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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    WARNING: HUGE pic incoming ANyways here is my naked gnome dance from above the IF gate. Doing it so all the people dueling outside can see the show.
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    WoW Patch Notes & Discussion 4/19/05

    Score, as a 60 paladin i have the most worthless mount quest and pvp armor set. Good going blizzard. Lets see, sure that armor might give me a crit chance, but it gives next to nothing for intellect. I mean i can't do much with sub 3k mana. Even my normal crit gear where i have 20% crit...
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    Note Book Cooler pads

    I have a 4-fan cooling pad i paid like $15 for. It is black and entirely made of cheap plastic. It draws its power from 5volts dc which it came with a usb so it can draw it off your laptops usb ports. It also has a fan speed adjust and an on/off switch. Now it is built like total crap, and...
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    Is my laptop using too many watts on battery?

    The t42 is centrino, which uses way less power. Also your laptop is pretty old. Usually batteries are good for 2yrs and pretty much junk after that. It really depends on usage though. They are only good for so many charge cycles, but they also lose life over time if they just sit. You are...
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    Just WoW'd

    Well the auth server is down as we speak. The last few days the npcs have been dissapearing, the mail has been lagged and the server crashes. Happened a couple times yesterday during the middle of the day and just happened now. Honestly i think blizzard's patches and maintenance breaks more...
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    What laptops have Geforce 6800 ultra go's ?

    Hahaha, if you want to get technical, yes it is a p-m notebook. However, i guess i should have expanded my statement a little. That thing is 2in thick and over 9lbs. It is p-m in name only.
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    What laptops have Geforce 6800 ultra go's ?

    Ok, do people not read the damn specs of gfx cards? I mean not to jump on you but look at the power requirements of the gpu. It is higher than a pentium-m. You will not find these p-m laptops anytime soon. They are not ment for that market.
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    DS: is it a keeper?

    Maybe i'm smokin crack but i see the psp as the next game gear. Sure it is better gfx wise, but its battery life SUX. It is sad when my centrino laptop with a 2ghz cpu and a 15" screen gets better battery life than a portable gaming system.
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    putting World of warcraft on dvd

    Well i know for a fact that the game can be burnt w/o issue on cdrs. My laptop couldn't read the cds I got with the game because of a crappy press. Also my desktop took forever to install because of the same issue. However I was able to rip the cds and burn them on cdrs and install them on my...
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    I have used MX1000,MX510,MX700,MX310,Razer Diamondback, My Review

    What is up with half the reviews around here? The proper way to do them is state your opinion. Not to state it then attack everybody and belittle them just because they disagree with you. Maybe some people don't have the same issues as you do. I mean sure you might have tried out each mouse...
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    God WoW is ugly.....

    I play the furthest zoomed out so I can see more of my surroundings. Less of a chance to get screwed by mob or ganker.
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    God WoW is ugly.....

    Oh man i can't stop laughing at this. Talk about not being future proof. The source engine is so ghetto. I mean the lightening and shadowing is complete and total shit. Also if you look at a lot of the textures, they look like they took them from hl1. Personally I think wow looks good...
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    Best Servers for World of Warcraft?

    Ok man, you know there is other things to do then play WoW? I mean damn two high level chars in 2months? You must have played like 12hrs/day. I'm assuming you don't have a job, and aren't a student. Shoot i think i play too much and i'm only to level 54 with a single char, and I have been...
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    Best Servers for World of Warcraft?

    PVP servers rock because of raids. Sure it sux to be on the wrong end of a raid, but it is still fun to bitch slap some horde. I seem to always have to repell horde from southshore, but here is my guild plus some others doing a raid on freewind post a few days back. This is before like 30...
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    Best Servers for World of Warcraft?

    I play on Azgalor, but i believe the server is pretty full. I'm currently a 54 paladin and occassionally get ganked. However, it is happening less and less now. Maybe because i'm too high level for anybody cept a higher level shaman to solo. Of course I still get that occasional griefer who...
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    Need a reliable notebook HDD - please help i am desparate

    Dang either you guys have the worst luck or your mishandling your notebook. NEVER EVER move it when it is on. That includes carrying down the hall to a meeting or carrying it to your room. Little bumps and jossling it around can cause problems with the spinning hd. The solution to all this...
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    Old EQ player... now not as much time... which MMORPG

    I play WoW myself and I think the gfx are fine. They are not fabulous, but just crank it up. It actually looks pretty good at 1600x1200 w/ 4x fsaa. I find that if i play any lower resolution it looks like shit though. Also be advised that lag is not just a problem now. There has always been...
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    WoW: question about RP servers

    I love fighting shaman because they are as cocky as us paladins. One of them same level tried to gank me when i had half health fighting a mob, popped my shield healed up so the mob jumped to him. Then i proceeded to bitch slap his ass. It was funny to see him get disarmed like 5 times in the...
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    WOW Duels, do you use potions

    Shoot, i ain't wasting a potion on a duel, of course i'm a paladin so i really don't need too :).
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    WoW: question about RP servers

    And why are paladins KOS? Shoot i know a lot of people on Azgalor try to gank me and get their asses killed in the process. Kinda funny really. Of course there are several times when i get ganked by an entire party or some level 60. Other than that as a lvl 50 paladin i can usually hold my own.
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    2.1Ghz mobile processor running at 633Mhz,?!?

