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    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Sound Card $47.99 @ BB

    The Jordan Landing BB in Salt Lake City, Utah had 3 or 4 on the shelf at this price. I grabbed one. Too tempting to resist.
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    3TB Hitachi Deskstar Internal Hard Drive (Retail Kit) $107

    How about some real world, non-ancedotal-this-is-what-happened-to-me info on a large installation? It's not the same drive as this deal, but it sure puts the IBM/Hitachi DeathStar argument to rest - along with the argument that enterprise drives are better...
  3. B Deals 7/20

    $15 pushed me over the edge on the M4. Bought.
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    MakerBot Cupcake CNC Ultimate $455

    Details are here: Positioning isn't going to be the same as the resolution... but yeah. It was too tempting for me to pass up.
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    MakerBot Cupcake CNC Ultimate $455

    Saw this on slickdeals. Yeah, sure the newer version is more accurate, etc, etc, etc... but it's also almost 3x as much. I bit. I consider it a Father's Day gift to myself. :)
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    Zune 64GB $278 with free HD AV dock (tax in california)

    Damnit. I just jumped on this same deal at for $300.
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    Aluminum USB Fingerprint Reader - $46 shipped (For PC/Mac + firefox & login extras)

    If someone is going to the trouble of creating a gel mold of your fingerprint... they should just remove the drive from the computer and save the trouble. Use drive encryption if you're that worried.
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    Evga step up has the 580gtx up get em while there hot.

    Just got in the queue. 2xGTX480 -> 2xGTX580 for $30.22. :)
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    All fixed. I finally heard back from eVGA. I'm not sure they even know why I was denied the promo for Metro 2033 - I emailed them the same invoice PDFs I uploaded to their site and got an email reply within 5 minutes with the game codes.
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    I uploaded PDF's of the invoices right from the start. Yeah, it could be something simple - I just needed to vent a little. :)
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    One of the many reasons I love EVGA

    <rant> Bought three eVGA cards last week; got this for all three: No response yet after replying to the email. Nice service, eVGA. Maybe I should have spent my $1200 elsewhere. </rant>
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    EVGA GTX 460 768MB - $145.99 Shipped @ Chief Value

    I bit. We'll see what happens.
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    Dell coupon good on some videocards

    Must resist...
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PC $20 EA Store

    Sold. I'm glad I waited.
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    Save up to 84% on 10 Best Headphone Deals Right Now

    I love my ER6i's. No other in-ear headphones fit comfortably for me.
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    The Office Seasons 1 - 4, $12.99 each @ BB
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    Fry's B&M: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard $29.99 After $10 Rebate

    I picked one up last week. Still getting used to the key travel distance and such, but so far I love it. Thanks for the BF tip - I need to get another for work.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    I'm dying to comment on this - but it's my company that's doing the breast cancer work that was featured in the keynote so I think I'd get flamed to all hell or dismissed as a fanboy. Oh well, here goes. I'm very happy with the Fermi architecture - for HPC. NV took our suggestions seriously...
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    Steam Weekend Deal: Fallout 3 for $24.99 (50% off)

    I bit. Thanks, OP.
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    Unfortunately, that hasn't been my experience (hence the thread). An enclosure that supported a 400GB drive just fine refused to work with a 750GB drive. Obviously if 400GB worked, it was using 48 bit LBA.
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    Yeah, that makes sense. It still sucks. I ended up ordering one of these - if it can't go bigger than 1.5TB at least I'm only out $40. And you didn't pick up the 2TB? Come on, you don't want to be the guinea pig for me? :p
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    I haven't, but I don't have the drive. I'm sitting with a 1.5TB drive now and want to avoid the hassle of buying a new enclosure every time I upgrade - like I've done in the past. I was hoping someone had tried the WD 2TB in an enclosure and could tell me it worked.
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    Thanks for the links. It's good to know the Thermaltake enclosure can handle 1.5TB even though the spec page says "Supports up to 1,000 gigabytes!" (LOL) In the not-so-distant past, enclosures would only support up to a certain drive size. I ran into the issue before when I moved from a 400gb...
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    Thanks for the help, but no, it doesn't. Do you know of an external enclosure that supports drives larger than 1.5TB? GPT, etc... isn't the problem. I'm well aware of all of those facts. Everyone so far has assumed what I did or didn't know about large drives and partitions. I'd like to...
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    Thanks for not answering my question. LOL
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    Need a 1.5TB+ external enclosure

    I need an external drive enclosure that supports something larger than 1.5TB. Specs on store sites aren't much help. Does anyone know of an enclosure that supports 2TB drives? Or even bigger? Thanks...
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    Some help with my simple C++ code

    "Public" should be all lowercase. The compiler error kinda hints at that... unclearly.
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    Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition - FREE!!!

    The recovery.exe creates a bootable CD containing the program. I created a bootable ISO with it but haven't tried it out yet.
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    Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition - FREE!!!

    I just tried re-running setup.exe from my instructions above. I didn't finish the installation, but it looks like it works.
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    8GB Zune, Black, free ship, free car kit - $80

    I went ahead and finally bit (on my own deal... LOL). I love my 120gb Zune, it's just a little too big to use while working out.
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    4gb zune + car pack $75 shipped

    Shhh! ;)
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    4gb zune + car pack $75 shipped

    For $5 more you can get a black 8gb refurb at newegg.
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    8GB Zune, Black, free ship, free car kit - $80

    Recertified, but still hot for $80
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    Free Kfc meal

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    Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition - FREE!!!

    You might want to do it now, just in case the downloaded exe doesn't work tomorrow.
  36. B is holding my Domain Hostage....

    Never keep your names registered with your host. Know when your registration expires. Problem solved.
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    Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition - FREE!!!

    To get around the crap, start the setup.exe, let it connect and get to the point where it shows the ugly blue button menu. On Vista go to AppData/Local/Temp in your user dir and look for directories named RarSFX##. Poke around in those directories until you find something...
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    Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition - FREE!!!

    Thanks. Can't beat free.