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    Recommendations for best card for 5120x1440? 6800XT vs 3080

    I just recently purchased a 5120x1440p 120hz display, and I'm trying to figure out if the RX 6800XT or the 3080 is a better option for a video card at this res. I don't really care about ray tracing because I pretty much detest anything under about 90 fps, so ill have to wait for a future gen...
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    Radeon Fury X - able to order from website!

    The site says they are still on order, but you can add to cart and purchase now. I'm just not brave enough to go in without reviews :D
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    ASUS HD7970-DC2 269.99 AR/AC 48 hours only

    Seems like a decent deal - 309.99 before coupon/rebate. Newegg link Coupon Code : EMCYTZT4469 Didn't realize it until ManofGod mentioned it, but this is a 3 slot card so make sure you have room ;) Taken from newegg promo emails.
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    30" TARA LCD TRL-300WQ

    I've been looking at the huge thread on the various 27" 2560x1440 korean monitors, but I would really like a 30" display. Currently, dream-seller has the TARA LCD TRL-300WQ listed at a price of 579.00 and I was wondering if anyone had purchased one or seen a review on any forum sites...
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    Where can you get a ps3 reball done?

    Does anyone have firsthand experience or suggestions of places to get a ps3 reballed to fix the YLOD? I have googled around a bit, and I am a bit leery of all the places that pop up as potentials.
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    Seasonic X750 Gold $109.99

    X750 Gold on Newegg is 149.99 - 40.00 off with coupon code EMCNGHN22. Free shipping.
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    HEC X-power 650 - Good or Bad? Newegg's shell shocker later today is this psu for 39.00 with free shipping. I'm just curious if HEC's power supplies are good or bad, or if anyone has any experience with this psu. I'm considering using it to power an older...
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    Upgrading worth the trouble?

    I'm on an E6300 @ 2.93ghz (419fsb) on an Abit ab9 pro with an 512mb X1800XT. I'm running Vista, have 2gig's of ocz gold ram running at 838mhz 4-4-4-12 , and primarily use the system for gaming. Would I notice much of a difference in my system performance by upgrading thecpu to an E6750/E6850 or...
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    400mhz fsb E6300 @ 2.8 --> E6400 = 3.2ghz? Pretty good chance of being stable?

    I have an E6300 running @ 2.8ghz, 400FSB right now on an ABIT AB9-Pro with some OCZ gold ddr2 667 ram thats running perfectly at 800 in a 1:1 ratio at 4-4-4-12 timings. I don't really want to try and hit a higher o/c on the 6300 as im not sure if the ram can comfortably run a higher fsb, and...
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    Is the upgrade worth it?

    I am currently running an ATI X1800XT 512mb pci-e card on an ECS KN1 SLI lite motherboard, with an x2-3800 (S939) running at 2.4ghz with 1gig of Some corsair value ram. What im trying to decide is, would upgrading to an E-VGA or any other brand 8800GTS or GTX be worth the $? Im using a dell...
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    Such thing as PCI-E all-in-wonder X800XT or X850 XT's?

    =\ im going to rebuild my main rig, this time with a pci-e based motherboard, and i wanted to go with an All-in-wonder style card, but the only one ive seen is an X600 all-in-wonder, and that is most definately not fast enough. is there an x850XT PE or X800XT with the tv-tuner? Or any PCI-e...
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    Strange problem DFI nf3 250gb

    Ok guys, im at a loss, i posted over on the DFI-Street forums as well trying to figure this out, and haven't had much luck. System is in sig I originally thought my 6800 ultra had given up the ghost. Unfortunately, it doesnt appear to be so. I have a spare 6800 NU as well as a 6800 ultra...
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    Just getting started

    What would you guys think avg output daily for an a64 3200+ w/ 1gig of ram, Dell pe400SC server with a p4 2.8C, and a little dell p3-667 with 256mb of ram would be? I just fired up the 2.8c and the 667 about 10 minutes ago, but my a64 seems to be moving along really slowly =\ I figured it...
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    questions on dvd encoding

    Hi, Im trying to figure out what would be an appropriate upgrade system for backing up my dvd's would be. Right now the system used for the backups = AXP 1800+ ECS k7sem motherboard 384mb of ram onboard video 20gig western digital 5400 rpm drive 4x DVD R+-/rw+- 16x dvd-rom reader...