    I wouldn't suggest setting your laptop to always on unless you have some cooling for it. The default cooling is usually not adequate to have the laptop run at top speed for extended periods of time. You might get some lockups or have shorten the lifespan of it. If you want it to run at full...
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    HL2 CD Key HELP!!!

    Yep, don't know what to tell you guys other than valve sux. I bought hl2 off of steam, and haven't had any problems, but just all the bs I have heard about from others has pretty much convinced me not to buy another thing from them again. Crap like this is exactly why they shouldn't bundle...
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    Best Gaming laptop for under $1,400

    Your right, doesn't say anywhere on there. I have that same laptop from another site and it came with a 1 year warranty. I assume that is the standard warranty, but you would have to email mwave and ask.
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    Best Gaming laptop for under $1,400 The compal cl56 is great, I have one and love it. I would suggest getting the 60gb 5400rpm hd, 1gb of ram, and 1.8ghz cpu though. That will make it right around $1400. You suggest athlon 64, but if he wants mobility and...
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    remove laptop battery for always on?

    Why does everybody bring up the memory thing with batteries. Lithium ion batteries do not have this problem. They also benefit from shallow charges, which can actually extend the life of the battery. Leaving your laptop running 24/7 w/ battery in is fine. I mean sure electronics are more...
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    WoW Locking on Install?

    My WoW cds sucked, and would cause my laptop to lockup the installer. However, my computer wouldn't crash or anything. So i ripped the cds on my desktop and burnt them on some cdrs with alcohol and installed beautifully after that. Kinda sad when a burnt cd is read better than a stamped one...
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    What have I become?

    Alright, I have been playing wow too, but noway in hell would I consider playing 12-14hrs in a day. The game is fun, but I mainly only play it at night. I guess if some people play over 12hrs/day since it came out, now I can see how some guy already reached the level cap. Actually feel sorry...
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    Is 1GB of ram starting to be the min. amount in gaming machines now instead of 512MB?

    Yep, have had a gig in my system for 2 years now. Haven't had any issues with any games. Of course my next system will have to have 2gb, but oh well, such is progress.
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    WoW Fastest Selling PC Game EVER!

    Well, it turns out my laptop can't even read the wow discs. I guess they have a crappy press or something. However, I was able to copy them with alcohol from my desktop onto some cdrs and finally got the game on both my laptop and desktop. Maybe I just got unlucky with my copy, anybody else...
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    WoW Fastest Selling PC Game EVER!

    I hope your right, because i noticed a box just sitting there at target and went ahead and bought it. If it turns out to suck i'm holding you personally responsible :D . Oh yeah, and what is up with the cheap paper sleeves for the cds, and the insanely long install time? I mean come on...
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    Best gaming laptop between $1500-$2000 usd?

    Light, thin, powerful, cheap. Only real "flaw" is the screen. However people seem to bring this up all the time like it is the worst screen in the world or something. Yes it doesn't have the viewing angle of some of the flashier screens but it also doesn't ghost like them either. Also one of...
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    Valve, you are pathetic

    Well i'm not gonna call the guy a loser for pirating the game, but to bitch about a game that you didn't pay for is bs. You guys all seem to act like pirating is this horrible thing and that they should all be lined up and shot. I bet there is not a single person on this forum that doesn't...
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    WoW Fastest Selling PC Game EVER!

    I guess i'm the only person alive who thinks blizzard hasn't made a good game since starcraft. Before that they were all pretty damn good. I loved warcraft 1 & 2, and starcraft. Diablo 1 was alright, but I found diablo2 to be just more of the same, and warcraft 3 just completely sucked...
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    The 2004 what notebook to get for x-mas thread.

    17" laptop + thin/light + good battery life = impossible. The smallest laptop you can get with a 17" screen is going to be over 1.5in thick and about 8lbs. That is assuming your using the standard run of the mill battery. However since the 17" sucks a lot of battery juice your looking at...
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    HL2 ending (spoilers obviously)

    ' Doom3 engine is exponentially better than the source engine. Leave the engine making to the pro's at ID and not the amateurs at valve. You can knock doom3 all day long, but it was quite obvious the doom3 engine was WAY above the source engine in gfx. Comparing the source engine to the...
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    Just Beat HL2 - My thoughts WITHOUT Spoilers...

    I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions, but don't assume that because you think the game is great that everybody else does as well. Now I think the game is definately to be considered one of the better fps this year, but I wouldn't consider it revolutionary nor would I think it is the...
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    HL2 vs. Doom 3.

    Personally, I think neither game offers anything revolutionary in terms of gameplay, and therefore could be considered dissapointing. I mean HL2 is supposed to be the sequel to the most popular fps of all. It sure don't feel like it. Wow we get a stinking air boat, big whoop. Halo had farcry...
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    Half Life 2 --- Not that great... ...for what I expected!

    Well, I personally think hl2 was a dissapointment as well, but for different reasons. First off, you complain about the storyline. I don't know about you, but give me a gun and give me somebody to shoot, I don't need any other reason to want to kill them. Call me sick and twisted I guess...
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    WT...I'm getting SICK playing Half-Life 2?

    Well, I played the entire game w/o getting physically ill. The only thing that made me sick was the ending, and that is only because it sux.
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    Hmmm, stuttering bad in HL2, or skipping?

    I had the same problem with the stupid freezing and looped audio. Thankfully installing the new nvidia drivers, switching to medium sound quality, and reducing the o/c on my card fixed it. No idea which one of them worked, since I did them all at once. I still get a slight pause when...