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    Us Enthusiast Hate Energy Saving Features That Make Our work Slower!!

    Bump if you agree and you feel that the trend of energy saving processor introduces latency that you are fed up with!
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    Caviar Black 1TB or Spinpoint F3 1TB?

    Alright, Last week I ordered parts for my p55 i7 rig and when I got it the harddrive(ordered Spinpoint F3) was missing. So I phoned up, helpful guy explained that they had one in stock but the box was damaged so they didn't ship it but they can send me Caviar Black as a replacement for the same...
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    Best price/performance PCI RAID for linux?

    Hi, I would like to build small backup system based on older ECS 741GX-M mobo with Athlon XP. I'd like to put a hardware RAID controller in it and that's where I need help. The most important thing for me is security/reliabilty I don't need greatest speeds. Is it better to go IDE or SATA...
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    PSU high pitched whine related to FPS?

    Hi guys, My mate just tried to overclock his newish setup and he managed to get E2200 to 3GHz. He used ASUS P5K-VM without Vdroop mod so he needed to set Vcore to 1.5. The system seems stable running Orthos for 1 hour fine. The issue is that whenever he starts Crysis the PSU starts to...
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    oZone3d Fur benchmark & Forceware 169.01

    After installing 169.01 oZone3d fur benchmark runs weird on my rig. It seems like it's running 0 FPS at times but it still measures expected FPS as before. It doesn't matter if my 8800GTS is OC'd or not it behaves the same. Anyone with same issue? Download link...
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    8800 GT in three weeks!

    Gotta love the design. One slot cooling! Hooorraaay......hope it will be efficient enough. Source - EDIT: I see it's already posted please accept my apology :(:(:( and delete if necessary
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    ASUS M2A-VM HDMI 1080p playback?

    So I thought about building a HTPC and I'm wondering whether ASUS M2A-VM HDMI coupled with Athlon64 5200+ Windsor will play 1080p content. I'm from UK and I use as my retailer of choice. Here they state that it...
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    Is the fan grille needed?

    I was wondering whether it's safe to unscrew the fan grille from my Tagan EasyCon 480W? I can't put fan on my heatsink just because of those few mm. So are those screws there only for the grille or can they hold something inside? Thanks for advice.