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    Question about the Diablo 3 player demographic.

    The last couple posts in the Diablo 3 Release Date thread got me to wondering how big a correlation there is between "Hardcore" vs. "Non-hardcore" D2 players and their thoughts (like/hate) on the D3 beta. I'm curious if the majority of those that "hate" D3 are the hardcore players and most of...
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    Help getting source IP out of system event log

    Hey folks, I figure I can't be the only one that's ever wanted to get at this information easily, so hopefully some of you can help me out. In the Security Event Log (Server 2k8 R2), for logon audit failures, it logs the source IP address in the event details. I'm trying to find an...
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    Alice: Madness Returns

    Did a quick search and didn't see anything about this. I played, finished, and loved the original American McGee's Alice, and have been looking forward to this game for quite some time now. Any other fans of the original looking forward to this? Comes out on Tuesday. Me being a cheap...
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    Troubles in Lego Harry Potter

    Hey all - posting this in here cause this is out for both PC and console, and while I bought a console version, I figured I'd get more views here, and hopefully a solution. I've recently purchased Lego Harry Potter for Wii. I ran into a problem that hopefully one of you guys can help with...
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    Looking for "photo printing = yes & printheads = no"; does it exist?

    Looking for a color printer that is decent with photos (but that can also do general all-around color printing) that is NOT inkjet-based. From the available alternatives, color laser are good "all-around" color printers, but not generally the best for photos/images, and color dye sub printers...
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    Non-violent "First Person" games?

    Anyone know if there are non-violent/kid-friendly "first person" games or game mods out there? My 5 year old sometimes sees me playing my games and wants to try/play "cool games" like dad plays. Trouble is, that they're mostly all violent shooter type games that I don't approve of him playing...
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    Mythos being revived!

    Saw this on the Shacknews headlines on the side of the front page, and I thought I'd share for those who played/followed the game when it was still housed under Flagship. Full Article: Game Website: Glad to see that...
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    FakeFactory Conematics Mod 10 is out - anyone have a decent download source?

    So, I see that FakeFactory's Cinematics Mod v10 came out just a couple weeks ago. Trying to find a decent download link for it, though, has been a little challenging. The official download site has a series of 50 RapidShare links. That would be painful, but doable, if not for the 2.5 minute...
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    Any (non race) Driving Games?

    Why aren't there (or are there and I just don't know about them) any MS Flight Sim-style driving games out there? Many people greatly enjoy being able to virtually get in a plane and fly around the country/world - enjoying true to life looking airports, roads, and scenery. Has there ever been...
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    MPICH SMP client permission issues?

    Reference files: So, I'd been waiting on a new power supply before I started folding on my new rig, and finally got it not too long ago. Downloaded the GPU2 client and got that up and running on my GTX260...
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    No more demos?

    I recently upgraded my computer, and started looking into the games that have interested me lately, as I haven't gotten anything new in a while. Let's see if we can spot a trend. Mirror's Edge - No Demo Available Far Cry 2 - No Demo Available Left 4 Dead - No Demo Available Fallout 3 - No...
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    Spore Activation Revoke Tool?

    I know that EA has said that they're working on a "revoke tool" for Spore which would basically allow you to get one of your activations back automatically when you uninstall the game (in effect you would never run out of activations due to rebuilds / reinstalls so long as you remember to...
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    ATT Wireless RMA question

    Anyone here work for / dealt with ATT Wireless' Warranty RMA service? I have a Samsung Blackjack II that got a *tiny* bit of water spilled on it. It has thoroughly dried and completely works save for one thing. When the screen should go black for powersave, it instead fades to a bright white...
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    American McGee's Grimm: A Boy Learns What Fear Is - FREE TODAY ONLY!

    The American McGee's Grimm episodes will be free to download from GameTap on the day they come out only, after that you will have to buy it. Get today's episode here:
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    Decent MP3 player for cheap?

    Hey all, Haven't really been into the whole mp3 player scene before, as I didn't travel much except for in a car, where I could listen to a CD or the radio. Anyways, it looks like I'm going to have to start supporting an office in Salt Lake City a couple times a month, which involves a ~1.5 hr...
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    What games have you pulled all-nighters playing?

    A thread over in GenMay got me to thinking about the games that I've ended up pulling all-nighters (not just late-nighters, mind you) playing - usually unintentionally and when I could ill-afford the lack of sleep. First ones to come to mind for me are Diablo (both 1 and 2), Sim City (2k and...
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    Oct 10 Wii system update officially adds USB keyboard support

    New update out today. Officially adds usb keyboard support for the main menu, Shop Channel, and I *think* everybody votes channel, and Internet channel, though I have not had opportunity to test that myself. Anyone that has a keyboard handy can test it for us?
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    temporary video card

    So my aging video card just kicked the bucket. I was running a 6800 OC (old and busted, yeah I know). Anways, I think I want to wait on the 10.1 compatible cards for my next big purchase, but that means I need something to tide me over in the mean time. I figure that I should be able to equal...
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    Rebuilding a Console Radio

    Ok, this project has been a very long time in the making, but I'm finally at the point where I can get somewhere with it. This is going to be primarily a weekend project, so no guarantees on how speedy things will go. Overview: Bought a Console Stereo at the local GoodWill Instead of...
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    "New message in subscribed thread" icon won't go away

