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    Best GPU for $100-$150

    Ive been looking around for a new video card on a low budget. I havent purchased a card in a while. Whats better GTX 650TI or 260X. Looks like you can get both in a 2GB version for less than $150, but there are a lot of complaints about ATI's drivers. The 260 has more processors and...
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    Zalman Reserator XT

    Anyone have a Zalman Reserator XT? I am considering getting one (cheap $60). Is it worth it? I have a q8200 with a Xigmatec S983 currently sitting on the processor, keeping it at about 68C while its folding away at 100%. Anyone think this is worth an attempt? Or doyou think that my temps...
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    How to run multiple fah

    I have looked around and maybe I am not looking hard enough. I have a quad core and i would like to run fah on more than one core. Is there any easy way to do this? I am using the graphical client right now and you can't install 2 graphical clients like you could before. I am currently...
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    I recently decided to join the rest of the "new technology" world and build a new computer. I slapped one together for about $350: e7400 4gb ddr2 800 biostar g31-m7 te Hiper 580W PS x1300 Pro graphics card go it all from microcenter on sale. Then along came the q8200. had to buy...
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    Laptop graphics practice

    If this exists: and these exist: why can't you make external graphics work for laptops? Someone please explain because I don't get it.
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    Upgrading a PCI video card???

    I have a HTPC with a epia m10000 and it only supports PCI. Currently I have a geforce 5600 in there because that was the most powerful PCI card when I built it. Would there be any benefit whatsoever if I upgraded to POWERCOLOR 24PRO256M PCI Radeon HD 2400PRO 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI HDCP Ready...
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    Command Center

    I am in desparate need of a desk for the office in my house. I wish to build it to my needs. I don't have a ton of experience doing these types of things, but here I go anyway. This desk will take up most of the room as shown here: (desk in blue-ish color) Here are some of the tools I...
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    Sony vs. Mitsubishi DLP

    I want to get a DLP because they are cheaper for the 55"+ sizes. Which is better the Mitsubishi WD57734 or the SONY KDS55A3000? I am using this as my main tv obviously, but it will have an htpc connected to it. The sony has vga, but its not a dvi connection. Would it be better to get a dvi...
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    Q6600 with 128 L1 cache?

    Is this a new version or a typo: The regular q6600 has 64k and this one is 128k?
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    NZXT DUET Black $14.99 AR Nice for a big HTPC case.
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    Plastic Surgery

    After reading this thread: I was intrigued. And I was wondering if anyone has tried to hac up their video cards. I know there are a lot of old school electronics geniuses out there that can do it, but have you? Remove caps or mosfets to fix...
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    Acer 24" 299.99 AR At microcenter after $100 rebate.
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    Best SFF out now

    Is this the best SFF that is available: Shuttle SD39P2 ? I always wanted to get one of these little fellas, even thought there is a hell of a premium price $400 :eek: Anyway this looks like the newest stuff DDR800, core 2 duo, pci-e 16x and all the trimmings. Does anyone have this? Is...
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    More DDR3

    I keep seeing people asking about DDR3. So I asked myself...each memory is different, so far. They do not fit in the same socket. Are there mobo's out now that have DDR2 and separate DDR3 sockets? From what I read: Q. Can DDR3 DIMMs be plugged into DDR2 sockets or vice versa? A...
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    Cisco AIR PI21AG

    I downloaded some drivers for Cisco AIR PI21AG from a driver heaven and they are not detecting the card. Cisco website seems to not have free driver download. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. The driver I have may be incorrect. Anyone have a suggestion? The error message says your...
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    USB Flash drives and WinXP

    Why does Windows not recognize certain devices all the time? I just bought a flash drive and my main rig does not recognize it. The 3 other WinXp computers I tested it on had no issues. Where in the registry does winXP keep track of this? I know there is a file somewhere that says this flash...
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    How to detect artifacts

    I have been having some issues lately and can't figure them out completely. I have a 6800LE that I think is on its last leg, but I am not sure. Sometimes in windows I see small white dots that form down graphics and JPG's. I don't use this rig for games, except the occational starcraft...
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    Leadtek A400 LE TDH GeForce 6800LE

