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  1. J

    Sony PlayStation 24" 1080p 3D LCD Monitor $180 at Best Buy

    Goku LIVES!!!!!! These are pretty sweet with being able to use the glasses and not have to use split screen.
  2. J

    BF3 Crater Bug...

    doesnt look like that on my PS3..... c:\format
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    Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

    He was the general at SenCom in the first Transformers
  4. J

    Amazon Buy 2 Get 1 Free on select video games

    Sweet MW4!!!!!
  5. J

    I hate you, Newegg.

    Amazon does 5% if I remember right.
  6. J

    I hate you, Newegg.

    You think sales tax sucks now, what until they pass a VAT tax on every link in the supply chain of every product. Then Newegg is really going to suck. Also, what is the deal with Newegg's video game prices??? Amazon destroys them on almost everything they sell plus the shipping is 99% free...
  7. J

    Why Internet Connections are Fastest in South Korea

    so you pay more upfront for your apartment to get free service.... :| you paid to get free service... :|
  8. J

    Why Internet Connections are Fastest in South Korea

    It's hard to grow and expand a service with new companies when you have the iron fist of Government around your throat.
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    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    Alright Best Response Yet Pew Pew Pew
  10. J

    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    My dog just went out side and took a *Pew Pew Pew*
  11. J

    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    sorry but we are in the middle of the Obama Recovery so not everyone can afford a nice new card.... Pew Pew Pew
  12. J

    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    nah 24 is at commercial. did anyone see Jack go Pew Pew Pew on that terrorist?!?!?
  13. J

    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    you have only been here for 4.5 years... you can't say that but I can say Pew Pew Pew
  14. J

    ATi Radeon 5000 Series Vs Nvidia

    I still think that Nvidia kicks ATi's ass! *Pew Pew Pew*:p
  15. J

    XFX 4890 $143.79 MIR+BCB+Paypal @ Circuit City

    wow. did. you. waste. 2. seconds. clicking. on. thread? That is a good deal. I just prefer to not have to hassle with the Bing and Paypal hoops but at this price, it is very tempting.
  16. J

    HOT! [Amazon] Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Disc Player $109.99

    up to 199 now. but the related items show it still at 109 and if you bundle it with UP and Star Trek you get it for 147. wierd.
  17. J

    [H]ot? Evga quad sli for the price of tri-sli...

    :D I like playing Devil's Advacate....
  18. J

    [H]ot? Evga quad sli for the price of tri-sli...

    yeah but you are getting a $500 mobo also...
  19. J

    [H]ot? Evga quad sli for the price of tri-sli...

    you still need at least 2 1200 watt PSU's to even get it to post. not to mention the I7 and the ram you are going to get for it to make it worth while.
  20. J

    Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch pics

    we had a guy last night at the Boise Gamestop that was in a full Gillie suit...
  21. J

    Modern Warfare 2 is just all media hype....

    really? You might want to check that price a little. Don't get me wrong, the price of COD4 still being 44.99 used @ Gamestop is the reason I only own it on PC. I did pre-order MW and have MW2 on pre-order, but I have no interest in paying 5 bucks less of new for a 2 year old game. Granted the...
  22. J

    The White House Has a Flickr Page

    guess times are not that tough for the government....
  23. J

    uploading photo to easportsworld for TW09 gamerface

    some cameras dont work with the PS3. i have a logitech on and had to install it on my PC and upload it to the website for it to work. also a word of advice, take the pictures at the sametime. i took the front one during the day and the side in the evening and now it looks like i have a major...
  24. J

    Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 120hz HDTV - $1431 + free shipping

    still 1650 with FS and No Tax is a screaming deal.
  25. J

    360 racing game for wife

    Burnout Paradise is the best one. my whole family plays it.
  26. J

    Logisys Remote Control Wall Outlet (x2)

    i got almost the same thing with 3 plugs for 15 bucks at Lowes this weekend. also if you get 2, it only has 3 buttons but they all have the same FQ so you can have as many as you want.
  27. J

    Band Of Brothers for $26 @ Amazon

    the BR version of 54.99 is just as Hot
  28. J

    Refurb XB360 wireless controller + 20GB HD $35.99AC + FS @

    its worth it for the controller let alone the HDD.
  29. J

    Amount of quality games this season is crazy!!!

    wow 51 posts before anyone mentioned Bothers In Arms: Hells Highway. That looks freaking awsome... looking forward to COD5 given that I am in it :)
  30. J

    Free Xbox 360 w/ 50" Samsung Plasma--BB

    Looks like a sweet deal if you are looking for a new tv like i am.
  31. J

    COD4 single player- 2 Words....

    That is the feeling that everyone got after they finished the singleplayer. Now if you want to talk about the Multiplayer, that is a whole other thread. I hope IW comes out with a expansion for COD4 singleplayer. that would be really nice.
  32. J

    Call Of Duty 5 Video Coop

    Its really my voice.... I hitched a ride with Doc Brown because I was tired of kicking terrorist ass....
  33. J

    Bad Company

    if you have a 360, get the demo. it has a XBL multiplayer and it is freaking sweet. I never thought i would get into console FPS, but i might be changing after seeing the trailer for COD5(lame)
  34. J

    360 + Vista + Divx can it be done?

    what software are you using to convert to wmv???
  35. J

    Asus P5NSLI and E2200 ?

    you should be fine with teh e2200. i used that same board and a e6320 and it ran fine until i wanted to run COD4. had some kind of conflict and would dump out of the game. switched to a intel dp35dp and works fine now.
  36. J

    COD: United Offensive - Anyone still play?

    only at lan's.. dont really have a use for buying it from Steam though ;)
  37. J

    Madden 09....guess who is on the cover...Curse broken?

    i will edit my own post before the mods get to it... all i have to say is SCOREBOARD
  38. J

    my external hd isn't rec by 360

    i also believe that it has to be 32gb hdd also. i had a 40gb drive out of me old tivo i am using that i had to format it to FAT32 and partition it.
  39. J

    ABIT AirPace Wi-Fi 802.11b/g PCI-E 1x $0.99 After MIR

    ditto on the great card. got it last year when it was only 10 bucks and i have to say that its the best 10 bucks i have ever spent on my PC.