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    GPU / PSU Pins Question

    Hey guys, so I recently bought a used R9 280x (just the card, no adapters or extras) as to replace my GTX 660. Unfortunately I came home to find out that the 280x requires both a 8-pin and a 6-pin connector from my PSU. I have a decent PSU that I'd bought many years back, an Enermax Liberty...
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    Upgrade to Win10, what happens to my Win7 key?

    Greetings [H]! I have several Windows 7 Pro retail keys for my organization, each of which have been used on computers upgraded to Windows 10. I am curious if the Windows 7 Pro keys can be re-used on other machines and if this will be compliant in case of an audit? Additionally, when you...
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    Video Software for Reviewing Security Footage?

    Hey guys, was hoping someone can make a suggestion for a piece of software I can use for reviewing video footage I have from a standard video camera I have set up as a security camera. Videos are .AVI and I'm mostly looking for the ability to pin-point spots in the footage that have "activity"...
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    Looking for Lian-Li v1000B Hard-Drive Screws

    Ez [H] crew! Was just wondering if maybe anyone had some extra screws for mounting hard-drives in a Lian-Li v1000 hard-drive bay. They look like this right here... I can't seem to find them reasonably priced online, $10+ for just 4 of them. Anyone got the link out there? Thanks a lot. :)
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    1TB of Broken Video Files... Uhh...

    Ez [H] crew, was hoping you guys can offer me some advice here on what I can do to resolve this issue. A few weeks ago I had accidentally deleted an entire 1TB partition (video storage) through Windows Disk Management (no fucking "Queued Jobs > Apply" process). So I immediately ran some...
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    You're Computer Maintenance Software Solution?

    Just curious which software you guys use for your computers regular maintenance. Over the years I've seen different solutions and hazards come and go.On my Windows machine I've been using a few select apps for the last year or so I find quite effective at keeping my installation in top shape...
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    Replacing my beloved Logitech MX518?

    Well, I'm actually planning on buying a second one. I bought one of these back in 2006 and it works as good as ever. By far my favorite mouse I have ever used. Nothing can pry it from my dead cold hands! Now I'm looking to buy another one however they are evidently discontinued. I can find some...
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    Multiple / Alternating Desktops in Windows 7

    EZ [H} crew, Was just wondering if anyone knows any good software out there for running multiple desktops (complete with independent taskbars) in Windows 7. Suggestions anyone? Thanks
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    PS3 Video Format Support

    Greetings [H] crew, I have recently bought a 1tb external hard drive and have been moving my entire digital video collection over to it for playback on my PS3. Most of the video files play just fine however there are a few popular video formats not supported. I figured the easiest thing to do...
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    Help with Lian-Li A06F

    So I made the mistake of buying a Lian-Li A06F case without realizing the PSU is placed directly over the CPU... What the hell kind of design is this? Especially considering the hot air is going to be blowing directly from my PSU onto it.... Anyone have any suggestions on low profile heatsinks /...
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    Recommend Me a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

    Hey guys, been a long time since I've posted up on here, but I figured the users of this site are the most credible for hardware advice, and have never been steered wrong in the past. :) What I'm looking for now is a wireless mouse and keyboard to replace my Saitek Eclipse and Logitech MX518...
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    Audio-Production Rig

    I'm looking to build a custom PC for audio-production and recording in Cubase, Reason, Reaper, and the likes. My budget is approximately $1,500.00 (USD). I have been out of the loop for some time now and am not familiar with what will get me the best bang for the buck. As far as component brands...
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    PS3/PC Display Suggestions

    Whats going on [H] crew? I'm hoping you guys can help me out and let me know of some suggestions on a 22"+ LCD display for my PS3/PC, both of which are mainly used for gaming. I will be buying new and am also planning on mounting it onto my wall, so if anyone has any input, please let me know...
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    GTA IV %100 Saved Game?

