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    Brothers - A tale of two sons...FTW.

    Just got around to this one after picking it up on the Steam summer sale. What an excellent little game! Only took around 1,5-2 hours to get through, but damn, they don't make them like this anymore. Saw it had some awesome reviews before I got it for next to nothing on sale, but it's worth...
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    Spank your iPad...

    Will wonders never cease? I dropped my iPad 2 about a foot off the couch a couple of days ago and the screen died. It landed on a soft carpet right on its side, not even a hard fall. It seemed like everything else was working, the screen just went black and I was dreading a hefty repair or...
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    So what's the verdict on Watch Dogs?

    So having read the thread on WD, I was hoping to get a snapshot of your thoughts at the moment:
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    Noctua NH-L9i low profile cooler - thoughts?

    Hi Sportsfans, Anyone have this cooler? If yes - are you happy with it? I recently built a new mITX build in a Cooler Master Elite 120 case (awesome little case, especially for the price), but there's more space in a student's wallet compared to the space available for a cooler on my...
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    What AV DO you run?

    It seems that the AV poll on this forum has sparked some lively debate on the pros and cons of running a resident AV in the background when gaming. Further to that post, what AV's do YOU run (assuming that you do - no need to get excited if you don't :D )? I've been running AVG free for...
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    IntelBurnTest for GPU?

    Now that a lot of people have started using the IntelBurnTest utility for stressing their CPU OC's, I was wondering if anyone uses a similar utility for GPU testing. I use Futuremark for testing my GPU OC, but I never developed a liking for it, don't ask me why:confused: Maybe because I've...
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    Tomb Raider: Underworld.

    As most of you are aware there is a shit-load of eagerly awaited games coming out this quarter. I'm a big FPS fan and am looking forward to Far Cry 2, and Crysis: Warhead, to name a few. Strangely enough, I'm looking quite forward to TR: Underworld. I was never a huge TR fan back in the day...
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    9900 GTX?

    Came across this just now: Hope for the future perhaps?
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    Is SATA RAID worth the $$$$$?

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    Doom 3 ROE actually pretty cool.

    I didn't like Doom 3 all that much. I appreciated the hard work on ID's part, but it was just too intense. I recently got hold of ROE, and it's pretty damn good! I really enjoyed it. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a bash, even though they have ripped of HL2 with the grabber. Still, makes...
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    Bloodrayne 2

    Anyone played the demo? Any impressions? I'm busy downloading the 450MB demo now. I liked the first one, only it lacked any replayability for me.
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    Some help from AMDroids.

    I've been an ardent Intel follower for the last couple of years and I'm ashamed to admit that I've never given AMD a try. Until now, that is. Now, my question I humbly ask of you AMD fans, please tell me the difference between the various sockets for AMD. This has always been the most...
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    Excited about Riddick!

    He-he - ordered Riddick yesterday, should be here in a short while. From what I've seen here, it should be great. Another Far Cry, no hype, just great unadulterated gaming action! Anyone else tried and liked it?
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    Collection of noticed remarks.

    Hi guys, Don't want to bore anyone, but I've noticed that amongst all the "Best of.." this and that about games, that one game consistently stands out from the crowd. Having read a lot of the threads in the past, one game that keeps on appearing on the "like it" list of most players is...
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    Webcam sensitivity/resolution advice?

    Gents, I need some help with a webcam. I'm a complete noob regarding webcams, so please bear with me. I'm planning on building a surveillance system. I need to monitor persons about 5-10 meters from where I can mount the camera. Is this possible with existing webcams, or am I wasting my time...
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    Quake 4.

    Anybody have any idea what's going on with Q4? I've done a google, but couldn't seem to find anything. I think the doom 3 engine was pretty cool, so if they jack up the storyline to that of Quake, we should have a stunning game to look forward to.
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    Half-Life 2 - Far Cry - Doom 3.

    I played Far Cry, then Doom 3, and now HL2. Zero hype for FC, serious hype for D3, and sh1tloads of hype for HL2. All to be expected, considering their respective histories. Far Cry blew me away, bad story (arguable) or not. Doom 3 scared me sh1tless but left me disappointed. HL2 was nice...
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    ABIT IC7 MAX3 - amazing OC with new BIOS!

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share this. If it's old news, please excuse it, I didn't bother searching the thread. I have been struggling to get a nice stable OC on my board since I bought it in early 2004. Best I could get was FSB = 220-225 for an OC of about 3150 MHz, roundabout. I've been...
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    Happy days are here again!

    I had to remove my WC setup a couple of months ago because my wife felt that it was a bit unsightly for the living room. Women. Anyhow, we moved to our new house recently and now I've got my own study / computer room where anything goes. So last night I busted out the old WC toys and...
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    What's a good fighting game for PC?

    Hi guys, need some advice. I've been looking for a good fighting game for the PC, but can't seem to locate what I'm looking for. I remember games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc. You know, nice fighting moves, combo's, cool looking characters, nice scenery, etc. I know there are some...
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    Doom3 not all that good...

    Don't get me wrong - the game is good. I was just expecting more, considering all the hype and the fact that I played Far Cry just before Doom 3. Far cry redefined the concept of visuals for gaming (for me, at least). The one redeeming thing about D3 is the fact that it scares the shit out...
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    Far Cry registry entry?

