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    Help with Cisco Switch Configuration

    I have someone I'm trying to help out with a simple network that inherited some cisco switches. Apparently they were defaulted but VLAN 1 is still disabled (I understand why, not arguing that), but they need it re-enabled. I'm not too familiar with Cisco IOS as I haven't touched Cisco since...
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    Help with Cisco Switches and VLAN 1

    I have someone I'm trying to help out with a simple network that inherited some cisco switches. Apparently they were defaulted but VLAN 1 is still disabled (I understand why, not arguing that), but they need it re-enabled. I'm not too familiar with Cisco IOS as I haven't touched Cisco since...
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    Software to Remote View/Manage Workstations?

    I know there are plenty out there but my google skills are apparently sub par because I've only come up with some horribly constructed webpages and one app I'm on the fence about. I would like to be able to remotely view live images of user desktops...
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    GTX 580 Display Issue

    So a quick reference to the problem here; Basically my friend was vacuuming out his computer (I know I know) and he hit something and the system no longer displays anything past the windows splash screen. I've tried everything...
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    Bitfenix Prodigy Alternatives

    I was almost hell bent on getting the Prodigy. I currently use the Coolermaster HAF XM and while it is an amazing case, it's simply too bulky where it sits in my room and for travel it's simply. . inconvenient. I've flip flopped between towers, mid towers and small form factors for years but...
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    10 Gigabit Switch Fibre Question

    I help run IT at a small refurbishing company and we use a PXE server to image most of our systems. We currently run it over a gigabit copper network but we are running dry on bandwidth. The guy who supplied our server recommended and upgrade to switches with 10 Gigabit fiber optic ports and...
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    Best SFF case for H100

    I am currently rocking a Coolermaster HAF XM and I love amount of open space and how clean it all looks, but for any sort of LAN it's pretty inconvenient, and the space it takes up in my room could take a downsizing. I would obviously need to get a new mATX board but besides that I would...
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    Best Media Puck?

    Well after cutting the cable, I mostly live off of netflix, youtube, various video channels like CNET, Revision 3, etc, as well as my exhaustive collection on my NAS (thinking around 7TB of video). I've been searching for the best non-PC option to stream all of this to my projector but so far...
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    Laptop/Mobile Headphones around $150

    I ordered one of the new 15" HP Envy laptops and am looking around for a new set of headphones to go with them, but since this is going to be for work/school/mobile gaming I don't want to wear anything overly bulky or gimmicky. I don't need a microphone but it's ok if it's an inline. Wondering...
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    Need a cooler system for the summer

    So my dilemma is as follows. I have a Thermaltake Armor filled to the brim with 7 hard drives (like 10.5 TB), 2 video cards (4 outputs), and a Q6600 running with a zalman 9500 cooler; all of which generates a good amount of heat as it is. I have 3, 3 space HDD cages each with a 120mm fan in...
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    NAS advice

    Just looking for recommendations for a NAS device for storing system images. For a while I fancied the idea of storing them on my server, but that space is already crowded with drives and I like the idea of it being a bit more mobile if need be. I'm backing up about 4 computer's OS drives and...
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    Simple hard drive imaging disc?

    Just wondering what you guys would recommend. I have a redundant drive I want to use as a backup (think of raid 1, but the alternate drive is disabled until needed). I want to copy the OS drive without taking it out of the machine as my MicroATX rig is a bit cluttered at the moment. Is there...
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    Resolution issues

    So my friend was trying to set up a cheap Dell sff as an htpc and did something to the resolution that caused his primary monitor to stop working because of "incompatible input" or something along those lines. Ive gotten into safe mode and that all works but if I reboot normally the screen goes...
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    Sort of Apple related. . .

    So I've grown tired / run down my pair of apple earbuds that came with my iPhone 4 and I've wanted to shop around for something new but haven't been able to find something that is somewhat close to what I like. Here's a basic rundown of features I would like to see: - Threaded cabling...
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    What is 2wire?

    I haven't gotten a clear image from basic google searching to what all these 2wireXXX wifi networks are that I've been finding along a lot of city streets these days. Are these private ISP wifi networks for customers that don't require copper to the home? Seems like a convenient way for...
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    Something for late night listening

    Basically I'm looking for a decent $100 or less pair of headphones that would work well with my home theater setup so I can listen and play at night without waking anyone. As awful as it sounds I'm currently using a pair of eDimensional PC headphones attached to a red/white cable (sorry not up...
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    RAID 0 Array. . .RIP?

    So I dared tempt the heavens with a Raid 0 array involving 2 500GB Seagate drives for the last year or so for my game installs (so yea nothing completely vital) and I BELIEVE after windows update picked up an updated for the Raid controller I now cannot access the Raid. Both drives appear...
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    Possible chipset overheating?

    Hey guys, I'm the owner of a system that suffers from infrequent random poweroffs which result in the system rebooting normally in every way except my network adapter refuses to make connections. This is always solved by rebooting an additional time which leads me to believe the problem lies...
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    All-in-one LAN Case Mod Idea

    So I've been a part of my local LAN scene for about 5 years and I've constantly been changing my setup to be more LAN party friendly. I started with a full tower steel case and CRT back then and my setup now isn't too horrible. I have a Coolermaster Storm Scout, I use a geargrip with my LCD...
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    Vegas oriented game?

    I'm starting to think I'm imaging things, but after seeing part of an episode of the show "Las Vegas" I was reminded of a game I swear I heard about a ways back that was supposed to be set in Las Vegas, and was supposed to have a GTA like style free roam to it. I'm sure it wasn't Fallout or...
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    iPhone 3g, still worth anything?

