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    Multi-GPU, how to chose default? (different cards)

    Hey, Quick question, maybe someone that has experienced this can help. I have an HTPC I use to drive my bigscreen for movies, etc. As such, I originally bought a low end GPU (GT 610). Simply because I didnt need the power to run anything. And, it has an HDMI output, which can bitstream...
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    Help with some vbs script

    Hey, could anyone give me a hand with a bit of vbs? I'm stuck with some of the logic, and haven't played with vbs is a long time. I'm trying to create a script that will do the following: 1- Check if text file exists, if so, quit. 2- If not, create text file. (So, script doesn't run next...
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    Mass Effect 3: Convert your 360/PS3 save to PC

    So, you played ME1 or ME2 on 360 and you wish you could play on PC to get the best experience... But, you wish you could import that character you worked so hard on?. Well, fret not. There is a very awesome utility that allows you to convert 360 saves to PC. There is no hack involved, simply...
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    Backup (Clone) OS drive to share

    Hey, Can you suggest an application (free/or cheap is better) that will allow me to perform a full clone of an OS drive to a network share, on a schedule & for multiple machines? Something that I could restore to a new drive from an image if the original experiences a catastrophic failure...
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    Best CPU under $100 for AM3 board for transcoding

    Hey guys, I have a Subsonic server, which is running on the following hardware: Athlon II X2 255 @ 3.1 (Stock) AM3 938 Biostar TA880GB+ 4 GB Ram Unfortunately, it appears that the poor dual core on this PC is not enough to transcode HD content on the fly for streaming. Both cores get pegged...
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    SKYRIM: Extremely slow Y axis (look up/down). Good FPS (50+)

    Hey, I'm having a game breaking issue which basically stopped me from playing until I can correct, please help! Background: I recently updated to the latest release thinking most issues had been resolved, and to get the large memory address fix. However, ever since updating it's...
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    EVGA GTX 460 1GB @ Egg for $99 After MIR

    Lot's of deals for these cards recently... This one looks better since it's the 1Gig version & EVGA to boot. UPDATE: This is the "SE" (Slow Edition as aptly named below). Which makes this warm at best. Newegg Link + Rebate + Get additional $10 off by making a new account and apply...
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    Help me re-build my file server (RAM, CPU & MOBO)

    I've been out of the market for a little while... My file server recently went to crap (I suspect bad mobo, will test different PSU tonight but all my voltages seemed ok). The error is: Kernel Power failure, EventID 41... Win7x64 Ult. which translates to constant reboots no matter what. (Pulled...
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    Help with routing table (different ranges in same LAN)

    Hey guys, Need some help with routing tables to allow connectivity between workstations in different IP ranges within the same LAN... Or maybe an alternative to the current model I'm using. I've attached a picture below to try and make it easier to understand. The main reason for this...
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    Change dropdown font color if value =

    Hey guys, need some help. I'm having a bit of an issue which I can't figure out. I have a few database driven drop down menus, which dynamically populate with True or False. I need to figure a way to dynamically change the font color depending on what the value of the field is...
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    Is Blu-Ray playback on PS3 gimped?

    Thinking of picking up one of these strictly as a BD player, I already have a 360 and no games on PS3 really interest me thus far. I love the idea of getting a PS3 bundled with BD playback, its a nice extra. (for future games like GT5, FinalFantasy). However, back in PS2 days DVD playback...
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    WSH - Clicking submit button (VBS)

    Hey guys, Need some help, I've been having a hard time targeting, then clicking a form button to submit a form with my script. The button is in a frame, and it also has onclick code attached to it like so: <input value="Refresh" name="go" onclick="document.skipCheck=true...
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    Need MACRO-like funcionality for browser

    Hey guys, I need some help. Is there any program out there that will let me do the following on a schedule? (someone mentioned WSH along with VBS or JS) The functions need to be something like: - Upon being clicked, wait predetermined ammount of time (ex, 30 min) - The script would need to...
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    PS3 to be advertised via 360.

    As one of UEFA's main Champions League backers, Sony's advertisement hoardings (as seen in this Xbox 360 capture) are bound to appear in any official videogame interpretation of the event -- regardless of the formats those games are developed for. There are at least two big ironies here, as...
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    Ken Kutaragi NO LONGER in charge of SCEI or PS3

    Boom shackalacka..
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    Nyko Intercooler could actually kill your 360?

    Well, if a product advertised to do something is actually doing the opposite and killing your console, it'd suck, wouldn't it? :eek: Article: It'd be nice to have a followup from that review the [H] did a...
  17. N junk coming from it.

    What kind of crap script is this coming from IP I did a whois, etc.. Then a search on google poped up all these things which are exactly like what has been manually injected in one of my forms on a OLD geocities site I had. below is a chunck of the data...
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    X06: Halo3 native 1080p, Killer Instinct, and more. Today we will know, but if HALF of that is TRUE, OMFG!!! (specially Killer Instinct)
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    If you want a PS3 for Blue-ray... (you'll pay PS3 price for the movies too)

    Not sure how much you guys have been following Blu-ray, but it's been put down by a lot of enthusiasts due to using only 25Gb media and MPEG2 compression (which results in a less than stellar PQ). Well, the new 50Gb media, and MPEG4 compression has just been announced, and the movies coming...
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    Microsoft Access error while updating records.

