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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Coming in December

    OMG if that was only the case, I would pay for a lifetime subscription. Unfortunately the features that made it great have been ignored. I still plan to play it.
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    Logitech 50% off sale

    I would also be interested in a code. Prospect of saving $70 would be nice.
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    Samsung F1 1TB Drive $169

    Certainly got me thinking.
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    First RMA

    I RMA'd a a board through Giga-byte on 6/7 and am still waiting for its return. Such a hassel, only wish I could have bought a replacement.
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    Greatest Game Ever

    I love the ... game too, thats so amazing we have the same taste in games. :rolleyes:
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 @Best Buy

    Damn sorry I missed it, both for the dupe and could have got my speakers earlier. :D
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 @Best Buy

    I saw this on another site, bought them now offer it up here. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 +Shipping or I went to the store and got it for $92 +Tax
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    GTA4 (What would you like to see in it, or change about it?)

    The only thing I want changed is the way AI is spawned. Same with spawning of vehicles. I'd like a static city everyone has there place and then let them move about it. Not just some random spawns every time you turn around.
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    Dells version of the Raptor 150

    Yea, I should complete a whole thought before I start writing. This gets me in trouble in real life too unfortunatly and I can't edit. Good deal, only wish I didn't already buy my Raptor, ohh well.
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    Dells version of the Raptor 150

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    Raptor 150: 219.99 AR

    Damn Awesome Deal. I will buy another just to put it into a raid 0.
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    So who's preordering D&D:O

    There FAQ does not make a clear distinction in how combat will be implemented. Until I know for sure I will not even consider the game. From the FAQ: This is what worries me. "In our game, player skill means mastering the movement and targeting controls, learning to predict the movements...
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    The Female Form In Gaming

    I just scrolled through that whole article. Not a single pic, wtf?
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    Do you mind in-game advertising?

    I would have to argue against load screen advertising. It would give the game maker to incentive to slow down the loading process.
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    Great, now I'm going to fail my finals

    Edit: Removed Rant.
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    good star wars games on pc?

    LA, SOE. It makes no difference to me, I got burned by the new upgrades.
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    good star wars games on pc?

    The revamp for SWG was a blunder on SOE's part. Best to avoid that game unless you want to sour your relationship with what is Star Wars.
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    Any Mmorpg Player

    Im guessing it may be time to start another thread, but I'll ask here anyway. Is there any MMORPG that rivals SWG in the ability to hunt down players as a bounty hunter?
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    Any Mmorpg Player

    Played GW, ended up giving it to my sister. There wasn't enough content past the missions and I loath loot runs. May try AO though.
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    Any Mmorpg Player

    SWG is worth avoiding now. For those who still play MMORPG is there anything that could be SWG equivilant? Something similiar to the Bounty Hunter. I know DnL is coming out, but not until April of 2006, so whats out currently?
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    EA hates the BF gaming comunity(hacked servers.

    As a distribution system it is great. The reason I haven't bought into it is because of having to rely on it to even play the game.
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    EA hates the BF gaming comunity(hacked servers.

    Great thing is, I don't have to get used to it. I just don't have to buy the game. I move on to the many hundreds of other developers out there. I've already backed off handful, and even with some of them reformed it will take alot more for me return.
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    EA hates the BF gaming comunity(hacked servers.

    Your right, what should I have to complain about. I shuldn't take this free demo as an example of what EA will do with the finished product. How they may handle problems. Or even assume that the gameplay will be relativly the same as the demo. So the question is WTF is your problem? When a bad...
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    EA hates the BF gaming comunity(hacked servers.

    12 Minute Time Limit makes the games look bad? You must have been free of stability issues. Or how about that filtering system that doesn't seem to filter any server out? Ohh and how about the fact that with stability issues you had to sit through 2 minutes of intro graphics that you couldn't...
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    Does anyone els ein this guild use the TS server? I've been on it for some time with no one showing up. Just wondering really.
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    Hey I am in the guild, Don't look past giving it to me :) On another note, Does the guild have a hall yet? or how far are we away from rasining the money for that?
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    GuilWars TS Server

    I just accepeted my invite to the HH guild, and in the game it advertises a TS server. Only prob is I am the only one on it for long streatches or time. So this is me asking who else uses it, or to suggest that those in the guild use it.
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    I started a Monk/Elementalist Currently level 8 Name: Wana Fanta
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    For me that is the best time to release games. Summer doesn't exactly treat me favorably here is Phoenix.
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    What is Starforce?

    I am not actually concerned with anti-piracy software. My angle was that from said site that I forgot the name too gave some info on the fears about what starforce was. Some things I am actually concerned about are things such as if it installs drivers and what it will prevent me from doing on...
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    What is Starforce?

    I just bought the game KOTOR and there is a small red box in the System Requirments with a notice that it has technology in order to prevent copying. So before I open up the game to play I wanted to try and locate some more info on the subject. I believe that the copy protection is starforce...
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    EVGA 6800GT 256MB PCI-Express @ newegg $359 w/ free shipping

    Damn, this could have convinced me to switch to buy a new CPU and MB for PCI-Express. Too bad I ordered an 6800GT AGP card already. Ohh well.
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    BFG 6800 Ultras for $399 NICE!!!

    Is this online, or is this at the store you got it for 349?
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    Logitech MX 3100 available

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    2 x 6800 GT and MSI Neo4 SLI - $849

    Well he sold one thing on Feb-25-04. Still makes you wonder though.
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    WD Raptor 74GB SATA HD $180 shipped

    That is of course if you don't get hit with sales tax. Sorry to all those people in AZ, CA, CT, GA, OH, TX, NV,WA and IL.
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    2 x 6800 GT and MSI Neo4 SLI - $849

    Maybe if it wasn't on EBay I would then consider it.
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    GIGABYTE nVIDIA GeForce 6600GT Video Card for $131 shipped

    What is the warranty on refurbished products with the manufacturer? I know Newegg is only 15 days.
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    BFG 6800 Ultra $399.99 AR @ TigerDirect

    Unless they are asking for American Dollars on a canadian site, I think that is really close to what it should be. 399.00 USD = 494.181 CAD 1 USD = 1.23855 CAD 1 CAD = 0.807396 USD ETA: It seems funny. I just checked the site and now the price is $557 AR on the Canadian site. Now thats...
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    Maxtor 250GB HD w/16mb cache $99.99

    Not this one, I have the box next to me, its one year.