    Posted in the Genmay thread about lawnmowers this morning, and since then the thread always shows the "new message in subscribed thread" icon (this one: ). Now aside from this, it usually displays this icon for me whenever I refresh the main page after posting in a thread myself (telling me...
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    Price Check: Cooler Master ATCS 201

    Well, I outgrew my ATCS 201 case, held by many to be one of the all time greats. Planning to list it over in FS/FT, so that maybe someone else can enjoy it. Since I have no idea what would be a good asking price for it (and since I was given permission to), I'm posting a price check thread to...
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    More Wii's are on the way

    Apparently, Nintendo has finally realized that they aren't making enough Wii's to go around. Iwata says they're going to start ramping up production. Story:
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    PC Gamer LotR Online Exclusive Item Code Swap

    Just got my June issue of PC Gamer, and it has a code for two exclusive in game items for LotR Online. I know that I'm not going to be buying/playing the game, so I figured I'd throw it up here for someone who WILL be able to use it. Also, I figure that there are probably others in the same...
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    Wii internet channel FINAL now LIVE!!!

    Posting this from the final version of the Wii Internet channel. Clearer, faster, and sexier than ever!! ...Free through JUNE 2007 ONLY!!
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    Live HDD install --> VMware image. Doable?

    I'm looking for some way to create a disk image of a live install on an existing HDD that I can use as a source for for some type of VMware like application (VMware, Virtual PC, other?). Anyone know what would be involved in accomplishing this? I do have Norton Ghost, as well, if it helps (not...
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    Hellgate: London requiring subscription fees for online play?!? - confirmed What the fuck is this??? I was so looking forward to this game and only just now come to be told that I have to pay an MMO-like subscription fee to play with friends online or else I only get half a game? NO THANK YOU! Article says Roper is now...
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    suggestion: search before posting a new thread

    I recently registered on another site's forum, and they had a really neat feature implemented there. Before you could post a new thread, you had to tick a checkbox attesting that you did, in fact, do a search about your question or topic before creating this new one: Now, I realize that...
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    Speaker build for a console stereo

    A while back, I picked up a console stereo at the local Goodwill, with the intention of gutting it, and turning it into a modern stereo/mp3 server with that original classic look (pics are offline for a few days while I change hosting providers). Anyways, some time ago, I asked about this...
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    Why do you play video games?

    Some recent discussion in here has made me wonder what draws you guys to video games (PC, Console, or whatever). I can guess at some probable reasons, but I want to hear what you all say. Why do you play video games? For me, it's because they're fun - it's like a movie - an escape...
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    Use Windows Defender with Windows 2000!!

    Apologies in advance if this breaks any forum rules. If so, Mods please feel free to lock/delete this thread. Apparently Windows Defender's inability to run under Windows 2000 is completely artificial (not that none of us suspected this beforehand). Some resourceful gents figured out how to...
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    What's your slot?

    With the "discussion" (and I use the term VERY loosely) going on in the other thread, I thought I'd see if we can get a count of what people are actually running in their main rig RIGHT NOW. Not next week, last week, or 2 months from Have at. I think this'll be interesting.
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    The Hall of Unfinished Mods

    I was reading another reply in TopNurse's Feeding Frenzy project, and it got me to thinking about all the other promising mods that have come through here but, sadly never got finished. A couple more from me, then let's see what you guys remember seeing forgotten along the side of the road...
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    Looking for perforated/mesh drive bezels

    I've been thinking about getting a stacker to give myself more room in my case. Thing is, that if I get it, I'm going to want to swap out all the black drive bezels for silver ones. From what I can tell, the only ones around that are premade are these from Lian Li. Does anyone know where one...
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    Problem with a network I inherited (Active Directory)

    I inherited responsibility for a small Active Directory network after the previous "official" IT person left. Since I'm the next most knowledgeable around, I got stuck with things. I kinda know my way around Active Directory, but was self taught, and haven't run into anything like this before...
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    Most Efficient Full or Mid Tower Case for Air Cooling?

    Search didn't do much for me as "best cooling" returns about 10,000 threads in here. Basically I'm looking for suggestions on what the best full tower and mid tower cases are for air cooling. Pure thermal efficiency. For what I want, looks and silence are secondary. Given that, if possible...
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    Recommend me a DVD player $100 - $150

    So the DVD player I have now (set top, not htpc) is a POS, and as I recently increased in age ($$), I'd like to replace it. I'm looking for another set top player, divx decoding would be nice, but not essential. I've seen some that do upsampling in the player itself, but I don't know how...
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    Weirdness with 91.31 on 6800nu AGP

    Ok, I recently updated my drivers to 91.31 as mentioned in the thread title. Since then, there are two things I have been unable to figure out. I'm hoping someone else can help. First thing relates to the first image below. This little balloon pops up every time I start my computer, and...
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    Question on mounting hard drives.

    I've been thinking off and on about building a ground up costom case for my comp, and one thing I'm undecided about still is the HDD mounting mechanism. Should they be up front middle/bottom aligned with the case (classic style), mounted sideways at the top? sideways at the bottom? somewhere...
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    Enabling the "folder up" button in vista?

    Like the title says, I'm trying to sort out how to add the "folder up" button back into the new UI. I even thought I read a few posts being exchanged in one fo the vista threads here about it. However, since we can't search for 2 letter words, I was unable to find it. If anyone knows how to...
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    Language filter behavior

    I was having trouble with some links I was trying to post in the case modding section not working (went to the website). Finally figured out that part of the URL was being flagged/changed by the language filter, and I thought that it was a really odd character string to disallow...