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  1. Nasty_Savage

    Software deployment

    Whats everyone using these days? SCCM is so flakey i want to launch it into the sun...
  2. Nasty_Savage

    Super tempted...

    My MSI with the 670m is long in the tooth Seems damned good price. Hearing heat and screen bleed are ifffy though. Any thoughts?
  3. Nasty_Savage

    Monitors no longer wale up from sleep

    curious if this has happened to anyone else and if you managed to solve it. Thinking either Windows Update or nVidia driver caused it to stop working... Thanks
  4. Nasty_Savage

    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    looks great! Already pre-ordered! I still kind of wish they'll redo WC2, but maybe the new engine will spur an 'expansion' pack :)
  5. Nasty_Savage

    Expand wired network from 4 port router

    in some cases, wireless plain sucks. What i would like to do, is get a switch underneathe the router and spilit the wiring to a few runs in another room. Being i am retarded for consumer class devices, i know you can't daisy chain mini switches. But is there some sort of (cheap) managed switch...
  6. Nasty_Savage

    starcraft terra nova missions

    anyone have them? Any good?
  7. Nasty_Savage

    Google Chrome Group Policy

    Seems like Google in its infinite shitty business decisions removed the control to log into the browser with the person icon in the top right corner. Something is preventing users to log into Chrome, ie, when you click the person icon it just say You. No option to log in. If anyone has any idea...
  8. Nasty_Savage

    Using nSurround with GTX 1080 and Active Adapters and WoW

    I'm sticking this here because its PC Gaming AND Hardware. I had been kicking around getting a 1080 to reduce the heat and electricity for awhile now. I water leak in my Corsair cooler forced my hand somewhat so I picked up an Asus Strix 1080. My problem? I have 3 27" 3d monitors and no...
  9. Nasty_Savage

    Biblical Disaster

    Nothing like waking up on your day off and your trusty Corsair h100 springs a leak....I hope I managed to save it. Any tips for drying shit out?
  10. Nasty_Savage

    Getting the upgrade bug

    Currently using 3 780's running three 37" 1080p monitors. Love nVision surround. Some games are starting to put a dent in performance, like ARK. I am starting to wonder if I should do a complete overhaul, from current to socket 2011 v3 (maybe octocore) but I'm looking at what's supposed to be...
  11. Nasty_Savage

    Star Wars Attack Squadrons :O Maybe Disney's acquisition can finally right the sinking ship! While it doesn't seem to be 'sim' like on the surface...many of us have been waiting for this to happen for YEARS! :D
  12. Nasty_Savage

    Fanatec gt3 orange wheel power supply

    Anyone have one of these Porsche wheels? I need a pic of the power supply that came with it since it seems to have gotten mixed up with other stuff and I don't want to fry it...thanks in advance!
  13. Nasty_Savage

    Dumb question for SLI Noob Cake

    So I got this 680 here, and I just picked up 2 780's. The SLI bridge is designed for 3. Can I put the 680 in the third slot as a dedicated PhysX card or is that a no go?
  14. Nasty_Savage

    What's going on with Socket 2011?

    This some kinda freakish one off or does this socket have a future?
  15. Nasty_Savage

    Any vishera based MB's with more than 4 Dimm slots?

    I know this may be a pipe dream, but it sure would be nice to build a cheap/powerful VM host with an 8 core proc...anyone know of any? :cool:
  16. Nasty_Savage

    Client for Hyper-V image

    I may be having a mind blank...but I put up a server 2k12 test bed and made a Hyper-V image of Windows8 Release Candidate. Is there some sort of client to launch it from a desktop or does it just use RDP? :confused:
  17. Nasty_Savage

    Using Linux as a directory server for Windows clients

    Anyone ever done this? A guy is looking at me to help him get a NAS box using the built in directory server to host home folders for his users from a Synology unit. I looked at an open source client but was unable to get it to authenticate properly to the NAS. Any advice? Scratching my head...
  18. Nasty_Savage

    BF3 question for [H] gaming

    I'm thinking of getting off the fence on this one so I can join my [H] bretheren on weekends. Does Origin sell multiple versions of this? Or is it as is with downloadable content, and if the latter, what add ins do I need and how much does it cost? I recall when looking at launch some versions...
  19. Nasty_Savage

    UPS for Corsair AX1200?

    Looking for something that can handle this puppy without getting one that requires a 20 Amp electrical socket. Any hope?
  20. Nasty_Savage

    World record fps 999 combatants!

    :eek: Time to upgrade ya bitches :D
  21. Nasty_Savage

    Panasonic VIERA TC-L32DT30-32-Inch Is this thing still 'Tha Shit'? or has something come out that you would consider better? Is this thing supported by nVidia 3D Vison? There was a thread mentioning this unit...
  22. Nasty_Savage

    Tracking 'illegal' cell phones on a wireless network

    Hey all, just a quick bounce off here. I got a laptop sent to me for repair today. Curiously I checked the AV intrusion logs and so someone on my network tried to access this laptop from another IP address. Looking up the DHCP logs, I see the network name as Android_sdfagg whatever. So my...
  23. Nasty_Savage

    Reccomend me some racing games!

