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    Keyboard & Mouse on an x360!

    What that little article doesn't mention, is that this thing will also allow Playstation 2 dual shock controllers to be used.
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    Xbox 360 vga adapter

    maybe this will work for you
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    Command Conquer 3 Xbox360

    Because then people wouldn't have to have a PC for their PC games.
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    The part that pissed me off so much about that fight, was the 2 minute run back in to action... why wouldn't they set the checkpoint after that run and dialogue... beats me
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    I was stuck there for a while too.. Just kept trying, ended up using my sniper rifle and didnt pick up the bow.
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    Who has Gears of War and where did you get it?

    My BestBuy had it right when they opened yesterday.
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    I got the same error 4 times yesterday... The disc looks perfectly clean to me. I'll probably end up replacing it soon.
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    test drive unlimited good?

    Apparently you need a XBL gold account to make use of its main online features and see other people.
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    It broke a CSS based menu I had that was based on this: The part that broke it just needed to be taken out: ul li { position: relative; }
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    IE7 Final - does your site render properly now?

    IE7 actually BROKE my menus... they worked fine in IE6 and FF, but now, mousing over the UL element does nothing, you have to mouse over the text in the element
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    Vista on HTPC?

    ya i had similar issues with my Nvidia dualtv tuner and vista
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    I finally figured out how to make a custom myspace profile!

    that looks nice dude, good job, share it with everyone else too
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    Need a SQL DB Manager

    I use it on my WinXP desktop to connect to the SQL Server on a Win2k3 server
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    Dual TV-Tuner

    uhh like what? WinXP MCE is WinXP PRO w/ the MCE application, its just a marketing scheme
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    Question about set top box and HTPC.

    this may or may not answer your question, check it out
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    How to connect video game consoles to HTPC

    I have the first version of this device for my xbox and it works wonderfully.
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    Not sure where to ask this but I will try....caching of pages for viewing later

    Is it really worth your job? If so, become the IT guy like me and you'll never have to worry about the man watching you
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    Excel Macro - How do I "click a button" automatically

    Try adding this before your import code DoCmd.SetWarnings False And this after your code DoCmd.SetWarnings True
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    WoW: Birthcontrol

    I passed up sex the night my guild first got to Ragnaros... I think about it now and well, I'm stupid
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    screen monitoring

    that is freaking awesome, thank you sir
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    screen monitoring

    Windows XP w/ about 40ish computers
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    screen monitoring

    But, if they are looking at the information in a publicly available area, such as this computer lab, are they entitled to that privacy?
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    screen monitoring

    This certainly isn't me being lazy. This is me taking action after months of posting signs, warning users, kicking users out, etc etc. I am sick and tired of poking my head up, seeing something might be going on, and by the time I get there, the window has been closed. Some of the things...
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    screen monitoring

    So I run a computer lab at a university, and I need a way to visually see what the user is seeing on their screen from my computer. The problem I have here, is that people tend to look at inappropriate stuff and by the time I am able to walk around and see it, they have already closed/minimized...
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    IIS and SP2 Over-Security

    In IIS, do you have a host header of localhost?
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    A question about newsgroups...

    I get giganews from my ISP, but I'm limited to 1gig a month or something. Anyways, I use Newsleecher,, and
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    WoW Patch 1.9.0 finally released....thoughts?

    do you realize that half of your complaints are because your UI mods are built for 1.8... try updating when versions get released for 1.9
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    A good WoW class...

    if you're going to be a horde warrior, go with the orc race for their 25% stun resist...
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    Domo Strategy : World of Warcraft

    my guild has been killing him for almost 8 months now... your strat is the same as ours except we take two down to 10%, not 20%... works well for us. hell, half of us are afk for the fight
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    "How to write unmaintainable code"

    hahaha amusing... about 50% of the stuff in there I've encountered when coming into contact with another persons code.
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    XBox network play through router?

    just go buy a $30 switch
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    the matrix: path of neo

    It's ok, except for the fact that most of the cutscenes you cannot skip, which gets really really annoying for the 10th time
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    Madden NFL 06 XBOX 360

    i highly doubt it will be the same game, even if it is backwards compatible there will be something missing in the gameplay/graphics
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    Any MS Access experts around

    Instead of querying the subform itself, try and query the subform object. Say you have the following: frmParent frmSubform frmParent has the subform object: sfrmSubform Try to query: [frmParent]![sfrmSubform].Requery
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    How bad have you wanted a game?

    uhh I drove 30 miles away to arrive at a Walmart two hours before they were going to release World of Warcraft... I can't possibly see myself doing that for any other game
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    4 Dragons *WoW Based*

    maybe they are like kazzak and maybe they don't spawn right away when a server restarts
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    Need some Access VBA Help

    well, you aren't actually using the 'con' variable anywhere. you might want to think about creating an actual stored update query and calling that on a button press
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    Good car game

    civics are for bit*ches
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    business website: what web proggies to use?

    I've been developing with Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Beta... Yah it might be in beta along with ASP.NET 2.0, but it works great for what I need
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    Text Size increase/decrease problem in IE

    wow I didn't even realize I added that in there, thanks