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    Lian Li PC-Q04 - new ITX case with no optical at all

    Just found this one on Lian Li's homepage but couldn't find any news articles about it. Dimensions are only marginally bigger than the PC-Q07. Link Anybody heard of it yet? It looks like a better out-of-the-box version of the PC-Q07 to me. Perforated bottom and mounting holes for a...
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    New gen of SFX PSUs by Be Quiet

    Just saw that Be Quiet will release new SFX PSUs until end of March: Danger! German language detected! The article basically says that there will be six new models in total: - two SFX models with 300 and 400W, both with 80 Plus Bronze and a new fan to ensure lower noise levels (to be...
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    ITX tower-style case w/ horizontal PSU mount?

    Does anyone know an ITX case in a Lian Li PC-Q11ish style having the PSU mounted in the roof or at least horizontally? Roof with mesh to pay tribute to stack effect can still be modded. I have this fully passive PSU (Seasonic X400-FL) flying around in my room on little wings of silence and...
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    Silverstone SST-ST30SF - semi-passive 300W SFX PSU

    I wondered...why has no one bothered to mention the SST-ST30SF from Computex or did I just overlook it? 300W and semi passive with no fan under 40% load and for 50 bucks (as per Toms Hardware) sound good. Also mentioned on Haswell compatibility list. Or is it only going to be OEM? Does anyone...