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    Lapping Processor Die?

    . . . :whistle: an excellent point! Evel Knievel never succesfully jumped the Snake River Canyon but he did successfully break every bone in his body except for the tiny trio in the inner ear ;)
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    Can I replace the hard drive in a Acer Spin 1 SP111-31N-C4UG?

    Sounds like taking advice from Acer would be worth more than from Crucial, they want to sell SSDs but Acer made (or at least designed) the thing...
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    New HP Probook LCD replacement not powering on

    Is it possible the graphics on your particular version of ProBook does not support FHD output? might be worth asking them...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Now THAT Is What I'm Talking About ;)
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    Anyone have thoughts on the new ebay/paypal 180 day policy?

    Been a couple years back, but I sold an Intel Quad-Core CPU on eBay, a week later USPS Delivery Confirmation showed it delivered to buyer's address no prob . . . Over four MONTHS later he files a PayPal dispute that he didn't receive the processor Naturally, PayPal gave him his money back :(
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    Free Full-Version Mind Medley Game Download

    thanks op ;)
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    Recertified DD-WRT Router NETGEAR WNR834B-100NAR B/G/N $23 AC FS!

    Nice deal, thanks for the tip OP ;) in for one --------> that's FR33D0M Baby !!! :D
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    Newegg Shellshocker: Q6600 for $170 w/ FS

    I gotta go with my man, [H]ere. My Q6600 hit 4.0GHz (with a lil bit o experimentation :p) and using a T.R.U.E-120 Extreme (single fan Pulling) idle is at 31degC, load about 55-58degC Never had any probs gaming either, running 2x 2900XT's CF and then 2x 3870's And unlike the Core i7...
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    D-Link DIR-655 FS $86.64

    I can testify that DLink's Wireless N routers are quality merchandise. I have one of the DLink Wireless N routers, works great. But since my ex moved out I really don't use it hardly at all anymore unless a friend with a laptop comes over. It is still under warranty. If anyone is...
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    FoxConn BlackOps - pls help with cooling

    Don't be worried,my friend, I haven't had any troubles at all on that rig lately. I had forgotten it was a whole-system heatpipe cooling setup when I ordered the Thermalright chipset cooler, so I held off on dismantling that whole deal. My final solution was using a CoolIT Domino A.L.C...
  11. A Clearance

    I gotta back your play [H]ere Bo: I've dealt with dozens of times in the past several years, always better deals than most big sites, always cheap s/h, and I have never ONCE had a problem with them, their service, or any products. I honestly can't say that about any other etailer...
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    SCORCHING: Phenom II X4 920, XFX GTX 260 216, FarCry2, COD W@W $269-$15 rebate = $254

    DOH! Freedom isn't freedom if there are restrictions (like you have to pay tax if you want to BUY things) Here's what I got when I added this code in to the mix: Edit: Combo no longer available *argh*
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    eVGA GTX 260 Core 216 ...$130 SHIPPED! ($20 MIR)

    And Bless your little 1700+'s heart for running flat-out at 1.666 :p And, follow the math . . . . Now, it well may be my algebraic sense has wandered in this summer heat stroke, I mean "wave," but if it's true that .25 is the value of the coupon in percent, then that is 25/100 = 1/4th...
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    MPAA Says Making “One Copy” of a DVD is Illegal

    ibid. *looks at 30+TB ripped dVd collection* :p
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    HOT!!... for Retail employees i7 920 + Vista 64 Ultimate + W7 Voucher for $129.

    I'd guess doing so would definitely be illegal :(
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    1TB Deals for $79 and $69 shipped

    With the Hitachi deal and coupon code at ZZF priced at $69.99, I decided to bite. During the checkout process they offered me to try the new eBillMe now as a payment method. [.BONUS.] ---> if you purchase $100+ and use the eBillMe, they give you a $30 rebate 2 x 1TB @ 69.99 = 139.98 -...
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    Hp firebird 802 $948 +tax .97 ship

    Under "Product Details" it says something completely different: The same system on runs 1399.99 and lists the graphics as: The Product Info pdf from HP for this unit lists the graphics as: An odd design, but for anyone not looking to piece their own setup together...
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    Chrome Browser Extensions Coming

    I cared, too . . . sniff! :p but then I saw this ont he Front Page, and it all went away Now life seems so monoChrome I think I'll have to go golfing to set things a-right ooooh, and a LUVll cup o tea with biscuits, that should sort things Right Out :D
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    I preciate that my man, but 's okay - b'sides, they frown on too much active bumping going on...

