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    Free Copy of Mass Effect 2 with Purchase of Dragon Age 2

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you guys know that if you've already bought, or will be buying Dragon Age 2 before April 30, you can go here to receive a free Mass Effect 2 key to redeem on EA's download manager by submitting the Entitlement Key, aka the key used to unlock the Black...
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    Blacklight: Tango Down

    Hey everyone, i didnt see a thread for this game so i thought id start one :) anyways, i was wondering what the impressions are from everyone who has played this? And if you havent, the trial allows you one full hour of in game time as if you purchased the full version, so id recommend at...
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    Red Dead Redemption Reviews

    Well, i dont know about you guys, but i myself am really excited for Red Dead Redemption :D And on that note, here's the first two reviews for the game: Game Informer: 9.75 Games TM: 9 And here are scans of the reviews: Game Informer Part 1 Game Informer Part 2 Games TM Part 1 Games TM...
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    Killing Floor Guest Passes

    Hey everyone, i was just going through steam and i noticed that i have two guest passes available for Killing Floor, and i wanted to make sure they got used before they expire, so whoever wants one just post here and ill send it to you, free of charge, except i wouldnt mind a starcraft 2 friend...
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    First i7 920 OC

    Hey everyone, i just started OC'ing my 920, and i thought itd be a good idea to post here and get some feedback from everyone whos already been at for a while :D Anyways here are some screenshots of the OCs i did: 4 GHz: 4 GHz ( Lower Voltages ): 4.2 Ghz: Can someone...
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    i7 920 Temps

    Hey everyone, just got my TRUE in the mail for my new build, and i just wanted to make sure my temps are fine and are where they should be. I'm also running the TRUE in push/pull with to Scythe Ultra Kaze 3K rpm fans, though i may switch them for the Scythe Slip Stream 1900 rpm to lower the...
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    New Intel G2 SSD

    Hey everyone, just completed my new build with an intel g2 160gb ssd for the main drive :D Also, sry for another intel g2 thread, its just thought it seemed different people had different views on a lot of different things, so i wasnt really sure which side to listen to anyways, i...
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    Quick Evga x58 Classified Question

    Hey everyone, i just finished my new build with the 760 classified, and i was wondering if there was anyway to make the computer stay at the start screen on boot, like where it says press esc for boot menu, del for setup, and information about the cpu, ram, etc, and press f1 to continue. my...
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    Maingear Shift Case

    hey everyone, i just saw Maingear's new Shift, and the first thing that grabbed me (and still is) is the case. and im just wondering if anyone knows how to buy the case itself and how much it will cost. personally, its one of the sexiest cases ive seen :D
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    Another 12GB vs 6GB Thread

    Hey everyone, sorry about posting a very widely asked question, but i was wondering, is there a true gain for me to get with 12GB? What i'll be doing: running VMs, Games, and CS4 Master Suite as i want to try out full web design :) So far i've seen some people say 12GB is better and...
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    DDR3-2000 - Help

    Ok, long story short, im looking into buying a kit of Corsair Dominator GT at DDR3-2000 speeds. The only thing is that they're two different kits, one with timings 8-8-8-24 and the other with 7-8-7-20. The two also have a price difference of $200. Now the problem is that i dont know a whole...
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    ATi Card for Visuals and nVidia Card for Physx?

    Hey everyone, i was wondering can i run my 4870 x2 for graphics and use my 8800 GTX for Phsyx at the same time?
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    Microphone In Game

    Hey everyone, well i decided to take out an old mic and test it out. but in game, people can hear my voice, but there voice plays through my speakers, not through the headset. So is there a way to set it to play back through the headset and not the speakers? Also, im trying to get this to...
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    Quick Crossfire Question

    Hey everyone, well i just had a quick question about crossfire, which may sound stupid, but can you crossfire the same card from two brands if they're both running at the same clocks? I'm asking since i was thinking about getting anther 4870 x2 for my new build, but i've noticed that...
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    eVGA Classified - Coming Out the 16th

    Well only a little less than 2 weeks left till the supposed Classified launch, and best yet, the price may only be $450 compared to the earlier estimate of $600 :) Anyone else excited for this board? Link:
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    Hey everyone! Well i've been on the fence between a couple things these past few months, but ive finally decided to make the switch to nehalem. But the only part of the system im having doubts on is the graphic cards. Pretty much i was going to sell the comp in my sig and get 3x GTX 285 FTW from...
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    i7 QPI

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if the 965EE's QPI of 6.4GT/s has any impact on real world performance like gaming over the 920's 4.8GT/s
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    iTunes - Vista x64

    Can anyone who has iTunes installed on Vista x64 please post this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\ If anyone is wondering why im asking this, it's because i need the Vista x64 Mobile Device Support installation to be able to sync up my iPhone in Windows 7, since the...
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    New Macbook Pro Questions

    Hey everyone, well i've decided to finally to give OS X a chance and am about to buy one, but first a had a couple of questions. 1. How hot do the laptops get with use such as being on all day while plugged in A/C and heavier use? 2. Is there any way to get a larger battery, and if yes...
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    DDR3 and i7

    ok, so i know x58 motherboards will be running in triple channel with 6 slots for i7, but thats where im getting confused. i've been looking around to find which ram im going to be getting, and i havent seen many 6gb triple channel kits, but i have seen some. This is where im confused, is there...
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    4870 x2 Windowed Mode