    Man, I hate Access somedays.. I never ran into this before, I'm trying to update a record stored in Access via a web form. I'm using an "Autonumber" field in the database so that each new record gets a new ID. When pulling the record on the webside, I pull it by that ID to be edited...
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    GTR-2 Single Player Demo out on Friday!!!

    For those of us into RACING, you have a lot to get excited about. Simbin's new baby is about to be released in DEMO form really soon, you can find all about it here: I can't wait!!! The cars are the Ferrari 575 and...
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    Hardware failure imminent?

    No, I didnt actually get the SMART message in the title, but... Yesterday I was trying to access some shares on my file server and could not connect, I went directly to it to check and see what was up. The PC was up and running just fine, and it had been for the last two weeks or so...
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    GPU performance based on CPU bottleneck article

    Need some help do you guys remember tht article that was posted here which compared a ton of CPU's to check for bottlenecks with the latest GPUs? Cant find it, do you guys have a linky? The one that said that even a 3200+ was fast enough to not bottleneck a 7900GTX, etc. thanks
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    New AMD drivers...,,30_182_871_9706,00.html The "AMD Dual-Core Optimizer " sounds interesting uh? There's also a couple of other new ones... Anyone tried them yet, if so any gains?
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    How to FORCE an access point?

    Hey guys I have a dual routersetup in my house (3 floors) so I needed the 2nd wireless router so that I could have decent signal upstairs. Did, the config etc. it's running fine as an AP. the problem is. one of my PC's in the middle floor keeps choosing the AP downstairs and the...
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    Norton Ghost 9 (restoring image from network)

    Hey guys, I have a quick question. When I create my images, I save them to the network (file server) which is in the "LOCAL" workgroup. However when it's time to restore an image using the ghost boot cd, it only has a few options I cannot seem to change, like the workgroup to be...
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    How do you enable 3D windows like this in VISTA?

    how do you get these 3D widnows? I have aero enabled and a DX9 card... PM 2.0 (dothan) 1.2gig Ram etc.. thanks :D
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    How to limit high ping connections to a game server with no option to?

    Hey guys this is a tough one (I think) I run a dedicated server for a flight sim called "LockON" the, well.. There is no dedicated server actually, so I have to run the full app to make the dedicated server. The thing is, sometimes clients with high ping will join and completely...
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    2407 FPW @ 75hz can it, does it matter?

    I realize this thing is brand new, and a lot of people dont have them yet and those who do are still learning about this, but... Being that there was a lot of talk about setting the 2405's @ 1920x1200 and @ 75hz since it was rated at that anyway. (or was it the 2005FPW) At least for the...
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    HDR + AA in HL2 EP1 w/ nvidia hardware?

    Didn't HL2 Lost coast used some different way of rendering so that both HDR + AA where useable together in NVIDIA based cards? If so, does EP 1 do the same, or we simply cannot use both unless we have an ATI based card? maybe I just dreamt it or something :p
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    2407 Available May 31st worldwide.

    But, where is it? Here's the press release: it's still not showing up in the US website. Although it can be ordered along with an XPS system. PS, check this for a laugh: (a few...
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    Best FREE MP3 to OGG converter for WinXP?

    Hey guys, Looking to convert some of my MP3's to OGG format to use in my fligth sim. (LockON) Im not sure what are the best transcoders, can you please suggest me some free ones with no junk included? thanks :D
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    Sound goes in and out (X-Fi Plat)

    Hey guys, I need some help, this creative card(s) are being a pain. I've recently purchased a SB X-Fi Extreme music, however I was having issues with crackling and poping sounds, and some BSODS. So I decided to return the card and get a new one to see if it improved the situation...
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    Installer error (nostromo n52) config data corrupt.

    Hey guys, I'm having the following error. "the configuration data for this product is corrupt" The background, it started when my new NostromoN52 stopped working, so I figured I'd remove, then reinstall the drivers. When I launched the uninstaller, my PC BSOD' with a Bad_pool_header...
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    Logitech 5500's Line input used with MIC?

    Hey I have a nice set of the Z-5500's from logitech, they are connected to my X-Fi (extreme music) via the 3 analog stereo plugs. The head unit (control pod) for the 5500's has 2 jacks on the side, one of them is heaset, and the one below seems to be "line in". Is there any way I can...
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    Looking for a widescreen display for $1000

    Im looking for a new widescreen (preferably 1080p capable) display. I've been looking at the dells (2405's) but I hear the new 2407FPW's are coming out, although for what I hear it's an inferior display and has many issues. Does anyone know what are the options at this pricepoint, and if...
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    Sukhoi wallpaper (LockOn maxed on a 7900GTX)

    I did a little experiment with my 7900GTX for another forum. I simply wanted to test out the best image possible quality in this sim (which I love) I got a few cool pics in the process. Maybe some of you guys will like them, as wallpapers or whatever, here you go: Image quality...
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    Software to keep track of accounting for small company?

    Hey guys, Here's my second try. (no replys b4) I've been doing some research trying to find decent and cheap software to help fulfill the accounting needs of a small (startup) collections agency. I'm a web designer, so Im not quite sure what the best option for this small operation...
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    Need some input (small business)

    Hey guys, I have a friend that came to me with some questions about a small business he wants to launch. (with 4 other people) I'm a web designer, but I never really dealt with e-commerce type of stuff/secure online payments and all the background accounting. He told me he needed some...