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    Cisco.ASA.- VLAN on outside interface

    Hi, A quick question, why is a vlan created on the outside interface rather than the settings and security level assigned directly to the interface?
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    Just checking this is correct

    Cisco question I was setting up a 2960s 10G for iSCSI and was told that Cisco do not recommend setting the speed and duplex on each end of anything above 1Gbps. In the past anything like servers, switch to switch, switch to router I have always manually set speed and duplex to stop mismatch...
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    New MBPr, any news?

    When do you think we should expect to see the next gen MacBook Pros?
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    Macbook Pro - can't decided!

    I have a 2009 15" Dell XPS laptop that is starting to show its age, it has been a fantastic laptop but its a bit heavy and the core 2 CPU struggles a bit these days. I am thinking of giving this to the wife and getting a new laptop, I am looking at the "basic" 13" macbook pro, i5, 128GB SSD...
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    Is anyone here using Verba Call Recording?

    We have a Lync system in place and also Verba call recording software and for some odd reason any transferred calls are instantly dropped. Does anyone else use Verba?
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    Powershell Help!

    Hi, I have the following code that I have put together $ou = [ADSI]"LDAP://OU=test,OU=domain,DC=local,DC=co,DC=uk" $files = ("C:\Scripts\$(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd-hh-mm-ss)-loggedin.csv") <# edit the above variables to suit your environment #> $vers = (get-host | select-object...
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    Tintri SAN - Anyone using one

    HI, I'm going to be involved in deploying some Tintri SANs for our VMWare environment. Has anyone used these, if so any pointers, any advice, what did you think? Thanks.
  8. J

    Windows Permission Matrix

    Do microsoft publish a full permission matrix for built in accounts in AD? eg Full list of everything an full admin can do, power user can do etc etc?
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    Exchange 2007 - Storage VMotion

    I cant find any info on this but is storage vmotion of a live none clustered Exchange 2007 server ok to do or are there potential big issues?
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    Strange psexec or maybe cmd issues

    I'm not sure if this is a psexec issues or maybe just the way cmd.exe handles this If I run cmd.exe /c "set uname=tester" then type this to get the output of that above I get Echo %uname% %uname% I expect to get Echo %uname% tester Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?
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    Excel Help!

    I am trying to do this... If column A2 contains yes and column B2 contains 1 then Yes else No Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks.
  12. J

    Cisco password recovery oddity

    Has anyone ever seen this Router: 877w The user has lost the login password for telnet / ssh etc We went to rommon changed the config reg to 2142 and rebooted the router It came in as you would expect at default, I then ran the usual "copy startup-config running-config" and we were in to the...
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    What VMs are you running and why?

    Just interested in what everyone actually uses their home VMWare stuff for? Me I have VCenter OVA Windows Server 2012 - DC Windows Server 2012 - Exchange Windows XP - Remote management (Team Viewer) Win Home Server - Backups / Plex Win 7 - MediaBrowser Server FreePBX - Home phone...
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    Exchange 2010 SP2 - Import PST Files

    Hi, Does anyone here know if importing PST files into exchange takes up less space than the PST on its own? PST = 1 GB Imported file size = 900MB Thanks
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    Really simple VMotion question

    Hi, Does vmotion require a dedicated NIC or can it be a vswitch on its own VLAN with a shared NIC? This is only a home lab / web hosting environment for 2 x N54Ls with shared storage. Thanks ;)
  16. J

    Adding Second DFS-N Server to Domain

    Hi, We have a single DFSN server in our domain and we are wanting to add a second DFS-N server in the event that 1 fails we can simply use 2 without any interruption to file access. What is the best way to actually do this? We have no DFS replication just a name space pointing to a couple of...
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    ProCurve 2824, 1810 or Cisco 2960G

    Need a new L2 gigabit switch for my home network to replace my old Cisco 2940 / unmanaged netgear gigabit switch and I am looking at the above 3 switches on eBay as they are all within about $50 of each other at the moment. I will need 802.3ad and basic vlan support, SFP uplinks for the fibre...
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    Anyone FPS Gaming on 27" + LCD?

    Just wondering what is the best monitor for twitch gaming such as CS:S etc? I am looking at a 27" + Monitor to replace my old Viewsonic 24" monitor.
  19. J

    Cacti Weathermap - Post Yours

    I wish I could post my old one from my last job, it was huge, covering most continents Sadly you can have my home map, its actually not complete, missing DNS servers, a few physical medaicenters, Sky + HD, IP CCTV and a lot of my temp readings from around my house. It shows the most important...
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    Cacti Graphing - Server 2012 Network Traffic

    Is anyone here graphing their new server 2012 boxes in Cacti? For some odd reason my graphs are getting no data, it find the correct interface but graphs nothing, I have checked the logs and I can see it gets a U All my other graphs work find for my other devices eg I know this is an OID...
  21. J

    anyone running a EXPI9402PTBLK on ESXi 5.1

    Just wondering if anyone here is running a EXPI9402PTBLK in ESXi 5.1 IBM INTEL Pro/1000 PT Dual Port PCI-E Gigabit Lan Adapter I managed to pick one up for $40 but haven't shut down my box yet to install it.
  22. J

    Dell Optiplex 990MT - 32GB of RAM?