    Hey everyone. Well i know that the 4870 x2 scales between normal use and gaming by adjusting the clocks. And i know it determines game by use of 3D and by full screen mode. But i was wondering if it was possible for me to play a game at 750/900 while in windowed mode rather than the scaled back...
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    Computer Headset Mic Question

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    Computer Headset Mic Question

    Hey. So i recently got Fallout 3 for the PC and wanted to use windows live with it. But i have a problem with the headsets for the PC, is there anyway i can just playback my friends voices through the headset and let the game play through the speakers, or do both need to go through either the...
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    Securom Deactivation

    Hey everyone. Well i bought Crysis: Warhead off of Steam a while back and i was going to reformat my computer. The only problem is that even the Steam version of Warhead has the Securom 5 activation limit, so i was wondering, how can i deactivate my copy before i format?
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    4870 x2 Catalyst A.I. Question

    Hey, after all the things i've recently read about Catalyst AI and the 4870 x2 i had a question about it. So far, what i've gotten is that when Catalyst AI is off, the 4870 x2 only uses one GPU, thus rendering it a 4870. But now my question is what is better, Standard or Advance? I currently...
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    Booting Up With 2 Different Graphics Cards

    Hey! i was wondering, can i boot up my computer with both a 4870 x2 and a 8800 GTX on the motherboard? I'm only going to be using the 4870 x2 in windows so im not going to have an drivers for the 8800 GTX installed and i was going to disable it for windows. But i also have an OS X x86 partition...
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    Booting Up with 2 Different Graphics Card

    Hey! i was wondering, can i boot up my computer with both a 4870 x2 and a 8800 GTX on the motherboard? I'm only going to be using the 4870 x2 in windows so im not going to have an drivers for the 8800 GTX installed and i was going to disable it for windows. But i also have an OS X x86 partition...
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    4870 x2 Doesnt Clock Correctly in Games

    So, i know the 4870 x2 clocks down to 507/500 when not in 3d games, but even in some games the clocks dont set correctly. Im running the 8.9 official drivers. Here is a screen from Crysis 1.21 Patched As you can see in the top left, the Core Clock went up correctly to 750 but the...
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    Crysis Warhead Benchmarks -Post Yours

    Hey Everyone. Well i just wanted to start one centralized thread for just Crysis Warhead Benchmarks so everyone can see how it runs on different machines. Well to post your benchmarks, first download this tool That is the latest version and...
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    CS: Source Guest Passes?

    Hey everyone! well my friend wanted me get to CS: Source, but i wanted to try it out first before i buy to see if i like it. So i wondering if anyone had any guest passes, and if they did, can you give one to me? Thanx in Advance :)
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    Toshiba Satellite A215 Starts Up, No Display

    Hey my sister came to me with her laptop which is a Toshiba Satellite A215 and when she presses the power the button the laptop starts up, but theres no screen, anyone know whats wrong?
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    Nehalem or Upgrade Current Comp

    Well i currently have: EVGA 680i SLI Core2Duo E6600 @ 3.2 GHz 2GB Corsair Dominator 1066 5-5-5-15 VisionTek 4870 x2 Enermax Galaxy 1000 watt WD 150GB 10000 RPM Raptor X Antec 900 Zalman 110mm Heatsink/Fan...
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    Console Gaming VS PC Gaming - Visuals

    So i decided to pay the premium and was updating to mewer parts, mainly my 4870 x2. But i was wondering, ive been a console gamer for 10 yrs and still play. Getting used to the mouse and keyboard is weird, but im getting used to, and i can always hook up a controller. But my main concern is, do...
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    4870 x2 HMDI Out

    Ok, so im thinking about testing my 4870 x2 downstairs on the 52" bravia. my only question is, if i used the DVI to HDMI and out putted through HDMI, will audio go through the HDMI?
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    Need New Display, Plz Help!

    Ok so i've narrowed down my choice to a couple displays. I'll be using the display for my pc, xbox 360, ps3, and as a tv (wit ha monitor ill buy a tv tuner). For the pc it'll be used for everyday tasks, gaming (got the 4870x2 for it!), image editing, etc. I set a spending limit of around...
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    System Bottle Neck? Upgrade Needed?

    Here Are my system specs, and i dont beleive im getting the preformance from all my parts such as my graphics card, so can everyone tell me if its because my system is bottlenecking? Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.2 GHz 2GB Corsair Dominator 1066 5-5-5-15 (2x1GB) VisionTek 4870 x2...
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    4870x2 - Recomended CoD4 Frames

    Hey! Well i was testing my 4870x2 and i would like do know if everything checks out. I get aprox. 30-60 frames throughout the whole night time bog level, beginning from when you start in the streets till the air support helicopters come. My settings are All Max in CoD4 with Forced 8x AA...
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    CPU/GPU Bottleneck?

    Would a C2Q Q9550 overclocked at 3.2-3.8 GHz, 4 gigs of DDR2 1066, and a 4870 x2 be enough to balance each other out so neither bottleneck? I'll also be using the set up on a 30" monitor running at 2560 x 1600.
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    Need Help Picking a 30" Monitor

    Well i need 30" monitor for 2560 x 1600 for my comp, as well as hdmi and component inputs for my ps3 and xbox 360. Currently i have this in mind: Max Spending Price: $2000 with a warranty Also heres a bigger pic of the XHD3000 Thanx in...
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    4870 x2 on 680i

    Well i just ordered my 4870 x2 yesterday and i was wondering if it will work on an evga 680i SLI motherboard. I was going to get a new x48 asus, but im deciding to put off my build until Nehalem. So yeah, will a 4870 x2 work on an 680i mobo?