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    Interested in the 5850 to 75007, how much would it be with shipping?

    Interested in the 5850 to 75007, how much would it be with shipping?
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    CLASSIFIED Intel Quad Core i7 930@4420 MHz Extreme

    I would pay $300 less than that and grab one from MicroCenter. In my opinion, it isn't worth the extra money to buy an i7 that someone else got to 4.4ghz. Chances are your setup won't be the same and you might not want to put that much voltage to your chip. With 1.435 I bet a lot of batches...
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    Upgrade worth it?

    I'm not sure if this will help at all, but I ran the rig in my signature just fine on a 6 year old Antec True Power 550 with no problems, the need for one pci-e power adapter aside. I was only running 2 hard drives though.
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    I5 750 vs Q9550

    I agree, I just went from an E8400 @ 4ghz to an i7 930 @ 4ghz. After selling my parts the upgrade cost was pretty cheap. I'm not sure if my CPU maxes out in Bad Company 2 or L4D2 but my minimum FPS feels much higher.
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    Best showcases for PhysX?

    Did you mean PhysX or Physics? I believe BC2 uses Havok in their engine.
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    I was curious if the memory was still for sale?

    I was curious if the memory was still for sale?
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    E8400 to be for sale from newegg "within the hour"!!!

    The ones I grabbed from MicroCenter were all $189.00 but the boxes said 239.99 so I wouldn't be surprised if they had it priced around there.
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    if i remove the sticker

    Is that the chick from Goldeneye?
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    E8400 In Stock @ Microcenter!!!

    Grabbed 2 for 412 after tax.
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    I use 1:1 when playing my 360 in 1920x1080 via the vga cable. I dont know if drivers can fix the stretching. I just picked this badboy up from frys for 670 and some change and I love it.
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    What do those guys in the germ-free suits in the Intel commericials do?

    I know exactly which commercial you are talking about. My friend used to work at Texas Instruments and they had a hundred or so temp workers, mostly black and hispanic lower income folks who would get into those suits. I can't speak for intel but over there it appears that the people in those...
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    It came from ebay: Liquid Gallium Cooling

    My friend got ahold of an ES Dell server with 2 liquid gallium coolers on the processors. It looks like it uses magnets to move the liquid through the loops, neat stuff.
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    Script to open multiple files?

    I have been trying to find a way to open multiple .xls files at once. There is one file in the root directory and 10 or so folders in the directory with files that need to opened as well. I made a batch script and can get the first file to open, but I lack the knowledge to open the files in...
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    Overclocking my E6600 past 3.6GHZ?

    Crank up the vcore
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    quad core for 1099

    Better than New Egg's 1500.
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    Kentsfield System Build

    If you go water, I would get the chipset as well.
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    Dual Core sucks?

    Antivirus is for the weak. Your problem doesn't sound like it's cpu related. My Core 2 Duo is faster across the board and better at multitasking than my 3.8 @ 5Ghz.
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    My New E6600 Week 30A @ 4.06ghz!

    Nice wallpaper.
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    Kentsfield with phase change question...

    The initial overclocking i've seen on Kenstfields tells me that they do not hit FSB's nearly as high as conroe/allendales. Of course with phase cooling you could probably do better.
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    evga 680i motherboard at Newegg.

    Let us know how it turns out, if I was running SLI I would be all over that board.
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    Poll: DS3 or P5B-E for me?

    Gigabyte finally has a good intel board on their hands, but I would have got the P5B-E if they had it at frys.
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    Nvidia 860i chipset boards?

    That's hot, rumored 965 overclockability plus sli support.
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    Anyone Able to Overclock on a DS3 with 4 sticks of ram?

    I have 4 sticks of 512mb 4200ecc @ 900mhz 4-4-4-12, it will do 920 at 5-5-5-15. I have 2 x 1gb sticks of ocz 6400 plat xtc that wont do over 800 mhz on the board though :\
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    8800GTS price?

    I spent more money at the bar this weekend... anyways, the 7800GTX 512mb was being sold for higher than the 7900GTX 512mb when it was launched, keep that in mind.
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    Valve adding multi-core support for Kentsfield's release.

    Awesome, right as I jump to dual core :)
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    Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 Preview @ [H] Enthusiast

    I dont know about that, technology is making leaps and bounds these days.
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    Q6400 tested by Coolaler

    My asian ascii character translating skills are awful.
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    Gigabyte DS3 FSB Wall between 420-430

    My 6300 can use 6x, are you sure it's not a setting on the board you are missing?
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    Gigabyte DS3 FSB Wall between 420-430

    If you have the p5b deluxe keep that, I might be using the DS3 but my e-penis/overclock-penis is telling me to get a P5b-e at least.
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    Help identifying this Intel Engineering Sample

    Coolaler had an ES just like that, I dont recall if it was unlocked. If you dig through xtremesystems forums you might find the answer. He did hit 3.6ghz or so on LN2.
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    Gigabyte DS3 FSB Wall between 420-430

    Try lowering the multiplier to make sure it is your processor and not your board or memory. Oops, n/m just read your post up there. Have you tried raising the mch or other voltages?
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    Gigabyte DS3 FSB Wall between 420-430

    I will I will, but I have to play some cs:s first :)
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    Gigabyte DS3 FSB Wall between 420-430 Turns out the OCZ 6400 Plat. XTC was the problem.
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    Engineering Sample Xeon (Intel Confidential)

    Um, how much you want for it? lol
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    Gigabyte DS3 FSB Wall between 420-430

    Having a similar issue, I thought it might be the OCZ 6400. I'm gonna try some memory I know will go higher and see if its the board. I was going to return it and get a P5B E eventually.
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    Poncho. Is this review old?

    Poncho, will my pubes grow back?
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    New Conroe Quad SLI Build Complete

    No screenies or scores? Print Screen + imageshack is not that hard. :D WTF, these ads in posts are fucking weak.
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    The Conroe Overclock Database. (Please read 1st post for posting instructions.)

    And then you woke up? I can't wait to get in on this action with a 6600.