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  1. J

    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    I still think that Nvidia kicks ATi's ass! *Pew Pew Pew*:p
  2. J

    Free Xbox 360 w/ 50" Samsung Plasma--BB

    Looks like a sweet deal if you are looking for a new tv like i am.
  3. J

    Toshiba HD-A3 for 133

    Just like the TigerDirect deal but a few bucks more with a good company. plus if you have Amazon Prime you get free 2day shipping... please do not hijack this thread...
  4. J

    COD4 teamspeak?

    so what are you guys using for teamspeak???
  5. J

    COD4 Crashing--iw3sp.exe error

    anyone else getting this in the retail version?? i have found some info about this in the Demo but the fix hasnt worked and i have really tried everything. activision isnt much help other than asking for dxdiag files.... edit---i do NOT use xfire!!!!!
  6. J

    Toshiba 52" 1080p LCD 2999 with FREE HD-DVD player

    thats right i saw the add for Best Buy yesterday and the manager at my local BB didnt even know about the deal... the TV is on sale down to 2999, model # 52HL167 and you get a Toshiba HD-DVD player HD-A30. you also get 2 movies at purchuse along with 5 more by mail. 349 for the 4yr plan and you...
  7. J

    sorta warm~~EA warfare collection CC 10 bucks +sh if anyone is looking for a set of games for a lan or something.
  8. J

    HTPC features without the PC?

    I am wondering if there is a unit that is similar to the Sony Location-Free but will allow me to share files on my desktop and be able to play them on my HDTV without having to burn the "files" to a DVD. Thanks for the help
  9. J

    E3 2007 COD4 Video--NEW!! i cant wait...:D
  10. J

    LAN in Boise area????

    Anyone want to work on getting something together i am sure i can get at least five players.
  11. J

    $30 off coupon for refurb 2007wfp lcd

    just got this in a email and thought that someone would like to use it... $30 off any refurbished UltraSharp 2007WFP $1R7GFTS7?GQ3S i just checked them and they are selling for 269 so at least that will save you a half a tank of gas :)
  12. J

    bf2142 Flash drive free with BF2142 purchuse @ Amazon... i am still trying to get it to work in the cart but i does say that if you buy bf2142 and pre-order the flash drive, you get a extra 20 bucks off..
  13. J

    Cheap Cables I just got a HDMI->HDMI cable and a HDMI-->DVI cable from them and with shipping, it was under 25 bucks and they work great!!
  14. J

    ATI Silencer for x800-----9.99!!! i know its rev 4 but still a good deal.
  15. J

    WD2500KS for $69 shipped after MIR @ NEWEGG just getting ready to buy this and found it cheaper.
  16. J

    COD3 trailers----still miffed no PC!!!!!! This really pisses me off that there is not going to be a version for PC... but still looks sweet.... would look better if they were on a PC...
  17. J

    SN95G5 & 3200+ 90nm OC'in

    Has anyone been able to get anywhere close to what [H] did with OC'in the 3200+. i am looking at getting a 3800+ but it looks like they got close, if not higher in some cases, with no added voltage. just wondering if anyone has tried this. thanks
  18. J

    X800XL AGP Cooler

    Hey has anyone come up with a aftermarket cooler for the X800XL AGP that will fit in the SN95G5 shuttle???
  19. J

    Best RAM for Shuttle.....

    i am going to build a new shuttle setup and want to know what you guys think about the RAM i should get... this is the setup im getting ST20G5 X850XT PCI-E A64 3500+
  20. J

    SN95G5 and VGA Cooling

    hey have any of you guys found a good vga cooler that will fit in your shuttle?? i have a 9700 and a wifi card in my sn95g5 and i want to softmod my card to a 9800 pro but am worried about cooling. you guys have any ideas???
  21. J

    X800XT for 299 at Sacramento Frys!!

    x800xt for 299 in the frys ad in sacramento!!!
  22. J

    Should i get a 9800se and softmod it to 9800pro??

    hey guys, i am looking at getting a new card but i dont have 2-300 bucks to get a x800 or something like that. i have heard that you can take a 9800se and use the omega drivers and softmod it to a 9800 pro. and if i get a good one, i can flash the bios to xt speeds. is it possible to do...
  23. J

    Pny 6800 Gt Agp 256!
  24. J

    SN95G5 Startup problem!! HELP!!!!!

    I have just got my stuff today and i went step by step and installed all the hardware. i then we to turn it on and the fans work, but nor drive seeking, no post beep, no video, nothing. i have then taken everything apart and put it all back together again making sure that i did not seat the cpu...
  25. J

    A64 3000+ 939....or.....A64 3200+ 939?????

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought about that cause i am building a sn95g5 setup and was planning on using a 3500+, but saw that links in HotDeals for the 3200 and 3000 for 200 bucks. just wondering if the extra 150 bucks is worth it.
  26. J

    Best RAM for 939-

    I am putting together a shuttle setup with a SN95G5, 3500+, 120 WD SATA HDD..... and i was wondering if any of you guys know what RAM i should use.
  27. J

    Antec Smartpower 400wt PSU for $49 after mir just picked one up today in a pinch. even for 79 bucks, its a steal...
  28. J

    Kingston HyperX 1GB PC4000 $258.... after the MIR its 258. thought that was a pretty good deal there...
  29. J

    Problem OCing my 2500+ with geil value RAM...

    Hey guys i am having a little problem with my comp. i am trying to OC my 2500+ over 200x11 and if i go over 200fsb, my comp wont post unless i lower the % for the ram to 83%. i have 1x512mb pc3200 geil value ram. so i think it might be the memory. if you guys are having the same problem or know...
  30. J

    Flashing BBATI 9600xt

    Just wondering if anyone has done this or not. i am running atitool on it now and just wanted to know if i could flash the bios to a 9800 or something better that the stock 500/300 settings
  31. J

    Northbridge H2O blocks?

    hey guys i am looking at getting a northbridge waterblock. i have a a7n8x deluxe and am wondering if a maze4 or something will fit?? any help will be great. thanks guys Jack
  32. J

    Waterblock design software

    hey guys i am starting to design some water blocks but i am only doing them on paper. i am wondering if anyone knows of some software that i can get to further my progress so that i can input the design in to a cnc machine. any help would be nice. thanks guys and i have faith that someone out...
  33. J

    flashing 9600np

    Do you guys know if it is possible for me to flash my BBATI 9600np to anything better and make it run faster/better?????
  34. J

    Design programs

    Hey guys, I have a new venture that i am working on and i am wondering if any of you guys know what software i can use to design my waterblocks. i would rather have it able to transfer to another program for a cnc machine. lmk guys thanks
  35. J

    Cooling Liquid??

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone have ever used Glycern instead of distilled water and waterwetter. just a thought.
  36. J

    $80 retail 2500 barton @newegg!!!!

    just wanted to let you guys know that newegg has lowered the price of their retail 2500 bartons from $90 to $80. that is an even better deal now!!!!
  37. J

    Call of Duty

    i was just at walmart yesterdy and it was 29.99 and not on sale.
  38. J

    ATI Radeon 9600XT for $159.99

    just print out the add either for the 9800pro or the 9600xt and go to your local curicut city or best buy and give them the ad and get priematching plus 10%!!! that way you dont have to wait for shipping or get DOA's!! woohoo for you guys
  39. J


    i was wondering if you guys know of any OCing stuff for the BBATI 9600np i got from best buy on black friday. thanks for the help.