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    Recovering user files from a windows XP hard drive

    My mom's XP computer died (power supply gave up the ghost and killed the motherboard too). I got the old hard drive out and hooked it up to my computer (win7) to get the data off. It was only a 200ish gigabyte drive so I just copied the whole drive to a folder on my 1TB external and gave...
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    SF3 3rd Strike is coming back for $15

    Includes GGPO netcode, lobbies, DLC, lots of graphics filter options, etc. Looks to be a lot of game for the price. I wouldn't pay full price for 3S again, but hard to pass up for $15. Part 1 Part 2
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    I was looking for a HD CRT tv/monitor for playing old consoles / wii and I found a few on craigslist but they were all 27 or 30 inch models. Ideally I'd like something smaller than that (20ish) so that I can set it on the corner of my desk, but I don't know if they really come any smaller...
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    3M Novec submerged computer

    This showed up in my work email today. An OEM decided to submerge a computer in this "Novec" liquid that changes phase below the boiling point of water. They cooled an i3 with no heat-sink on the processor. The video is very fun. Bubbles...
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    Costco/Sams Club PS3 bundles

    In the past Costco has bundled a PS3 with a game and bluray remote for $30 more than the MSRP for the system. The costco near me doesn't have any such bundles and they apparently don't list them on their website, but stock always varies store to store. Does anybody know if they are still...
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    PS3 upscaling DVDs but not Blu Ray extras

    I have 60gig fat PS3. It up-scales DVDs to 1080p just fine It outputs blurays at 1080p24 just fine But ... When I view extras off a bluray disk that are in standard def (480p) it outputs in 480p. I can't seem to find a setting that changes this, I've googled but find nothing but...
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    Touchscreen mods (L90D)

    I'm thinking of putting a touchscreen in my L90 and putting it in the kitchen. I know people have done lots of mods like this to netbooks, but I've never seen one done on a monitor like this and searching the internet wasn't particularly useful. I found DIY 19" touch panels like THIS ONE on...
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    PS3 party games

    I'm looking to get a party game or two for PS3. First thoughts would be one of the rockband variants and maybe a quiz game. Something that came with it's own controllers would be ideal. Which band game (that came with controllers) would you guys recommend. I think I've seen some quiz...
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    uATX i7 build advice

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, video playback, web browsing, and jukebox duties in my living room. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Trying to stay under $500 for remaining parts, but flexible. 3) Where do you...
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    Lowest power HTPC capable of decoding flash video

    Hi again, remember me? Time to put a computer in the living room (1080p television). I'll be doing 4 things with it. * Browsing the web * Viewing horribly optimized flash-based streams from hulu/netflix * Playing recorded videos off the...
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    New home theater setup

    I'm in the process of researching parts for setting up my home theater. I plan to buy everything in the next two weeks or so (unless there's some crazy-hot-deal/new-thing right around the corner). As far as receivers goes I'm planning on going with the Harman/Kardon AVR-254 because I think...