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    Black Friday flail starts!!!!!!

    tape 4 of my 1tb micron m600s together. $800! :D
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    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    wireless kb and mouse for $20.. shipped. Wow. cheap kb for the cheap steam link, then.
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    Researchers Make Beer That May be Good for You

    you mean beer was bad for you?! :D
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    What is the point of a NAS?

    watered down compared to a full file server. that's exactly what it is, a simplified version of a local server. there was no argument that I could see, just a comment of how they became popular, which makes sense.
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    "buying this computer from eBay seller in late 2014" I really hope eBay would not let you make a claim 3 years later for the sake of all other sellers.
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    Aye, and now intel has gotten off their butts.
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    WannaCrypt Makes an Easy Case for Linux

    wait did you even run 240 for power? that's obviously superior.
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    WannaCrypt Makes an Easy Case for Linux

    why would you need two power circuits? what kind of hardware are you running? standard residential is what, 15A? derating being 20% for constant load, 12A, 120V.. that's about 1.4kW. What systems of yours (x2) draws that much power?
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    FSP Debuting Liquid Cooled PSU at Computex

    Me too! Just picked up a 1kW. :)
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    Asus GT-AC5300 router $291.99 ( might be a price mistake)

    what advantage would you have over an edgerouter with that thing?
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    ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

    my build from 2013, which is still my primary rig.. Silly water loop, I never got around to fixing it. P9X79 WS Mobo 2xGTX680s for gpu I'm looking forwards to higher resolution ghost recon..
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Wow, there are a lot of single posters that joined recently in the thread. Anyways, In!
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    Nuclear - Linksys WRT1200AC - $29.99

    aw, $40 now.
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    De-lidding without a De-Lidder

    RIP, lol is that a soldered cpu?
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    Intel Xeon Gold & Xeon Platinum (Skylake-SP) Lineup Leaked

    From what I've calculated, it's usually worth more than gold and platinum per oz ;)
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    Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users by Race

    how about.. an ad for steak. They won't target people in india :D
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    One BIG problem of Note7

    And this is why our devices are so expensive.
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    Tesla Model S And X With 100 kWh Battery And “380 Miles Of Range” Approved

    It's already a problem. On Fridays and Sunday evenings (the days when people are most likely to depart for and come back from road trips, there is already a wait at major charging stations. Waiting an hour for an hour charge honestly sucks. It's only going to get worse.
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    USPS and UPS shipping rip off

    This would be the same as declaring a lower weight on a heavier package.
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    USPS and UPS shipping rip off

    Uh.. the Tyvek envelope is not a flat rate envelope.
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    Tesla Towing A Car Beats Alfa Romeo 4C In 1/4 Mile

    Do you commute 200+ miles a day? As a Model S owner I have no problems with my city commute, but I really wonder how long you are.
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    Amazon is selling Comcast internet services.

    Am I one of the few who does not feel this way? I've had comcast internet at 3 locations with absolutely not a problem. I've had a few business locations without Comcast service and they're terrible.. Microwave internet anyone?
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    Leaked Patch Confirms AMD Zen Will Have 32 Cores Per Socket?

    That's great to know! Unfortunately I haven't really played much in the way of CryEngine games, but Star Citizen is on my list. Thanks!
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    64GB of RAM in skylake.

    See for yourself: However, I don't believe a general purpose gaming rig would really suffer drastically from the occasional memory glitch. A scientific computation where the data is valuable on the other hand..
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    Leaked Patch Confirms AMD Zen Will Have 32 Cores Per Socket?

    I really hope AMD isn't trying to launch a 32 core processor for the consumer market.. general task/gaming on an intel xeon 14C/28T is pretty abysmal due to lack of proper software. Virtualization on the other hand.. Though on the Opteron side, I can barely give away the darn things. :(
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    I find it unlikely that warehouse employees would find rocks to pack into his shipment. :p
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    Sensitivity - 16,000 DPI - Why?

    With my triple monitor setup I like to go across all three monitors without flinging my mouse across the room. I have my logitech set to 8200 DPI and I seem to be fine with it. Personal preference!
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    you're* Citation needed. Wikipedia does not count.
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    Dell 27" 5K Monitor (5120x2880)

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    4 HGST 4TB, 7200 RPM, SATA III Enterprise Drives with Warranty to 2018

    quite tempted to pull the trigger on a 6 pack. Great prices there.
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    Steam Summer sale is up
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    Devils Canyon i7-4790K $279.99 Microcenter pre-order

    I know, right? it was close to my office :( Now there's a walmart there.
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    what's a good glue for plastics?

    acetone melts plastic, not sure how well it works to bond pieces together.
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    HIS voided r9 290 warranty - Options?

    Because that's not what he posted on other forums. If that part wasn't true then well.. unreliable narrator. Yes, I signed up back in 2011 and have been posting ever since just in case HIS came under fire. :confused: If I worked for HIS I would not have purchased 50 gigabyte 270s to mine with...
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    HIS voided r9 290 warranty - Options?

    No, I feel that not all sides of the story have been represented. You can quite easily break a card if you what I mentioned above.
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    HIS voided r9 290 warranty - Options?

    I've noticed that no one ever sides with the manufacturer when people post online about their negative experiences. Let me be the lone guy. Scrypt mining, you mean? I'm not saying that the damage was done by you, but you sure as hell didn't build a quad 290 rig as a spare computer. I was...