    Hi guys - need some help. I've tried going through the right channels to solve this problem, but they (the right channels :D ) decided to completely ignore me. I bought Far Cry a month ago, but when I try to install the patch (v1.1 or v1.2), the installer tells me that it cannot find the...
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    IC7-MAX3 owners read this.

    Hi guys, I've been trying to sort out what the hell happened with Abit addressing the incorrect temps given by this mobo. On the Abit forums, they say that the new (not so new anymore) v16 BIOS sorts it out. I've been running the v16 BIOS for some time now, but I still smell a rat. The warm...
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    Heatercore ideas?

    Hi guys, I recently dismantled my watercooling kit because my wife thought it was too intimidating. In order to preserve matrimonial bliss, I complied. I have to agree with her, it was a bit dodgy looking, as the heatercore was too large to fit into the case and I had to balance it on top of...
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    Far Cry & FX5900 = how pretty?

    Hi guys - need some help. I want to buy Far Cry, but don't want to turn off all the eye candy to run it on my card. Will this card (check sig) be able to run Far Cry with some of the settings at max? Reason I'm asking is that there are a lot of ghost stories on the Forums about the high...
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    Happiness on a budget.

    I just got my Pixelview GeForce FX5900XT this weekend for a bargain price. Would've liked a X800 or GF6800, but they cost a @#$%load of money :p Anyway - I install the card, gleeming with anticipation. The driver has an auto detect OC function and I give it a bash. Stock this baby is at...
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    What is normal Vcore drop under load?

    As the subject says, what is normal? I'm currently experiencing quite a large voltage drop (I think) as measured by CPU-Z. If the Vcore is 1.536V at idle, drop under load places it at 1.488V on average. Is this normal? I'm not getting the overclock I think the chip is able to handle, and I'm...
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    ABIT IC7 MAX3 + Aerocool DP-102 anyone?

    Is anyone running this mobo with the Aerocool Deep Impact DP-102 cooler? This thing is a monster and I'm thinking of getting one, but I'm worried it will cause sh$t with the IC7 MAX 3's OTES system. Any ideas? :confused:
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    Safe Vcore for P4 2.8?

    My P4 2.8 is rated at Vcore max of 1.525V. To get a stable overclock of 3.5GHz, I have to push the Vcore up to around 1.8V. Is this normal, or am I looking for serious trouble in the long run:D What do you guys run these babies at? Temps aren't a problem - at full load it never exceeds 51C.
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    How does multi-view work?

    I'm looking for a GFX card able to run two screens at the same time. I've seen cards advertising a "multi-view" capability and that they have a (to me:D ) strange looking plug on the back. Is this a DVI plug?:confused: If someone with a big heart could perhaps just give me a quick idiot's...
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    Best OC benchmark software?

    Graphic benchmarks aside - which software program is the best for checking RAM speed etc. after an overclock? I use SANDRA, but is there something better out there? Any help would be appreciated:)
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    Killing me softly with ..????

    This is a first. Instead of looking for help to fix a pc, I'm looking for help in killing one:D At my current place of employment, it is deemed that an employee shall use the oldest and most useless pc until he/she or it dies. I prefer the second option. Everyone else has nice laptops with...
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    Calling all Abit IC7 - MAX 3 owners running 2.8C

    Need advice on this badboy. I apologize, but search is not working.:) I just upgraded to the system in my sig. Only problem is, I can't get the CPU over 3.1GHz:mad: I set the RAM on default settings (it's rated 3-4-4-8) and the ratio to 1:1. Since the RAM is DDR500, I gradually increased...
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    Is SATA RAID worth the $$$$$?

    Need some help please: I'm seroiusly considering getting a RAID strip for my next upgrade. I've seen a couple of benchmarks at some obscure site (can't recal exactly where:p) Them pictures an' graphs are all lovely an' all, but I want to know from the guys in the know. Is a RAID 0 strip...
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    AOpen AX4SG MAX II - anyone?

    Anybody own one of these mobo's yet? I had a look at its features - pretty good. How does it OC? What do they charge for it, when compared to an ABIT IC7 Max 3?
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    PCI Xpress??

    Does anybody know around when will PCI Express come out? Is it better to wait for the new tech, or upgrade a mobo now?
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    Best OC mobo?

    Allright - for all the knowledgeable people here. ;) It's high time for an upgrade. I've lived on water and canned beans for long enough!:D I'm looking for a new kick-ass mobo. I plan to overclock as far as possible. I want dual channel memory (DDR400), high FSB possiblities, independant...
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    How about the sexiest game ever??

    This is inspired by the Legitimate thread below. A lot of us have clearly been playing games (..wasting time:D ) for many years. In your humble opinion, which game(s) did you see as pretty sexy? In a lot of these games the developer throws in some big breasted buxom beauty as, usually, a...
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    Need some technical help with KOTOR

    Has anybody else come across the glitch in KOTOR where the game throws you out to the main menu when you try to leave your "base" apartment? I've recently bought the game and its been giving me shit from the start. I've installed the v1.01 patch which solved some of the problems, but I don't...