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  1. aQi

    Z490 vs Z590 chipset.

    Hello my fellow members. I know i should google it up but my influence comes from personal experience. I was planning to get either one of these chipset motherboards. Probably the Asus rog ones but I need to see if there is any major difference considering Z590 over Z490. Both sport features...
  2. aQi

    Asus ROG G750 vbios and gfx conflict.

    So the long story short is i have an Asus rog g750jw with a geforce gtx765m discrete gfx. As g750 series have alot of options specifically the gpu. Each of them represent different set of features. G750jw has geforce gtx765m without thunderbolt where as G750jm has gtx860m with thunderbolt...
  3. aQi

    Thermal Solutions (Thermal Pad, Liquid Metal, Thermal Paste)

    Hi Folks, I want your opinion on these and perhaps a link for buying it budget friendly. Iv mostly used MX-4 as a standard for building systems and even applied it on heating hardware like motherboard chipsets (North/South), laptops, graphic cards etc. Though i would like some good option too...
  4. aQi

    About Nvidia Tesla V100 (16gb) Need help

    Hello there folks, Recently iv been offered a deal on Nvidia Tesla V100. I know it is not that of a gaming hardware. Yet i want to know its pros and cons and for what its used for? I have a decent idea about it but i want to do my homework so that i can buy the actual gpu. For this i need to...
  5. aQi

    USB 4.0

    Where some of us still use usb 2.0 high speed protocols as daily driver and USB 3.0/3.1 still happens to secure its place. USB 4.0 manage to emerge by the end of this year.
  6. aQi

    Nividia to lunch RTX2080ti Super

    Guys this is gona be fun. Red team to get some green juice this summers. Hold tight its gona be something super after all......
  7. aQi

    AMD Ryzen 9 3950x Breaks world records.

    Well if anyone missed this at E3 here is a refresh. Just came through this and wanted to share. But personally i am waiting for Threadripper refresh to scale up the competition this year.
  8. aQi

    NVME boot support for legacy motherboards.

    i cant find a relevant post out here. As the topic cited i want to know how to provide or edit bios to support nvme drives for older boards like x48 x58 x79 These drives do work for storage but is there any permanent solution to get it working as a boot drive ?