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    Updated AMD OverDrive app, now it's incompatible with 760G chipset and won't OC FSB

    Hi: Here's my system specs: - CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 processor, 3.2GHz quad-core Propus for socket AM3+. Default HT Ref Clock is 200MHz, core multiplier is locked at 16X max. - Motherboard/Chipset: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P microATX Socket AM3+ motherboard with AMD 760G northbridge/SB710...
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    Suggestion for relatively inexpensive "compact" USB keyboard

    What do you guys think of the Cooler Master Storm keyboards? It's $80, and tenkeyless with Cherry Blue keyswitches. Supposedly it's made by the same OEM as Filco keyboards. It's covered in logos though...i prefer a more minimalist design, but i can live with it if i'm getting a good deal :D I'm...
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    Suggestion for relatively inexpensive "compact" USB keyboard

    Thanks all for the replies! Yeah, I was a bit unsure about the difference between the keyswitch types. They have a guide on there, but i didn't get much from it (maybe didn't read it in depth). I guess naturally i'm tempted to go with the $89 model, but a $109 one would be worth the difference...
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    Suggestion for relatively inexpensive "compact" USB keyboard

    I've got this Apple keyboard (the non-EU version), but it's currently having problems. So time to look for a new one. What I'm looking for in a keyboard: - "compact" (no numpad): I've found i really like this form factor because it's simple and doesn't take up much space - USB: I've got...
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    issues with USB on new Gigabyte AMD board?

    I just built a new system with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P and Phenom II X4 840. Everything seems to work great, except some of the USB ports act a bit erratic. The board has two pairs of USB 2.0 ports on the board itself (I/O shield), as well as two pairs of USB headers onto the board (one of...
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    Power supply a 430W enough for my system?

    Thanks for the reply! Why do you say that their efficiency is a concern? Is there anything I should be worried about other than the fact that I'm consuming a little more electricity (slightly greater power bill as well as environmental concerns if one is so inclined)? Both of them are 80 Plus...
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    Power supply a 430W enough for my system?

    My system has an Antec Truepower II 480W from 2007 or so. It had been working fine, but I've recently had stability problems. Popped the PSU open and yep, leaking caps :( So I need to get a replacement. Here's my system specs: - AMD Phenom x4 840 (95W TDP) - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P (basic AM3+...
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    bad capacitors on newer Gigabyte board?

    Hi: I have a system with a Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 (socket 775/Core2Duo) board. Recently I started having some occasional issues with the system freezing or resetting itself. Tried doing a bunch of things, didn't completely solve it (although it seems to be stable for now.) I noticed that there...
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    Seagate warranty checker doesn't recognize drives

    The Momentus was retail packaged, but I think the 7200.11 was OEM. I emailed them, will see what they say.
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    Seagate warranty checker doesn't recognize drives

    Hi: I have some Seagate hard drives that should all be within warranty...a 7200.11 1.5TB internal drive, Momentus 7200.4 laptop drive, and two 500GB FreeAgent Pro drives. These should all be within warranty; the internal drives were bought within the last couple of years and the FreeAgent...
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    Using MS PowerShell script to generate CSV of Exchange users and groups?

    Hey all! I need to generate a CSV file that contains a list of Exchange users (email addresses) and the distribution groups that they are members of. Apparently you can generate a CSV file with a whole bunch of information about your Exchange users, but not the groups that they are members...
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    High ping/dropped packets on Wifi router connection?

    Upon further testing, it looks like this issue is mostly only present on my system (Macbook with Broadcom wireless card). I tried a couple of other machines (Thinkpad with Intel wireless, older iMac G4) and they do not seem to exhibit the issue of dropped packets when I'm experiencing it on my...
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    High ping/dropped packets on Wifi router connection?

    Hey all: As of recently, I've been having issues with my Linksys WRT54GS router's wireless function. It has worked well for over a year, but I've recently started to have issues. First, the router will have higher ping and packet loss than what they should be. For to the...
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    2010 MBP - Overclocking the GT330?

    Does overclocking the chip violate the EULA that you agreed to by breathing the air in the Apple Store? ;)
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    New Apple keyboard and function key layout?

    Hey all: My old Apple wired slim keyboard (model A1243) recently died, so I went to the store and bought a similar and newer model (A1242) that does not have a keypad (only because this model was on sale for a good price.) It works fine with my MacBook running Snow Leopard, but I have issues...
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    Easy API/language/etc for 2D animation and GUI?

    Hey all: I have an assignment for my data structures/algorithms course where I am to develop an animated visualization of various sorting algorithms, and possibly hash tables as well. The thing is...I have practically no experience with regard to GUI programming: I've toyed around with Swing a...
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    MySQL Help - writing update statement

    Hey all: I'm trying to write an SQL update statement for a project. There are three tables that I am working with here: "Books", "Transactions", and "Includes". "Includes" connects the other two tables by the "Order_ID" and "Book_ID" keys. What I am trying to do here is set the...
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    C - precision of clock() function in time.h on different OS

    Hey all: I just finished a programming assignment (written in C) for one of my courses. The assignment involves running sorting algorithms and measuring the runtime of each. Precision is important here, as many of these will complete in a fraction of a second since I am sorting fairly small...
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    File sharing and privileges?

    Hey all: I'm trying to figure out how to set up Samba sharing on OSX for a "share-only" user without sharing everything. The only circumstance under which Samba sharing will work is with my administrator account, and when I connect I see all of my drives plus all of my shared folders; it will...
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    iTunes - manually manage music/videos between 2 computers?

