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    Amazon Deal of the day on computer components

    god damn everytime I'm at work I miss everything.
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    The Only Game Review Site You'll Ever Need

    the website. lmao. it also hurts my eyes to read haha
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    Rainbox Six Siege - Beta Codes

    Used this code, Thanks!
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    I didn't buy that much DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE Thief Town Gift Slender: The Arrival RER2/BHR2 Episode One: Penal Colony Betrayer Miasmata Fight The Dragon DreadOut 3DMark Advanced Cook, Serve, Delicious! LISA Killer is Dead Miscreated 4-pack ARK: Survival Evolved
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    7950 CF on 750w.

    I have an antec 750w earth watts. And was wondering if its enough for 2x 7950 boost cf. Also running 4 sticks of ram, 2x HDD,, 1x WD raptor, 1x ssd, 2500k.
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    Playstation TV bundle $49.99

    Playstation tv bundle $49.99 @ GROUPON PlayStation TV streaming unit and media player DUALSHOCK 3 controller 8GB memory card Digital voucher for The LEGO Movie Videogame for PS Vita normally goes for $100 and I have seen it on sale for $70 before. *PS TV does not...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    needs to be bigger than Cloud's sword. :D
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    Command and Conquer, Help me Remember

    here's what I found G C GDILOSE 2097912 Scorpion breaking through wall with GDI logo was that the video??
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    Last night, there was an OD who drafted, arcane orb + aftershock. It was retarded since he carried his entire team, normally aftershock isn't supposed to proc with any auto-cast abilities, but for some reason it did with arcane orb. Oh yeah New Bloom earlier this year, I didn't enjoy it as...
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    I'm gonna get hated for this but, does anyone else play ability draft aside from me? It's the only game type I play when I'm soloing, but that shit is either extremely fun, or extremely stupid haha. One of the most fun builds I had was Bloodseeker, with riki invis, hoof stomp, mana drain, and...
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    Top 10 Games that you played in the past year. 2015 Edition.

    Dota 2 Cities: Skylines Xenonauts Lethal League Magic 2015 Insurgency GTA V Akiba's Trip Amnesia 2 Influent
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announcement Trailer

    brb changing pants. looks exciting, gotta reinstall HR after seeing this!
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    How many games on your Steam wishlist + category use?

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    Stepmania PC

    Thanks for the input guys! That 600w evga is a good deal, and cases looks like silverstone is the way to go, does anyone have any experience with nmediapc cases? actually come to think of it, the silverstone cases you guys linked both have better ventilation. Thanks and closing this.
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    Stepmania PC

    hey everyone, I'm looking to build a PC for Stepmania (loading with 4,000-5,000 stepcharts) and recording gameplay off that with OBS software. Just looking for a really good home experience as I used to actively play ITG and would be so much easier to just play it at home with my OMEGA GX on the...
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    thermaltake refurb'ed sale [warm]

    was in the market for a full tower and stumbled upon this refurb section Thermaltake refurbs Just placed my order this morning as well some notable deals for refurbs, cases don't have any promo on shipping. full tower: Element V $52.99 + ship Urban S71 full-tower windowed...
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    Best MMOs To Play Solo

    agreed with gw2 for solo play. Finished the game on solo. was a fun game. swtor is pretty fun too but i got bored at lvl 18.
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    soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day)

    cheaper than the egg. newegg has it listed for $69.99
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    soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day)

    soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day) cheaper than the egg currently for refurb @ $69.99 soundblaster Z refurb $54.99+ FS (1sale a day)
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    just tried it out, it's alright. but I got bored pretty fast, the game felt like it was dragging on. ended up getting number 1 on my team on my first match! (everyone was focused on killing and not doing objective -.-) and yeah its very limited for the customization options for the gun options...
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    90% off coupons!!on many selected items. Expiring soon! hurry!

    I am full on erect from maverick's reply hahahahahah
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    Starbound available for preorder!

    found this on their reddit. hahahaha on a side note, the game is like crack. Just bought it on thursday. and had spent 19 hours on it since then :D
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    what's up with 79xx prices?

    tempted to sell mine off too :/
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    HOT! 3ds XL + zelda $150 @ target BF

    Just pretend you're reading a book or magazine, but play with the 3DS instead. haha that or leave it at home! I've been debating a 3DS purchase for the last couple of months as well!
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    Which Steam free to play games for a girl?

    I managed to get my girlfriend to play spiral knights on steam. she loves the gameplay and the art style
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    GTA VI Already Has 45 Years Worth of Ideas Lined Up

    QFT. I agree. GTA online is pretty fun, only shit I hate is when people talk and their mic's shitty.
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    Acer AS5516 - Upgradable?

    just saw this thread now, I had this laptop laying around the house for a little over a year. I got myself the tl-58 for $4! does anyone know if the 5516 has an upgradeable video card? I would love to use this for cs go.
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    How strict were your parents on violent videogames?

    my parents weren't strict at all, when I wanted an M rated game, my parents would ask why I needed them to go to gamestop/blockbuster with me and after I told them, they didn't mind at all each time.
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    How do you find the time for gaming?

    I have fulltime job and gf. I cut my sleep hours, or game on days off..... when not with the gf
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    Gohastings 45% off select used movies, games, books & cds

    Knowing The Day After Tomorrow Pandorum Evolution Jurassic Park The Lost World: Jurassic Park Contact/Sphere paid $14.47 after tax and shipping for all those dvds halo reach came out to 6.68 after ship and tax
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    Gohastings 45% off select used movies, games, books & cds

    LOADS of stuff on sale. valid only from 9/27 to 9/28 used code at checkout: CELEBRATEGOODTIMES promo page update: 9/29 expired
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    270/280X to be slower than 7950/7970GHz

    damn, I needa grab another 7950 soon.
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    is my friends cpu bottlenecking his system?

    odd, i had my 940 running stock and a 5870 1gb (isnt the 6950 just a tad bit faster?) and was running mid-high at 1080p 2 years ago and was getting 30-75fps. when i switched to a new platform (2500k and 12gb ddr3 with same gpu) definitely smoother, minimum fps was 55 on 2500k (stock) instead of...
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    Grand theft auto V thread.

    should be easy**
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    Grand theft auto V thread.

    the aiming and controls in general are pretty good! aiming isnt too bad, you can turn auto aim off/on, controls take a bit to get used to, but after a few hours it dhoilf be pretty easy! btw gamestpp has a promo on select used games for 50% off, just pm me and i can senf you the list in case...
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    So... GTA V...

    fuuu im at work right now and i cant pick it up at gamestop till morning -.- hope everyone is having fun!!!!
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    Warm? WD 3tb external drive $89

    Found it 109.99 before coupon RECOMSR1392 at checkout brings it to 89.99 WD My Book Essential 3TB USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 Black External Hard Drive WDBACW0030HBK-NESN
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    Dino Crisis. The one IP that should have been rebooted before all others...

    Though I haven't played Dino Crisis when I had a playstation a long time ago. I would love to see a game like "State of Decay" but replace the zombies with dinosaurs. That would be fucking insane. Running from a pack of raptors, or when you make too much noise and a T-rex spots you, and you run...
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    Free cloud storage--> Copy(app, the name of it is Copy)

    Thanks, here's mine