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    Steam Autumn Sale starts 11/26/2014

    YOINK! Here is the damage so far: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - $11.99 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - $19.99 Outlast - $9.99 Wolfenstein: The New Order - $20.39 --- TOTAL = $62.36 Might wait for the big Christmas sale for these unless they drop below $20: Alien: Isolation...
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    [H] users 7970 Overclock Results thread

    Results 1100 Core 1500 RAM 1.250 volts (1.613 Mem) Type of Card Sapphire HD7970 Dual-X OC with Boost Overclock Tool MSI Afterburner 3.0.0. Beta 10 Stability Test Valley Extreme HD 1920x1080p without artifacts 30 minutes of Metro Last light 1920x1080p Very High with 2xSSAO without artifacts...
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    AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta Drivers

    Been using these on a newly installed 7970 - no issues so far.
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    AMD Announces "Level Up with Never Settle Reloaded" Promotion

    Was going to wait for the 8xxx series, but this is tempting. Would a 7950 suffice for me? I play at 1920x1200 (sometimes 1920x1080) on a 27" screen. Or just get a 7970 and leave no doubt about maxing out everything :)
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    Blizzard Pushes Diablo III Multiplayer Update

    I un-installed it. What I missed most was the lack of synergy between classes. To give one example, in d2 you could have a pally with concentration aura, another one with fanaticism, necro curse with amp damage...this made it ridiculously fun to chop through enemies. They didn't need to make...
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    5870 owners - are you upgrading soon or waiting for 8 series or ...?

    This thing was a beast and still has a bite :) I've been using the sapphire 5870 for about 3 years now. Left it at stock. No issues at all. To my surprise, it even let me play metro 2033 (advanced dof off, everything else on) and crysis 2 with fraps at 1920x1080 on a 27" monitor. Last thing...
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    CryEngine3 Tech Trailer

    *looks nervously at his 5870*
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    NASA's Curiosity Rover to Land on Mars This Weekend

    Overall success rate is shy of 50%, but landing rovers is much better @ 80%. Anyway, I'll be on pins & needles this evening!
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    Hard Gaming Diablo 3 BattleTag List

    regulat0r#1558 Wizard Is anyone around lvl 28-35? I just started act 1 NM. I think I should roll a few new classes so I have a spread across levels depending on who is on :)
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    Must Watch Claymation Video of the Day

    lol, awesome claymation! I loved the original, one of my all time faves.
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    Diablo 3 Beta

    I don't have the beta. I'm just reading the forums when I can. Something I loved about D2 was the synergies between different classes and aura stacking: For example: Paladin 1 = Concentration aura Paladin 2 = Fanaticism aura +Might Aura from act 2 hireling Necromancer = Amplify Damage...
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    Any older gamers out there?

    Wow, look at all the ol' farts! :p I'm 32, and have yet to tire of gaming.
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    NASA Image of the Day

    Sweet pic! Can't wait till MSL gets there...
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    Most Horrifying Video Ever

    The horror...the horror...
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    Where is Skyrim screenshot thread?

    I installed skyrim a couple of days ago and have done nothing but mods for the past couple of days (most of the top 100 on skyrimnexus and tweaks from [h] and that nvidia tweak page). The screenshot below shows what it currently looks like and I'm very pleased with the results. This is on...
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    Skyrim Modding Megathread

    Hey all, I'll be picking up skyrim this week. Looking at the mods of this game is a little overwhelming , but I've been able to narrow it down by checking the skyrim nexus site as well as the first page of this thread. This is what I've come up with so far: (keeping vanilla feel as much as...
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    Steve Jobs Dead

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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    Windows 7 Hybrid sleep is where it's at!
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    Blizzard Pushes Out Diablo III Release Date Until 2012

    I'm not surprised, Blizzard games almost always come out later than expected. This gives more time to catch up on my backlog :) Because when D3 is released, my backlog will mysteriously cease to exist.
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    Metro : Last night, looks...