    I preciate that my man, but 's okay - b'sides, they frown on too much active bumping going on One of my buddies on ere actually got warned by Oldie (mod) to stop doing so much of it, that they were tracking him and 5-6 others that they called a "circle of bumping conspirators" :p I wonder if...
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    XFX 850 Black Edition Spy Pics

    I thought he was calling those dudes, like Cyber Warriors or something :p sic:
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    Boyakasha !!!! :D
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    Warm? 2TB drive $249.99 +

    Yah, you can tell just by the look of the site, that's TigerDirect for sure :p
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    Warm: E2200 OEM $45.99+S&H @ Microcenter (Online)

    Massive Difference going from the PD805 to any C2D chip Aside from the fact the 805 runs at a 133MHz Front Side Bus (quad-data-rate = 533MHz in "Intelspeak") and the E2200 runs stock at 200MHz FSB (= 50% faster system bus, Stock), these E2XXX chips are Excellent overclockers. I am presently...
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    FoxConn BlackOps - pls help with cooling

    Lol, as you can see from my temps on the Q6600, I should have already just gone ahead and checked out what awesome NB chipset coolers T.R. makes :p As it stands, I picked up the HR-05/IFX from last night for $17.50 :D And with odds and ends of super cheap clearance items I added...
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    FoxConn BlackOps - pls help with cooling

    Thx for the input bro, I'll check them both out. I actually thought since the BigWater 735 was WC'ing, that it would automatically do better than air cooling :p But as I mentioned in the OP, that TRUE Xtreme 120 is AWEsome *bows down* So it would make sense if a ThermalRight NB chipset...
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    FoxConn BlackOps - pls help with cooling

    If you check my sig system, I'm doing well with the FoxConn BlackOps x48 board, and I'm using a ThermalRight Ultra-120 Extreme (idles 28-30C, max 55 under load). My issue with my sig PC as it stands at present is the North Bridge temps. Mind you, that is a Gigantic hunk of copper they...
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    Thermaltake Bigwater 735 for $32 plus tax at Radio Shack

    If you check my sig system, I'm doing well with the FoxConn BlackOps x48 board, and I'm using a ThermalRight Ultra-120 Extreme (idles 28-30C, max 55 under load). My issue with my sig PC as it stands at present is the North Bridge temps. That is what is holding back my overclock a.t.m. as...
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    100 Rayovac AAA batteries, 15 shipped.

    deal is now back on, price dropped to $8.99 for 100
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    Thermaltake Bigwater 735 for $32 plus tax at Radio Shack

    got a link to that darn thing Man? :rolleyes: their website only lists the documentation for the bigwater . . . .
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    BenQ E220HD code

    bump for ... hmm, not sure what you mean ... you have a coupon code for the BenQ E220HD?
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    Windows 7 Will Allow Downgrades Too

    Photoshop's setup tells you to close out all other running programs before proceeding.
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    4 beer glasses, and bottle opener,

    Heh, WoW, I guess you'll date pretty much ANYthing site-unseen off the Net, eh? That , and you appear not to be a Hippie, man, so lemme school ya: In the parlance of our times, the word "man" when used as a pronoun can be applied to virtually any one or thing you happen to be talking to...
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    Windows 7 Will Allow Downgrades Too

    As long as the OEMs can still charge EXTRA for the downgrade from Vista or Windows7, it's obvious that a lot of consumers will still pay to avoid the new versions & problems. There is no way that Microsoft is going to abandon that much money that's to be made when they have practically no...
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    Who designed the heat sink push pin mechanism on the core 2 dous?

    ok, ok, I know what I said <above> so for the record, I never use the stock HSF on MY PC :p
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    Coolermaster CSX 830 Evo "Flaming edition" $196 Shipped

    OOS :p what a total waste of air that guy is
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    error trying to backup old pms

    I tried checking the boxes of only the real messages showing, and still get: :p
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    Can't access the site

    I have had nothing but quick and cheerful help from the admins throughout this Hmm, maybe they just don't like a wise-ass . . . oh, wait, no, cause they like Me :p
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    error trying to backup old pms

    I also have been unsuccessful in downloading my old PM's from the backup site Regardless of which format I choose (XML/CSV/TXT), I get the following error code filling up the page: Any and all hints, tips and/or help much appreciated ;)
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    Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System $37.79 After $15 MIR

    Yes, you right-click on the Volume icon in the systray, choose Properties, and select Desktop speaker mode from the drop-down menu et Voila! :) As well, not sure bout the Z-540's, but my Z-5300's have a selector switch on the back of the subwoofer by the I/O connectors that let's you choose ;)