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    HL2 = Massive Pausing/freezing

    Alright, I started playing hl2 this morning and it seems it freezes for a few seconds every few mins. It usually happens when the game is changing scenes or something. Like if I'm about to run out of a building it will freeze up right before I exit the building. I assume it is loading all the...
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    Tribes Vengence

    Well, I'm tempted to pick this game up, but wondering if anybody else has played it. I luved tribes 1 and tribes 2 although they were both very different games. However, I really like the 3d movement with the jetpack it really adds to the game. Plus it seems like there are a lot less 12year...
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    Looking for monitor with dual inputs

    Alright, my ps790 is slowly dieing. It keeps contracting the image horizontally till it uses about half the screen and then it pops back a few seconds later. Keeps happening more and more frequent. I currently have two systems setup using its bnc connectors and its 15pin input. So, I'm...