    Killed the dark ones?? Looks like Last Light assumes you chose the default ending in metro 2033. The gorilla looking things at the end must be the librarians. People had a hard time with them. However, a fully charged volt driver or hellsing to the face works wonders :)
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    THQ states "Metro Last Light to be the poster child for high-end PCs"

    I still can't beleive my 5870 let me play metro 2033 with FRAPS at 1920x1200. I had d3doverrider running in the background for vsync. As long as I had Advanced DOF off, I can honestly say 95% of the game was smooth. Yes, there were some slow/choppy parts like when you first meet Hunter or if...
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    FBI: Gangs Communicate Using PlayStation Network

    hah! I remember that. I wonder how they felt reading about Mankrik's wife for the millionth time. /pity
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    What should Skyrim bring from Oblivion?

    Yes! We need target practice!
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    Lawyers Find Cheaper Way To Identify BitTorrent Users

    Got bintube a while back and haven't looked back :)
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    Battlefield 3: Paris Multiplayer Gameplay Video

    oh boy, hope by 5870 can handle it!
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    Your Spouse Is Spying On You

    What if she says ok, but it has to be a MMF :eek:
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    Malwarebytes Quietly Becomes a Big Player

    Same here, W7 pro, just MSE + chrome + "NotScript" (lol). I'll give Super Anti Spyware a try for a month just to see if it picks anything.
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    NASA Spacecraft is Orbiting Giant Asteroid

    When I first read that, I couldn't help but think that I was reading some sci-fi script. How many times have you seen a flick where they talk about ion propulsion drives and dwarf planets...Then a split-second later, the hairs on my arm stood up, as this is no longer fiction, but science fact...
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    70 Year-Old Grandma Threatened Over BitTorrent Download

    Tell 'em you were looking for distroz, granny.
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    Metro: Last Light E3 Gameplay Demo

    Damn, that trailer was bad ass. I love Metro 2033...I mean I fucking love it, but on the ranger hardcore difficulty, if you get detected, you're pretty much fucked. So, I hope Last Light allows usage of more "loud" weapons, without it being your death sentence for the rest of the level :)
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    What games are you currently playing from the Steam sale?

    My steam sale "damage" was only $5 for Aliens v Predator. I'll start it up once I finish Mass Effect 2. Because I'm a completionist, I have to finish a game completely before moving on. WTB more hours in a day :(
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    Mouse Belt Buckle

    Coming soon: Keyboard, monitor, and full tower pc case belt buckles!
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    The Game Worship Temple thread

    I know I'll probably forget some, but here goes off the top of my head: FPS --- Wolfenstein 3D -- My first true computer game! Doom I & II -- First ever Deathmatch! Quake -- Internets Deathmatch! Half Life series RPG --- Diablo I & II RTS --- Warcraft series Starcraft series...
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    Start Folding the Easy Way!!

    Sorry for the necro, but there seems to be two different guides for newbies to set up the folding@home client. There is this thread started by nitrobass24 on 9/29/10 and the sticky has the "multi-core SMP" client by Zero82z posted 4/26/10. So, I figured I'll follow the more recent one. I'd...
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    PS3 and netflix

    Yes, I have been having issues with Netflix on the PS3 lately ( I have the 80G fat). As stated earlier, I've had to turn it off and turn it back on which seems to work most of the time. It's fine on the PC. It feels like all this started happening after the PSN was brought back online after...
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    New RAGE Vid - Behind the scene at id software

    Sweet. I can live with that :)
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    New RAGE Vid - Behind the scene at id software

    I haven't had time to read up on it, does anyone know how much of the game is driving vs. combat? I don't mind the driving parts, but I would prefer if it was something like 20:80 in favor of combat.
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    How Bad is Your Backlog?

    Not as bad as some of you, but I wish it was smaller. CURRENTLY PLAYING Batman: Arkham Asylum [PS3] Mass Effect 2 [PC] UP NEXT Crysis 2 [PC] Dead Space 2 [PS3] Dragon Age 2 [PC] Duke Nukem Forever [PC] Fallout New Vegas [PC] Heavy Rain [PS3] Portal 2 [PC] Uncharted 1 [PS3] Uncharted 2 [PS3]...