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    Steam, Origin DDoSed?

    Kids are back in school after Christmas break, problem solved.
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    Mysterious OS/2 boot partition on XP.

    They probably just stole a flag that wasn't used by a windows recognized partition type. There's a very slim chance it actually involves some stripped down OS/2 install.
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    Cast varchar as int SQL statement

    Fix the front-end so that it actually puts numbers in the DB. Scrub the data once. Keep the DB interaction simple.
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    Is Linux/Open Source getting stronger or weaker?

    Not quite. Anti-trust regulation stopped AT&T from making money distributing or "supporting" Unix for a number of years. At this time, licensees were shipped source (only paid licensees). The community played a big part in keeping things moving - very much like the Open Source community of...
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    Is Linux/Open Source getting stronger or weaker?

    Since when was there a concentration on the West Coast? Sure, that's where the Silicon Valley/Bay Area but OSS has always had a pretty broad geographical distribution. Linus Torvalds was in Finland when he started the project. MIT has been a major source of hacker culture & innovation.
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    UNIX / LINUX command

    Grep's great for textual searches - where you can define patterns without any sense of meaning. If you want to actually parse timestamps, you might want to move into a more complex tool such as AWK (I can't remember off the top of my head if it can parse dates or not), or a full-featured...
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    command that search for certain files and then give the file size of the search files

    du prints out the size of files. Using the -m flag (if supported) gives file size in MB. The -c flag gives you the total size of all file. find finds files. you could "find . -name '*.jpg' -or -name '*.jpeg' " to find all your jpg/jpeg files (in the current directory or below). This thing...
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    Dual Logins

    Is it plugged in?
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    OS recommendations? Really old laptop...

    It might finish compiling during your lifespan. The problem with trying to run anything modern on this machine is that modern software has certain expectations of what a computer can provide. You say you want to run a GUI? Xorg's going to take half your RAM off the bat to even run, and...
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    Computer Science Masters

    CS is not programming - there's a lot more to it than that. There's going to be a metric fuckton of material that you were never exposed to that's going to be a prerequisite to going into graduate studies. You sound interested in learning about a few applied aspects of CS - some sort of...
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    Linux Distro for Learning Bash, BSD Sockets, Posix Pthreads, Vim

    Any modern *nix will provide what you want here. Don't worry about stripping down to a bare-bones or server distro - your standard, off-the-shelf, desktop Ubuntu will have everything you need. You'll have a graphical desktop if/when you want it & can SSH in the rest of the time. It just works...
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    Question about my Resume for co op

    When you're writing a resume for a co-op position, keep in mind that everyone else is coming from the same basic position - a few years of school, no experience, etc. Highlight the things that set you apart - previous work experience, undergrad research, open-source project contributions or...
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    Seeing cache files in Content.IE5 but I don't use IE

    It is IE - just that 3rd party tools are embedding it to take care of HTML. It could be any number of things that are actually using it - a custom help viewer, dynamic splash screen/message of the day, etc.
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    CS major going into final year.....

    /thread Your 4.0 degree does *nothing* to separate you from the army of inexperienced/hardly experienced employees looking for any entry level position. It does, however, make you stand out at the top of the pile for internships - internships, in turn, help you stand out when looking for...
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    Any disadvantage to consolidating forums?

    Doing a single-sign-on system across domains is a PITA. Not worth the trouble, unless the functionality already exists in the forum software you're using. As far as integrating them goes - you might be able to migrate everything over easily (I doubt it) but keeping all your links working (IE -...
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    Lightweight Linux sequencer/DAW

    There's plenty of options, but doing the sort of heavy-weight audio manipulation that Live does (not to mention its fancy, graphics-heavy UI) is going to kill a P3. Think about this, man - the P3 is (at least) an 8 year old system - that's an eternity in computing. Even a 'lightweight' app...
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    Squid caching question

    If you set up a local web cache and/or local caching DNS server, it can help if you have low bandwidth or high latency and multiple users that often look at the same websites. If you have a single user, your browser's cache will be just fine. If you have multiple users that don't look at the...
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    Win7 32 RAM restriction

    Workstation at my last job had 12GB and I used every last bit of it. I was doing number crunching/analysis on logs from a Facebook game.
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    Best Way to Migrate Programs from Old to New PC?