    Hi, I have a Dell 990MT in work, the user wants 32GB of RAM for running some VMs
  23. J

    Powershell Help

    I am using a powershell script to list files over x minutes old get-childitem -Path "C:\test" -recurse | where-object {$_.LastWriteTime -le (get-date).AddMinutes(-1)} What this does is return the following Directory: C:\test Mode LastWriteTime Length Name...
  24. J

    DFS Issues

    Hi [H] I am having an issue with a DFS server saying its staging area is not large enough. I know that the Largest file is 19GB and so the staging area was changed to 40GB Yet the error still shows in the error reports and it still saying the staging area is on 4GB!
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    Cisco ASA Config - Question

    I have been asked to setup a VPN on a stick setup so that people on the move can use the encryption of our SSL VPN for web browsing etc using AnyConnect This works fine, whatsmyip shows the external IP of the office when connected to the VPN and all traffic is pushed down the pipe. The only...
  26. J

    How to plan projects with no budget

    One of the really odd things where I currently work is that projects have no budget, I try and ask for a budget even if its "about 20K" or "about 1K" etc but get emails back just saying "whatever is fit for the business" Now I know we all now think "yey lets ramp this up and get the best of...
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    Cisco FlexStack Modules

    Does any one here use these? Do you know if they include the cable or if the cable has to be bought separately? Thanks
  28. J

    Backup Appliances

    We have outgrown out Quantum LTO-4 multiloader tape setup / BackupExec 12.5 (old I know!) and I think its a good time to switch to disk backup. We have 2 Offices we would like to backup and then replicate that backup to eachother or possibly have a main backup appliance in the DataCenter and...
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    VBScript Help - Copy Files!

    I have a situation where I need to replace files on a PC only if they exist. eg we have a program (old access program accessing SQL DBs!) that has login permissions controlled by the actual startup file. If you need more permissions you need a different startup file. These files have the DB...
  30. J

    Tunnel a specific traffic via VPN

    I have a number of sites in China, they have decent inter-country connectivity but poor connectivity when going overseas. We have a single site in China witha dedicated 1:1 leased line that has good conectivity both inside and outside of China. All the sites in China have ASA5505 firewalls...
  31. J

    Looking for a thin 20" LED monitor that is Vesa mountable

    As per the title really. It doesn't need to be anything special just as thin as possible. Its for a small work area in the an office Thanks
  32. J

    running mutimode fibre along outside wall

    How does multimode cope with being run outdoors?
  33. J

    Cisco ASA Licensing - SNMP Monitoring

    I am in need to a way to monitor the number of internal hosts on a Cisco ASA firewall. We have a number of ASA firewalls that are limited to 50 hosts and although at the moment that is not an issue I would like a way to monitor this via SNMP. Does anyone here have any idea how this could be...
  34. J

    User vs Device CALs

    I am wondering if its best to go with per user or per device with 2003 server CALs (not TS CALs) The client has about 30 servers and maybe about 500 staff, they are generally 1 member of staff to 1 computer but there are some hotdesk setups (not many) What do you guys think?
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    AppSense - does anyone use it?

    Looks like a good product but does anyone here use it? If so what do you think and what is the cost like?
  36. J

    VNXe - any feedback from users.

    Looking at a VNXe for some Citrix XenServer and unstructured file storage as well as DR. Does anyone here use on and if so what do you think of it?
  37. J

    XenServer 6.0 - What NICs are you using?

    Looking at the HCL for XenServer 6.0 there isn't many NICs that seem to work with it. What NICs are you guys running? Thanks
  38. J

    Quick IPSEC Question

    I have a 5510 in HQ that terminates all the IPSec VPNs. They can only ping the IPs in HQ and not eachother as they do not know how to router to each other and HQ can ping across to all of the sites. I am adding in a new 5510 for DR. I want the DR site to be able to ping all the remote sites...
  39. J

    FAS2040 vs VNXe 3100

    Can anyone give me any feedback on this? I am not sure what would be the best way to go for SQL databases and asysnc replication.
  40. J

    Cisco - DMZ

    I have been asked to setup a new Cisco router / firewall / switch for a baic remote office but with a DMZ The request is to buildit like this ISPs Router | | Firewall (5510) | | 1941 router | | VLAN 20 Data, VLAN 30 Phones, VLAN 40 Guest Wifi, VLAN 50 DMZ | | 2960G Switch...