    Beat the game a while back and lost it due to hard-drive failure. Does anyone know where I can download a GTA IV %100 saved game and how exactly I install it? I believe this whole Games for Windows would cause some difficulties.
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    Creating Reloadable WXP HDD Master-Image

    Hi there everybody! I have no experience in this department other then setting up ghost sessions at school for reloading WXP HDD master-image's on computers over network, although can anyone help me out and suggest the most practical / easiest way to create a master image of my WXP installation...
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    Left 4 Dead Laaaag

    Hi there everybody at [H]! So I made the choice on release date to purchase a copy of Left 4 Dead, sure enough it's a great game but I'm having a serious issue which makes it almost unplayable. Every 2 - 3 minutes of completely smooth gameplay, never dropping below 60FPS, the game will lockup...
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    iPod Help and Suggestions

    So I left my 80GB iPod Classic in my buds car overnight in below 0 degree celsius conditions last night and had finally recieved it this morning. Upon initially using it it felt very sluggish, although after a few minutes it ceased playing music and came up with this screen. I tried following...
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    Looking for my Battlefield Fix

    So I've really been finding myself bored with Battlefield 2 and all it's original maps and am looking to get my Battlefield fix differently, would anyone suggest a partciular mod / expansion worth getting? And also how is BF2142? People still play it?
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    Installing Windows with No Optical-Drive?!

    I'm sure it's already been asked many times over, but I am urgently needing to format a laptop of mine with Windows XP, although the laptop cannot fit an internal optical drive. So I'm my fellow brethren at [H] what the most affordable and practical way of installing Windows XP on my laptop...
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    Looking to give STALKER another try...

    Hi there everybody at [H]! About 4 months ago I had received STALKER as part of a bundle with my ASUS Maximus Formula motherboard. I had thoroughly played about 6 hours into the game, however I had found myself consistently being frusturated with game-play problems and insane difficulties of...
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    What's Causing BSOD's? (WXP 32BIT)

    Hi everybody, I'm running a copy of Windows XP Professional 32bit on my specs below, and occasionally while playing STALKER / Crysis I will get a BSOD (which displays for 2 seconds) following my system restarting. Could it be because of an over excessive OC? Or is it because I'm running 4GB's...
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    New PSU for 9800 GX2?

    Hi everybody at [H]! I'm contemplating picking up a 9800 GX2 in the next few montjhs or so to replace my 8800 GTS 512MB. However, I only have an Enermax Liberty 620W PSU, would this be sufficient enough for a 9800 GX2? If not, what would you recommend I pick-up as far as PSU's go? Thanks!
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    Enermax Liberty 620W w/ 9800 GX2?

    I'm looking into eventually picking up a 9800 GX2 by nVidia, however I'm anxious to know whether my current Enermax Liberty 620W will be compatiable and have sufficient power for the SLi-onboard card. Anyone know for sure? Thanks! EDIT: Oops, wrong section, sorry.
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    DVD-Drive > USB?

    Hi everybody! I'm interested in buying an ASUS Eee and installing Windows XP on it, what is the suggested optical-drive > USB device to use when installing? Thanks!
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    Getting the Best out of Battlefield 2?

    Hi everybody at [H]! I'm a big time Battlefield 2 fan, and have just started playing it again on my new rig @ 1440x900. Unfortunately, the game isn't as pretty as I remember it to be, and even with the wide-screen tweak (in shortcut target field) and all settings at max, the game looks well...
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    Overclocking Corsair XMS2

    Hi everybody! I'm quite dissapointed with my new system's overclocking potential as I can't seem to lower my timings on my Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 (5-5-5-18, stock voltage) on my ASUS Maximus Formula. Also, I can not get the frequencies on my memory past 866 MHz, what gives? If I'd like to get the...
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    8800 GTS 512MB (G92) Too Hot?