    Hey all: I have an iPhone that I have been using with my desktop PC until recently. I use the "manually manage music and videos" option to choose what music I want to put onto the device. However, when I connect the phone to my laptop, it tells me that the phone is synced with another...
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    Poor EDGE service on iPhone 3G

    Hey all: I bought an iPhone 3G yesterday and it's pretty awesome! However, I'm getting poor EDGE service and am trying to figure out what's causing it. I live in a college town in Oklahoma that does not have 3G service, so I'm stuck with EDGE. I was certainly aware of this and figured that...
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    I'm really mad now

    Wow...74 cycles in less than 2 months? What all do you do with your you have to constantly use it for extended periods of time in a place with no power outlet or something?
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    Warning! Avoid buying from Coolermaster website

    Whoever designed the site is a complete idiot for doing that. Why can't they implement the session ID using cookies? Web browsers have supported them for, what....10 or 15 years?
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    Target Disk Mode between MacBook Pro with FW800 and MacBook with FW400?

    Nevermind, I'm dumb. I just found out that the previous-gen Macbook Pros have both FW400 AND FW800. Now the problem is finding a FW400 <-> FW400 cable in this tiny college town. :)
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    Target Disk Mode between MacBook Pro with FW800 and MacBook with FW400?

    Greetings all: One of my friends has a MacBook Pro with a Geforce 8600m graphics chip, which has apparently crapped out. (Black screen on built-in and external monitors.) It needs to go to Apple for a warranty replacement, and he has some important files on the hard drive that he would like...
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    Is this monitor "all right"?

    I bought one of these from OfficeMax a few months ago when they were selling for $210+tax new. The monitor works well and the image quality is's a glossy screen, which you might not like. Mine has a few emits a quiet high-pitched noise when the monitor is in standby (it...
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    Cheapest Way to get a MBP

    The GeForce 9400 graphics chip in the current-gen MacBooks (both aluminum and "White") is on par with the Radeon X1600 in the older-gen MacBook Pros...which are probably what you would get for $1000. You can get a new "White" MacBook with the 9400 for $999, or a refurb aluminum model for...
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    Apple Shrinks its iPod Shuffle

    Will they have to instruct people not to eat it again? :eek:
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    ASUS EEEPC900A-WFBB01 Eee PC 900A white netbook $169 + ship

    I don't know what's up with Mwave...I thought they were a good retailer and wouldn't stoop to infomercial tactics (aka "YOU HAVE 60 MINUTES"). It looks like a lot of Best Buy stores are also selling the same Eee model new for $180 + tax (some reported lower.)...
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    Internet (but not LAN/intranet) is sloooow when using router

    I'm a college student who lives in a university housing complex and I use the university's network to access the Internet. I have a wireless router hooked up to my connection in spite of the fact that we really aren't supposed to...but from what I've seen they don't enforce it. Looking right now...
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    Suing a spammer?

    I've been getting numerous spam emails from two mail list servers (related) hosted on a somewhat well-known webhost in the US. Even over a month after reporting these emails to the host as well as its (*very* well-known) colocation facility/netblock owner, nothing has happened. (I've been...
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    Seagate 7200.11 1 TB SUCK stay away

    I checked the drives....SD15 firmware on both, made in Thailand :( I haven't heard of any reported failures on the ST31000333A drives yet, but it might just be because they're brand new on the market.
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    Has anyone had any problems with the ST31000333AS drives?

    I bought two of them a few days ago for an external dual-drive enclosure, and no problems yet. But then again that was just a few days ago! I'm still a little concerned because of the problems I've read about in the "7200.11 sucks" thread here.
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    Seagate 7200.11 1 TB SUCK stay away

    Siiiigh....I bought a couple of Seagate ST31000333AS drives the other day for an external dual-drive enclosure, and just came upon this thread. I'm a little concerned now. Do you think that the 333AS (newest 1TB 3-platter model) is as failure-prone as the other 7200.11 drives? At the time I...
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    MP3s abruptly ending

    Check to make sure the MP3s are not corrupt? That's pretty much what happened when the NTFS driver I used on OSX fucked up and started corrupting data that I put on a NTFS partition (like some of my MP3s).
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    G33 Motherboard for 19.99.... well okay it's an ECS but still!

    they are actually the same company...I think PC Chips is just ECS's "cheap" brand (even though ECS itself is "cheap.")
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    Old base Macbook - new - $850 @ Best Buy

    I went and priced a Dell Inspiron 13 with similar specs, and it came out to $924; the only differences are that the Dell has a DVD burner and a 160GB HD instead of a 120GB HD. If you think about it, it's not that big of a difference for the "Apple tax," especially in this case. Of note, the...
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    issue with mounting USB drives?

    hey all! I have a MacBook with OS X 10.5.5. Whenever I plug in a USB hard drive, it will often show activity for several minutes and be recognized by the system (ie in System Profiler) but refuse to mount the volume until a few minutes. It's a bit annoying...are there any potential causes of...
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    NTFS Corruption with Mac OS X?

    I rarely use Windows now, but I have problems whenever I access them from both the Mac and PC. I still want the drive to be readable by Windows systems, though. I would use FAT32, but I have a lot of files that are over 4GB. I think what I will do is make a FAT32 partition for stuff less than...
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    NTFS Corruption with Mac OS X?

    I have a USB hard drive that is formatted with NTFS (so I can use it on both my Mac and PC.) however, I've been having problems with files seemingly corrupted: MP3s will end up having errors in them and ISO files will end up screwed up (they won't install and the MD5 will change.) I've used both...