    Unfortunately, due to the way that windows programs rely on the registry, the only way to be sure you've properly installed a program is to actually install it fresh.
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    getting a Masters in CS at school thats weaker than your undergrad school?

    Coursework-only or research degree? With a research degree, it really depends on who your adviser is & how their standing in the field is, rather than the strength of the school as a whole.
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    Anyone programming .Net/Visual Studio on a MB Pro 15/i7 2.0?

    If it's a work-related expense, it'll be a tax write off. You'll just have to itemize the rest of your expenses for the year.
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    stop hotlinking using .htaccess

    Unless you can find a really fancy Apache mod to handle this stuff, .htaccess is not intended to do any really complex logic. You can limit things to username/password in a few different ways, you can do rewriting based on paths & headers and whatnot but doing any non-stateless logic is pretty...
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    Linux Desktop: run as root?

    Most modern distros are set up with automounters that mount USB drives without user intervention.
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    Couple CentOS ?'s

    These commands are in /sbin. /sbin is not in the $PATH for non-root users. Edit your bashrc to include it and you'll be fine. Alternately, you can /sbin/ifconfig or edit the system-wide /etc/bashrc.
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    Adding Facebook like button to my site

    Most people don't even know they can change their browser's home page.
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    Web designer / coder

    Even if they're too backed up to do the work, they should be taking part in the processes of handing this off to a 3rd party developer. They're going to be stuck maintaining it down the road, they're the ones that know about your current environment, coding standards and whatnot. If things get...
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    C++ AMP Questions

    The description of your problem is sort of vague but I could see how a poor solution to this problem would have underwhelming performance. Have you looked into 'dynamic programming' - it might applicable to something like this. ...or Prolog ;)
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    C++ AMP Questions

    Remember, the PCI bus only has, umm.... 133MB/s of bandwidth to share between all devices (contrast to 3.2GB/s for PC3200 DDR, 8GB/s for PCIe x16 and 384GB/s for triple-channel PC3-16000). I'm sure you could find some task that this would work for but the -vast- majority of jobs, you're going...
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    Some (probably easy) bash scripting help

    By default, xargs is meant to be used for something like cat that can take multiple files as input. You might have some luck with the --max-args flag. Alternately, there's always looping.
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    Some (probably easy) bash scripting help

    pipe that to xargs
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    SQL database question - Primary keying with an 'id' column

    If you're using MySQL (which I'm assuming from the 'autoincrement' terminology) there's a function to get the 'last insert id'. What, exactly, it's called varies depending on your DB library and language.
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    Beginner question

    If you're writing AJAX for anything beyond personal enjoyment, I strongly recommend that you use JQuery or some other framework rather than low-level calls. There's enough difference in the javascript implementations of various browsers that, in order to get them all working, you'll have to...
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    Spent months building a website then the client stole it...

    I wouldn't have done business with thieving assholes. Unfortunately, what's done is done & it's time to get the lawyers involved.
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    Installing windows to a laptop with bad CD-ROM drive and can't boot from USB

    Sometimes, hardware just dies. No shame in writing the unit off & tossing it into the spare parts bin.
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    Linux Distro for Asus EEE PC 900a

    Are they still doing the Ubuntu Netbook Remix? It's a variation of Ubuntu that's designed around the small screen & storage provided by netbooks.
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    Which Windows OS for home web server?

    It's probably more cost-effective (factoring in energy use) to just get yourself a VPS.
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    Comparison- coldfusion and .net

    CF was a big player in the early days of corporate web app development - you don't hear much about it anymore. There's still a large installed base & shops that have committed themselves to it but very few people would suggest it for greenfield development. .NET is more actively developed &...
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    Don't worry - most of it's filler, fluff and crap. They just make them big enough that you actually see them on the shelves at bookstores.