    I had been playing the latest updated version (.0006) of STALKER today on my newly installed BFG GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB OC and Thermalright HR-03 GT, and suddenly the game paused and the screen had filled up with green artifacts. My GPU idles at 54 degree's celsius, and I've seen it reach 80...
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    Problems with ASUS Maximus Formula Audio

    Hey everybody at [H], I finally got my Xeon in today and got everything setup. For some strange reason though, my Supreme FX II sound-card included with the motherboard is not being recognized in Windows XP. I am unable to install drivers or view it in the hard-ware profile, however the lights...
  29. K Had Offered Me...

    Alright, so I had back-ordered an Intel E8400 to pair up with my ASUS Maximus Formula from approximately 3 - 4 weeks ago. Only to shortly find out soon after that only until late April will receive their next shipment. However, this afternoon I had been offered an exclusive...
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    Non-sticky VRAM Sink?

    Hey guys at [H], I had recently installed my TR HR-03 GT on my 8800 GTS 512MB OC, and am having some issues with the VRAM sinks.Two of them are refusing to stick on the memory for long term at any cost, so I'm wondering what can I do to fix that? Thanks!
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    eVGA 8800 GT OCing?

    Hi everybody at [H]! I had just ordered my new rig, and anticipating on building this machine sometime later this week. However, I am curious as to how easy it will be for me to overclock the 8800 GT to 8800 GT OC clocks, (+100 MHz, +200 MHz). Has anyone had any experience with this card and/or...
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    Choosing 8800 Card

    Hey everybody at [H]! So, while building this new rig of mine, just this week I had ordered myself a Thermalright HR-03 GT w/ 92MM Scythe fan, intending to use it on a 8800 series card. I have been out of the loop for a while, and am confused as to what all these GT cards are doing replacing the...
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    Building a Movie Editing Rig

    Hey [H]! I'm building a new rig for a customer of mine who's main focus is short-to-medium length video-editing with Pinnacle Studio. Having never built a video-editing rig before, I am quite frazzled as to what video-card and CPU would work best for a setup he is requiring. Price-range is $600...
  34. K Shipping to Canada?

    Hi everybody! Two days ago I had ordered myself a Lian-Li A05B and a Thermalright H-03 GT, both marked as in stock. I had paid using a credit card and had selected Canada standard shipping, however it still hasn't shipped. Anyone have any experience with shipping to Canada...
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    How to NOT Fry a Motherboard?

    Hi there again [H]! I have been building my personal and family computers for the last 3 years, however the last 2 PC's I have tried to put together, I had ended up frying both motherboards. Are there any special suggestions you guys at [H] have on not doing any harm to any of my computer...
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    Looking for web-based 'Help Desk' script?

    Hey [H]! I have recently started working on a Joomla! based computer services and repair website and was curious as to what web-based 'Help Desk' scripts you guys would suggest I use for a 'live support chat' feature. Thanks!
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    New Build In April '08

    Hey again [H]! I'm inquiring on what options and selection I will be looking at when April '08 comes and I finally have enough cash to put together a new PC! I will want to be spending $850.00 before tax (excluding monitor, keybaord, mouse, etc.) I've been out of the loop for a while and have no...
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    Looking for Flat-Panel Display for Xbox

    Hi [H]! I'm looking at picking up a flat-panel (LCD/plasma) display for my Xbox 1. I am really unsure of whether I should be looking at TV's, or if any PC monitor's such as Dell's. I am looking for something under $300 before tax, and I don't need built-in speakers or anything such. Any...
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    LCD Monitor Flickering as Laptop Secondary Display

    Hey [H]! I am having a problem with an Acer 19" LCD Wide-Screen (1440x900 / 4ms) monitor of mine. I use a Dell 1501 as my computer, which has integrated video, I have been intending on using my Acer LCD as a secondary display, however the image is consistently flickering and has vertical...
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    Xbox with LCD?

    Okay, I'm quite a noob when it comes to displays and video, but I was wondering whats the best way for me to hook up my Xbox (RCA cables) to a spare VGA LCD monitor? Thanks!