    I have a Leadtek WinFast A400 LE TDH GeForce 6800LE in one of my computers and it has been showing artifacts for a little while. They pop up in graphics in IE and Windows and in games. Lately it has gotten worse. It now is not displaying colors properly sometimes or it flashes back and forth...
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    Power Overwhelming

    I have had a few problems with my main rig and I want some opinions from the [H]orde. My main rig has the following: 3.2 prescott @3.7 2GB patriot ram BFG 6800GT mini aquagate 120 water cooling 4 HDD + DVD-RW My antec trupower 2.0 550W died 6 months ago after being used for 6 months...
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    To RAM or not to RAM

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    Disposable Camcorder

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    Folding Question

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    Acer 22" Widescreen Monitor $299

    Not a bad price, just bought one: There was a $10 rebate, but it just ended. :(
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    WD 500GB SATAII $169.99 AR

    CompUSA Mfg Part #: WD5000KSRTL
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    HansG 19" LCD $109.99 AR

    On the woot!
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    DVD upconverting player Divx

    I just bought this player. Plays divx off of dvd, but also has a USB port on the front of it. You can plug a flash drive or external HDD in to it and play movies from the drive. $69.88
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    WOOT Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated $40 shipped

    Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard $35.99 + $5 shipping Everykey is Illuminated Man lives in the flourescent-lit world of what he believes to be…reality…but there is, unseen by most, an after-hours world…a place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit or well-ventilated…a dork...
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    Warm: Creative 3 piece speakers WOOT $25

    Creative Inspire T2900 2.1 Speaker Set $25.99 + $5 shipping
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    Super 3D Graphics

    After hearing about the technology behind Superman and other new films in 3D I began to wonder... :confused: ...would it be possible to view such a movie on you home pc? Not that they would release anything like that (any time soon), but a PC monitor can display the 144 ish fps necessary to...
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    Burning Sensation

    I recently (10 minutes ago) went through a lightning storm. My pc has a UPS and an Antec TruePower 2.0 550W. Lightning struck when I was playing HL2: Deathmatch and my computer froze. I turned it off by holding the power button down. I tried to turn it back on and nothing. I unplugged it...
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    HL2 Episode 1 - $7.99

    $7.99 HL2 Episode One - I should have waited 10 days :mad: Starcraft battlechest - Best game ever ;) Diablo 2 All at Circuit City this week.
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    Warm: WD SATAII 500GB 234.98 shipped AR

    I just bought this. It seems like a pretty good deal for a lot of storage.
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    3840x1024 Gaming

    Has anyone tried this? It looks kinda sweet. Who here games on multiple monitors?
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    Intel FSB Settings

    I am no expert in this matter, so I will ask those of you that are. Why doesn't Intel switch over to FSB 1600 and switch to a 800mhz DDR standard? Would this increase processor performance or not? I know that Intel has shyed away from pure speed and toward as many cores as possible on one...
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    Warm 346 Celeron D + Mobo $79.99 AR

    Microcenter 346 Celeron D + EliteGroup P4M800PRO-M Mobo $79.99 AR
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    Best Cooling Solution out there???

    Has anyone tried the CoolIT Freezone Liquid Chill CPU Cooler? This review makes it out to be the best of the best: It's not cheap though :eek: :
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    DDR500 Overclocking

    Want 2gb what will be better? OCZ Gold Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR500 for $179.33 or G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR500 for $196.81 these are newegg prices. I want to get my 3.2 prescott to 4.0. :D
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    To RAM or not to RAM

    To all the perverts that are looking at this...yes this is a legitimate question. I have a 3.2 ghz p4 prescott and p4c800-e deluxe mobo with hyper x ram 1GB it will not go over 235fsb right now. I am thinking of going with DDR500 OCZ gold 2GB. Should I. I have no problems right now...
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    Can't play them :(

    Every time I try to play a new game I can't do it. There is something wrong here. I can play Half life 2, but not NFS most wanted or the new star wars demo. When I start the game it starts up and then minimizes after a second or two. When I try to maximize it it just minimizes again right...
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    LCD Glasses

    Has anyone ever bought lcd glasses? Are they any good?