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    7950 CF on 750w.

    I have an antec 750w earth watts. And was wondering if its enough for 2x 7950 boost cf. Also running 4 sticks of ram, 2x HDD,, 1x WD raptor, 1x ssd, 2500k.
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    Playstation TV bundle $49.99

    Playstation tv bundle $49.99 @ GROUPON PlayStation TV streaming unit and media player DUALSHOCK 3 controller 8GB memory card Digital voucher for The LEGO Movie Videogame for PS Vita normally goes for $100 and I have seen it on sale for $70 before. *PS TV does not...
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    Stepmania PC

    hey everyone, I'm looking to build a PC for Stepmania (loading with 4,000-5,000 stepcharts) and recording gameplay off that with OBS software. Just looking for a really good home experience as I used to actively play ITG and would be so much easier to just play it at home with my OMEGA GX on the...
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    thermaltake refurb'ed sale [warm]

    was in the market for a full tower and stumbled upon this refurb section Thermaltake refurbs Just placed my order this morning as well some notable deals for refurbs, cases don't have any promo on shipping. full tower: Element V $52.99 + ship Urban S71 full-tower windowed...
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    soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day)

    soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day) cheaper than the egg currently for refurb @ $69.99 soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day)
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    Gohastings 45% off select used movies, games, books & cds

    LOADS of stuff on sale. valid only from 9/27 to 9/28 used code at checkout: CELEBRATEGOODTIMES promo page update: 9/29 expired
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    best tycoon/ business management games?

    I really love tycoon/business management games and I am itching to find something to play. I do have quite a few of them already, I know a bunch of tycoons were made already. and it would be awesome to hear what you guys would recommend, regardless of how old/new the game is. I have/ tried...
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    onboard upgrade to...DGX or DSX ?

    I actually just bought a DG but realized my mobo only has pci-e slots. So I am torn between the DGX and DSX I mainly use my pc for, gaming, music and voice. I use headphones a lot. So whichever card would you guys recommend for gaming and music overall? I realize the DGX has a headphone...
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    State of Decay

    I didn't see a thread about this game, so here's a thread! Just got this game for XBOX yesterday afternoon, and I am obsessed with it! :cool: currently only available for XBLA :( but will have a PC version coming later (hopefully this year) :rolleyes...
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    5d Classic?

    Debating whether or not I should still get the 5d Classic, is it still decent for this day and age (despite it's age?) My current gear so far: T2i with kit lens. tamron 75-300mm 4.5-5.6 Rokinon CS II 8mm Fisheye 3.5 Tamron 19-35mm 3.5-4.5 and a bunch of lenses from older mounts ( I have the...
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    razer arctosa $30, naga molten $40, death adder 3500 $20 (+$5 ship and all are refurb

    +$5 shipping for one item or $5 flat rate if you are buying multiple items, and are all refurbs. I'd replace my keyboard if I didnt get myself an SIII :/ Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset with Circumaural Design $40 Razer Salmosa Gaming Mouse $20 Razer Arctosa Silver Gaming Keyboard $30...
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    anyone else a bit excited for Legends of Pegasus?

    I normally play Sins of a Solar Empire but I just saw this while browsing the net. looks a bit interesting, but I'm probably gonna grab this after I get bored with Rebellion German Preview video (I think ) trailer...
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    warm? Raidmax X3 cpu cooler $8+ tax @ FRY's B&M YMMV

    picked it up at fry's Las Vegas when I was just browsing with my cousin. it appears as they are all open box but everything is inside and looks like-new condition the FRY's in vegas should have about 6~10 more left on the shelf supports: 1156/1366/775/AM2 item page @ raidmax product page...
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    case front I/O not matching motherboard front I/O

    solved: sorry I forgot about usb headers. FML if this is in the wrong section (sorry about that) Hey guys, this is the first time it has happened to me as I just got my first pricey board in the mail today and I realized that my case's front I/O doesn't match the ones on my board? Any...
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    Refurb ASUS AM3/AM3+ Crosshair motherboards $107-$157shipped @

    socket am3/am3+ motherboards @ geeks free shipping is included, tax applies only if in CA all refurb asus motherboards come with 90-day direct warranty regular price brand new ASUS Crosshair IV 890FX goes for $199.99 ASUS Crosshair V 990FX goes for $229.99 ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AMD...
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    black siberia v2 headset $39.99 + FS

    black siberia v2 headset $39.99 + 4.99 shipping @ 1saleaday it is brand new and has both mic and headphone jacks. they are at least $80 regular price. I've ordered a couple of times there and it seems that the time it takes for them to ship/process the order varies (my first order took...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Anthology $6.78 (digital download @ Gamersgate)

    Gamersgate has Dungeons & Dragons Anthology for $6.78! retail price is $19.99 also the digital version normally is also $19.99
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    EA750w sufficient for my upgrade?

    hey folks, I'm curious if the new rig I am currently building will work just fine on my current psu. I currently have a Antec EA750 earthwatts and I would like to run it with; storage: 2x 750gb Spin point, 1x 1tb wd video: 2x 5870 in CF ram: 16gb DDR3 ripjaws (4x4gb) cpu...
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    warm? Steel series 7H $40, SteelSeries 5Hv2 $30+ FS and more @ 1saleaday

    warm? you need to register to see the items (since they are in the flash deals section) shipping is free there's a bunch of other steel series stuff like Z board, shift keyboards, SC II and D 3 mousepads $9ea
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    Fender Starcaster Strat Electric Guitar starter kit $99.99+tax & FS