    Just picked up one of these: The GT3 RS Clubsport edition based on another member's reccomendation. It should be delivered tomorrow and I want to DL some Steam games for it. What are your suggestions? Anyone with this wheel anything to watch out for? (compatability...
  24. Nasty_Savage

    SWToR Sith Guild recruiting Open invite to potential Imperials! I put the name out there for my former WoW players on Anub'Arak where I ran Apocalypse WoW, but it looks like most of them appear to be burned out from lame Cataclysm content, and are slow to respond...
  25. Nasty_Savage

    Boned :(

    I bought a Q9550 (95 Watts) to replace the aging Conroe to hold out long enough for the socket 2011 to be released. The Asus board I have posts at 2.8 stock but then drops to 2.2 then stays there. I read a few reports this chip will work in the board but I cant seem to get it there after initial...
  26. Nasty_Savage

    Enterprise Centralized Management

    So we're looking at centralized management solutions. We're a Windows 2008 domain with XP, rolling out Windows 7 with Mac clients/servers as well. We have VMWare environment based on Lefthand, we're also supplementing our retard users with DeepFreeze and Powersave because they are a danger to...
  27. Nasty_Savage

    Apc setup in ESX production environment

    So...any tips? Someone mentioned putting powerchute on the vm's themselves, but that doesn't make much sense to me since the esx server would still get a hard shut down. There a way to tie into the esx server and shut down the vm's before the esx server has to power down?
  28. Nasty_Savage

    Raid disk data recovery

    Looking for a program I can recover data and plug my raid disks in to recover the data before I move the disks into the new NAS. Any suggestions, preferably non expensive or better (Raid Card bit the dust)
  29. Nasty_Savage

    Looking for MSI compiler/creator

    Anyone have any reccomendations on good ones?
  30. Nasty_Savage

    Server 2008 version of Novell's Netstorage?

    So I am looking for the windows equivelent of this: Anything built in I am missing here? Seems like a useful feature...or is this going to be a complicated collusion of ADFS and Sharepoint?
  31. Nasty_Savage

    Putting a UPS on its 'side'

    Getting a new Rack cabinet installed, and my tiny server room is begging for space. I need to remove the 2 post rack so the 4 post cabinet can be installed. Will tipping the rack mounted UPS on its side for a few days cause any issues like battery leakage? Thanks
  32. Nasty_Savage

    Spyware: AntivirusXP 2008

    Anyone have a tool to remove this SOB? God my users are douche bags.
  33. Nasty_Savage

    Another one bites the dust.

    Alright, my 800 Watt PSU went up in smoke after replacing the Enermax 620 Liberty (that went up in smoke) Specs are at the bottom with the C2Duo (there's a 3ware Raid card running the array), and its plugged into a UPS...what could be the problem?
  34. Nasty_Savage

    Odd Raid Utility issue with Vista x64

    My Raid utility for my 3Ware card no longer works. It points to https://localhost:888. At first, I thought it was a firewall issue, but it doesn't work even when I turn it off. Does anyone know if there is something specific I need to do to re-enable this? I'm failry confuzzled :confused:
  35. Nasty_Savage

    Thinking of going nVidia 780i or possibly x38

    Growing increasingly annoyed with flakey quirks of my Asus board, I'm on the verge of tacking it on the wall and swapping it for an nVidia, maybe in a month or so. I have a question maybe someone can answer... I have a 3Ware 9650SE 4MPL Raid card, it requires a minimum of a PCI-E 4X slot. The...
  36. Nasty_Savage

    What do you guys think of this card/company? I need a card to replace the sucktastic onboard raid on my Asus board. I ordered this one and hoping the beta driver will hold me over until an offical x64 Vista release... thoughts on it and 3Ware in general?
  37. Nasty_Savage

    Farcry 64 bit for AMD only?

    Or will it work with the C2Duo? Anyone try it?
  38. Nasty_Savage

    Exchange 2007 and security

    Hi all. Our school district is finally dumping First Class as our mail server (thank god) and we are in the process of finalizing the order. We have the hardware and software selected. Our problem is the antivirus....the state contractor uses Symantec globally, but their mail security is...
  39. Nasty_Savage

    Ubuntu + Active Directory

    Looking to have Ubuntu log into an Active Directory Domain environment with kerberos. I've seen documentation with SUSE and KDE but was wondering if anyone had any specifics for the lastest Ubuntu release?
  40. Nasty_Savage

    i850 mobo and Ubuntu 7.05

    I was going to get my dad to jump to Ubuntu on his old Dell 8100 Dimension but I can't get it to install, it just hangs. Is this an ACPI problem? If anyone knows the commands in the boot line please share :)