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  1. JacobC1983

    Nikon D7200, Nikkor 18-300mm lens and 35mm lens Nikon D7200 with 18-300mm lens and 35mm lens
  2. JacobC1983

    FS DJI Mavic Pro with Accessories
  3. JacobC1983

    Need Help: Latest Greatest FPS Multiplayer PC

    Hey all -- I need some help. I want to start a new first person shooter with a good multiplayer/online.. good maps and all that. What would you suggest?
  4. JacobC1983

    Acer Predator XB321HK Questions

    I am thinking about picking this monitor up to replace my triple Dell U3011s. Does anybody have one? Can you post some pictures and what you think of it?
  5. JacobC1983

    Radar Detectors: Passport Max and Passport 9500IX

    Selling my Passport Max and Passport 9500IX
  6. JacobC1983

    GT Omega Art Racing Sim Cockpit Impressions vs Playseat Evolution

    I haven't seen anybody on here with the GT Omega Art Racing Sim Cockpit and I thought I would post a couple pictures and give you a few impressions. This is it here: I am using this setup...
  7. JacobC1983

    Need a USB 2.0 PCI Express card help!

    Hey guys -- I am having trouble locating a specific PCI express card. I have a Z170 motherboard and a Corsair 900D case. I need a PCI Express card that will connect the TWO USB 2.0 headers from the front of the case. My damn motherboard doesn't have the USB 2.0 headers. I can easily find...
  8. JacobC1983

    HD Audio header in the way

    so -- haven't gone sli in a long time. Just got my two GTX 980s and the PCI express slot (of two choices) on my EVGA Z77 FTW mobo is right in line with the damn HD audio header. I can't get the damn GPU in there. I can move the GPU up, but wanted some space between the cards for air and it...
  9. JacobC1983

    Lightning strike killed my PC

    A lightning strike killed the PC in my signature, a flatscreen and one of my 3 U3011s. As well as a couple other things around my house (garage door and sprinkler system, bluray player and my onkyo receiver). --looks like the TV is going to be fixed and my receiver is going back to onkyo to be...
  10. JacobC1983

    $1500 to spend, tell me what to get

    I am really torn here. I have $1500 to spend on video cards and can NOT decide. Currently gaming on 3 Dell 30 inchers at 7560x1600 resolution. I was leaning towards one Titan with the possibility of adding a second in a couple months. Then I read about the possibility of the 5GB GTX 780 and...
  11. JacobC1983


    So had anybody tried the new jailbreak for iOS 4.1 devices? Funny how it is released 12 hours before the GreenPoison jailbreak was supposed to hit. Interesting blurb I found about the jailbreak:
  12. JacobC1983

    AT&T MicroCell 3G Praise

    Just wanted to post some good news about a product I recently acquired, I feel that I sometimes complain about something that is bad 10x more than I extend the good news on something that I am happy with. I recently moved form Oklahoma to Missouri for a new job and have AT&T. Never had...
  13. JacobC1983

    Wierdest Problem Ever

    I have a new weirdest problem in the main rig in my signature. Apparently, when I put my second XfX 5870 in the third slot of my X58 motherboard, my pc won't boot or even see the hard drive with Windows 7 on it (2 hard drives in system). when I take out this second 5870, the pc sees this hard...
  14. JacobC1983

    Eset Smart Security 4 Firewall Problem

    after recent update of virus signatures database, my firewall is now blocking my network hard drives, I found a way to get them to reconnect simply by disengaging the firewall does anyone have this problem in Eset smart security and able to shed any light on the subject? I don't understand...
  15. JacobC1983

    Skip at the beginning of games

    I have a problem with my new i7 build in my sig. At the beginning of COD4 and COD5, I have a skip or hitch in the game. Its hard to describe, it happens about 4 or 5 times at the beginning of a multiplayer match. I guess I can install some other games and see if it happens. Every 2 or so...
  16. JacobC1983

    Who Won E3?

    So who won E3 This year? Based on the exclusive games and future technologies put out by both Sony and Microsoft, this is a hard one to decide
  17. JacobC1983

    Laptop battery purchase

    I want to buy a new 9 cell battery for my dell xps m1530 and don't want to get rippedoff from dell.. What are some reputable places to find laptop batteries?
  18. JacobC1983

    30 inch and up thread! Post Pics of your huge displays!

    A shrine for all those huge displays we love to own! here is mine first! how it used to be :( had to sell a 30 incher and I miss it
  19. JacobC1983

    Please Help! PC freezing during games

    I am having some serious problems. After about 30 minutes of gaming my PC freezes and does not unlock. I have changed the ram but this has not helped. system: EVGA 680i mobo intel C2D e6750 @ 3.2 with 1.376 volts with CPU-Z EVGA 9800GTX 2x1 Crucial ballistix DDR@ 800 @ 1.9V WD...
  20. JacobC1983 Z-5500 149.99 after rebates

    great deal.. two rebates. 149.99 final price for z-5500 links:
  21. JacobC1983

    Windows Mobile MSN question!

    I am trying to sync my samsung blackjack with my email through outlook 2007 and using windows vista.. now vista uses windows mobile device for syncing with everything.. which I do like but I have a question I have an msn hotmail account (email is what do I type into Server...
  22. JacobC1983

    Hard Drive Adapter??

  23. JacobC1983

    Hard Drive Adapter??

    I put a new power supply in my rig and I have a problem My hard drives are located in such a way that they need a 90 degree adapter for the power connector to meet the hard drive and the side of the case to shut completely I have the correct SATA cables, I bought them specifically with one...
  24. JacobC1983

    Sony Vaio DVD-RW problem!!

    I just purchased a Sony Vaio CR series laptop with windows vista home premium The DVD-RW drive sent with this laptop is a pioneer DVR-K17 drive I went to put a CD in and it wouldn't play went to device manager and it says under DVD/CD-ROM drives the pioneer DVD-RW DVR_K17 ATA device...
  25. JacobC1983

    XPS 400 PSU

    Are there any PSU's that will fit into a Dell XPS 400 case? Dell sucks with their proprietary form factors with their PSUs, mobos etc-- dell sucks but I am stuck with it - so need to upgrade power supply I need a PSU with hopefully 500+ watts maybe 450+ will be ok I would much rather...
  26. JacobC1983

    ati x1900 GT HOT?!

    monarch has x1900 GT for 199.69 without rebate!! at the same card is 289.99 at newegg it is 249.99 with a $75 rebate!! I hate doing rebate forms.. I think this is a pretty good deal? what do you think...