    Fender Starcaster Strat Electric Guitar starter kit $99.99+tax & FS 21- fret rosewood fretboard 10watt amp a side deal is amazon and bestbuy both have rocksmith for xbox 360 and ps3 for $59.99 both free ship, but amazon has no sales tax.
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    recommendation for $150~$200 sound set up (headphones and soundcard)

    hey guys I need a recommendation for A $150~$200 sound set up (headphones and soundcard) I currently use on-board audio on my gigabyte m68m-s2 motherboard and my current headset is siberia neckband gaming headset I just hate it mainly cause it droops down my ears all the time. specs for my...
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    warm clearance on select ps3/wii/ds/360 games @ Target YMMV

    here's some of what I saw on clearance at Target in Las Vegas and with a rough estimate of how many copies were left titles may vary by store, I wish my target had more pc games on clearance :( Wii Monster Hunter Tri $9.98 3~5 360 Stoked BIG...
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    Steam game launch issue

    I have a problem, all of my games stuck on "scanning for steam games updates..." I tried disabling auto-updates for my games and tried to verify game integrity to manually update it, but still doesn't work, reinstall doesn't work either. This is how the message looks like...
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    battlefield 3 PC $47.98 AC

    newegg has battlefield 3 PC preorder for $47.98 after $12 coupon: EMCYTZT796 at checkout, not sure if it works on 360 and ps3 versions edit: Sorry, I forgot the deal was only valid for 48hours.
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    Guitar Hero games on clearance @ TRU B&M YMMV

    got this from SD, Toys R Us. B&M YMMV whole list of Guitar Hero games here are some of the deals (they are multiplatform I'm juist linking the xbox ones:cool:)...
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    anyone else getting MS points out of nowhere?

    I saw some articles about "mystery MS points" being given onto various Live accounts, I heard it was whatever you earned in the XBL rewards program x6 or x7? I had 80 MS points 2 days ago or yesterday. Checked to see my MS points like 20 mins ago and I now have 780 MS points, and my pending XBL...
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    recommend me some xbox 360 games

    hey all, So last weekend I got myself an xbox 360 elite 120gb (manufactured 1-20-10) from Amazon. I normally play pc games and right now the games I have for the 360 are: Crackdown Fight Night Round 3 <--- multiplayer is dead :( Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST High School Musical 3 with dance pad (don't...
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    PC Driving games sale @ D2D, Blur $9.95, Split Second $7.50 and more PC Driving games sale @ D2D Blur $9.95 Split Second $7.50 Dirt 2 $4.95 NFS Hot Pursuit $14.95 and some more other driving games use code "MARCHMADNESS" to save an extra 20% at checkout
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    [warm] GamersGate anniversary sale! PC games (digital copies)

    GamersGate anniversary sale! PC games (digital copies) the sale will be changing every week for 4 weeks. here is this week's games on sale some games include: Company of heroes $3.74 mirror's edge $4.99 Disciples 2 Gold $2.49
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    any recommendations of J-RPGs on on 360 & PS3?

    any recommendations of J-RPGs on 360 & PS3? Debating whether or not to grab a PS3 or a 360 for some JRPG games that I've been missing out on. I currently own a PS2, Dreamcast and my gaming pc. any recommendations for JRPG games on the 360 & PS3? any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bloody Good Time PC $2.49 @ UBISOFT

    Bloody Good Time PC $2.49 [regular price is $5] @ UBISOFT blooody good time @ ubisoft store
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    GTA IV: Complete Edition $9.95 @ D2D 11/19 only

    GTA IV: Complete Edition $9.95 for PC @ D2D 11/19 only GTA IV D2D Complete Edition
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    metal dance pads for stepmania

    hey guys, long time ITG/DDR player here, and I just don't have the time to go to the arcade to play the songs from the flashdrives. So I'm planning on getting a metal dance pad for the pc for stepmania, has anyone ordered any metal dance pads from ? Would like to know how...
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    EA Store sale, Mass Effect 2 $9.97, Mass Effect 1 $9.97 3 day sale EA Store halloween sale on digital versions of games for pc below. Mass Effect 2 $9.97 Mass Effect 1 $9.97 BFBC 2 $14.97 dead space $9.97
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    need some psu recommendation

    hey folks, so I just need some psu recommendations due to upgrading my rig pretty soon. I may buy the psu depending on whether or not my friend sells his spare one to me (he has a HPC 1200w power supply) psu price range: $70-$80 shipped current specs of my rig: - Gigabyte M68M-SM - 2x 2gb OCZ...
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    hot? $55 athlon II x445 @ Fry's B&M YMMV

    hot or warm? $55 athlon II x3 445 @ Fry's B&M YMMV saw this in the Las Vegas ad for Fry's. $54.99 before tax. Las Vegas fry's ad newegg has it for $77.99 shipped edit: my thread title is wrong it should be "athlon II x3 445" can a mod please fix that? -thanks
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    2x Shattered Horizon & 1x Rhythm Zone guest passes

    Hey Folks, got 3 guest passes on steam that I am gonna be giving away. None of my friends want them so first come first serve. pm me with your email you use for steam, and the guest pass you want. guest passes ----------------------- 2x Shattered Horizon........ all shattered horizone guest...
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    Kodak Zx1 $34.99+ tax @ Dell

    Kodak Zx1 Blue @ dell deal lasts till the 26th. $34.99+tax [free shipping]= mine came out to $37.82 :D Video capture H.264 (MOV), AAC LC Video quality HD60: 720p at 60 fps--16:9 HD: 720p at 30 fps--16:9 (default) VGA: 640 x 480--4:3 Storage 128 MB internal memory*...
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    [warm?] EA Store Summer Weekend Sale! Ends on 8/15

    Did a quick search and saw no one has posted this yet, btw these are only Digital Copies [warm?] EA Store Summer Weekend Sale! Ends on 8/15 NFS: Undercover $4.97 Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box $7.49 NFS: Shift $22.46