    My mother still has an older iPhone 3g but can't upgrade for another year (used her upgrade last year for the 3gs :D ), so I told her I would look into selling it towards the early upgrade price of the iPhone 4 (which is another $200 on top of the upgrade/new line offer). How much should a 3g...
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    Adding MIDI support?

    My father has been out of touch with computers since the dawn of windows XP, so I found a great deal on a combo at fry's with an i3 540 and some various parts for about $200. It's a great system but I forgot he mentioned he used to use MIDI for his keyboard to write out music sheets and...
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    Recommend display upgrade?

    Thinking about a change of scenery :D. I'm currently using a HP w2207 as my primary, and while it isn't small, the craving for MORE has crept it's head in. At this size it's hard to justify paying $300+ for a 2 inch upgrade, but a 30 incher is probably out of my price range. Anyone...
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    Video Card Shuffle

    Ive been having some problems with playing HD content with my Server, usually in the form of horizontal tears through the screen or short freezing. Also a problem is the fact I need 4 video outputs and currently have 2. I know my card isn't great for HD playback but that's why I'm posting...
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    I've been looking at an easy way to establish a raid solution with my current hoard of files, and FlexRAID seems to be the cheapest way to do it without expensive controller cards or "Drobo-like" devices. I just have been looking to find answers to a couple of questions, if anyone could spell...
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    Motherboard Raid Help

    Please don't laugh me into submission but i've never had the need for any type of protected storage solution (i know raid isn't a sure bet to data protection), but my storage has acrued to the point where I want to gander at putting together a Raid 5 array. My budget for this is relatively...
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    Looking for pictures of wire management in CM Storm Scout

    Title says it all, looking at the CM Scout but I want to see how people go about with cable management.
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    Should I be worried?

    this component recently fell off of my video card while I was checking my sata connectors for a drive that wasn't connected fully due to a lose connection, looks like a capacitor? I'm not sure what it is, but my system still works fine, should I be worried that my system will spontaneously catch...
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    Small Tidbit, but big to me!

    Small unrealized update to 3.0 that I hadn't known previously, it seems the 3.0 update also now syncs your apps positions, meaning you no longer have to re-organize your 100+ apps (for those who like to keep things tidy) everytime you have to restore your iphone. YAY :D
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    Diagnosing the issue

    First rig in sig. It's using an older 600w ST60F Silverstone and some say it should run that setup fine, but I occasionally get random shut offs during heavy loads in games and major lag sometimes just cruising the desktop. Has to be the PSU right?
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    Memory Error in COD 4 / 5

    Rig Asus Rampage II Gene Intel i7 920 Corsair 6GB (3x 2GB) DDR3 1333 Error Window: iw3mp.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x7e4b0010" referenced memory at "0x7e4b0010". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program I...
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    Raid 0 and mup.sys

    Installed windows XP on a new i7 rig and I finished setting up a Raid 0 array with two 500GB drives, and when I try to log back into windows it gives me a BSOD while loading and when I try to run it in safe mode I can clearly see it BSOD's at mup.sys. . .. any help? *EDIT* NEVERMIND WILL A MOD...
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    32 bit/ 64 bit OS install

    Going to give 64bit Windows a try, but I want to keep a 32bit install on hand as well. I have 32bit XP and 64bit Vista ready to go and wondered which order I should install them in.
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    Case Fan Selection

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new i7 build, but I definitely don't want to stick with the stock cooling. I also need to get a 120mm fan for the HR-01 I'll have cooling down the CPU. I want the case to be decently quiet but it doesn't have to be whisper quiet. I need a 120mm fan for...
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    I'm almost ready to do my usual hardware squaredance, adding new hardware and swapping around the old stuff. With the recent departure of our 15yr old rear projection and arrival of our new LCD 1080p set I've decided to repurpose the remaining hardware towards an HTPC for the livingroom. I...
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    SFF Build

    Yea more of the same, nothing unusual here. Spec'd out a pricey SFF system to migrate over to i7. This rig has only one purpose in mind, gaming. I usually attend a local LAN once or twice a month, and the larger convention style events 2-3 times a year. Case - Apevia X-QPack 2...
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    Low profile 1366 CPU cooler or general 775 -> 1366 adapter

    Topic says it all. I'm looking to upgrade to i7 but this is for an SFF build and with the limited space I need a low profile cooler. I have the zalman 8700 LED which works fine, but since the spacing on the mounts are different it isn't directly compatible. I haven't found any reliablely...
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    Raid 0 question

    Alright I have spec'd out a new SFF rig, and I have thoughts about trying a 64bit operating system, but only as a secondary boot option. My setup will include a 74GB raptor and two 500GB which I want to put in raid 0, but I was thinking of partitioning the raptor in half to split for the 32/64...
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    gtx280 in a Qpack?

    Simple and plain, wondering if a gtx280 will fit into a Qpack. I know about the clearance issues with the power connectors, but I found a mATX motherboard with the PCI-E x16 slot towards the edge which should clear the upper drive cage, I just need to know if the card will fit lengthwise.
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    Another "I want a netbook" thread -_-

    Selling my bulky 17 inch Dell Inspiron E1700 so I can buy a netbook. Primary use will be for school, but also casual use. Price range is +/-$600 if I pull a few extra bucks outside what I get for my current laptop. Here's what I'm looking for (in order of importance): Battery Life Can...