I wouldn't pay for good customer service? I said I wouldn't pay that much and only idiots would. Like above poster stated, $30 max. I don't think adults would take my thread personally and that really showed what an adult you...
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    Q6600 on Newegg

    LOL haha ok.... I guess the above poster didn't catch where you said after 3 months and like he said, you can't do it all the time and that probably once in a life time. If you think paying 100 more than other vendors (zipzoomfly, amazon, then be my guess because I don't think any other...
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    You won't believe it, Even i don't believe it.

    all this talk but no pictures?
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    Q6600 on Newegg

    I think only idiots would do that and I call BS on the refund part.
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    Is Firefox STILL more secure than IE7?

    Does avant have as you type spell check and right click dictionary?
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    dual 22's or 1 24 inch??

    I had a 24" and sold it and in the progress of hunting for 2 20"s
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    1GB (1 x 1GB) DDR2-667/PC2-5300 Desktop Memory $16 After $40 Rebate

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    How much could I get for a used 2405FPW?

    I saw some on craigslist at my place goes for $350 and some at anandtech goes under $400 shipped. The 2405FPW panel was better than the first or second batch of 2407 but not the lastest one which is REV.3.
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    how much performance will improve if...

    if you have ram runs at 888mhz and oc'd it to 1ghz, how much performance will you see? can you even tell? thanks or does overclocking your rams even increase your performance much?
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    Dell Refurbished UltraSharp 2007FP

    Jmack, check your PM.
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    HP LP2065 dark detail

    check your PM. Thanks
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    direct connect to modem doesn't work

    Unplugged the modem for five mins does help. Thanks
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    direct connect to modem doesn't work

    1. Yes 2. yes. 3. Yes
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    direct connect to modem doesn't work

    Yes, it says the network cable is unplugged. Thanks
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    direct connect to modem doesn't work

    NIC card is the laptop ethernet modem right? It's enable.
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    direct connect to modem doesn't work

    Hi, I just recently sold my desktop which I used to connect directly to the cable modem but I just sold my desktop and now using a laptop. When I tried to direct connect to the modem, it doesn't work but the wireless connection works fine after I reconnect it properly. What do I need to reconfig...
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    2.0 PC Speakers?

    Those used to be $150 but they jacked up to 50 more.
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    2.0 PC Speakers?

    What about the Klispch Ulra 2.0?
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    need a NON contrast/color-shifting 20" or 24"

    if you're interested, i'm selling a brand new HP LP2065 with 3 year warranty that IPS for about $300 shipped.
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    Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPU - Photoshop Test

    can someone reupload the image? the link is dead. thanks